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Our journey to the unknown can be mind-boggling and breath-taking. 

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The Cosmic Perspective

Paul J. Dejillas, Ph.D. - 2010


The cosmic perspective is going back to the moment when the stars, planets, and galaxies were formed. It is understanding how and why they appeared at all. It is knowing how they behaved and the forces that brought them to such grandeur and harmony; it is discovering our relationship to them - how we are connected to them. 

It is going back in time to learn what the Big Bang is all about, what the nature of time and space is, and understanding our relationship with them. It is finding their value and meaning in our life and existence.

Big Bang - Wikipedia

The cosmic perspective is going even before the Big Bang, seeking answers to questions like What was there before the Big Bang?  Was there life already even before we appeared on this Planet Earth? 

What Happened Before the Big Bang? - YouTube

Fast forward...

It is knowing whether we are alone in the universe or not. Were there other universes already out there before the appearance of our Solar System? If so, were they inhabited by beings similar to us? If so, who are they? What type of civilization do they have? More importantly, how are they related to us and are we connected to them?

Universe or Multiverse (Fabric of the Cosmos) NOVA HD - YouTube

It is going back to the appearance of subhuman species, a continuing effort to know how they lived and how they behaved. It is also understanding how we are similar and in what way are we connected and related to them. It is knowing what we have in common with them, and how we are connected and related to them in terms of our beliefs, views, and behavior. It is learning how, from their crude state of existence, we arrive at today's highly advanced state of human development and civilization.

Sharing of Memories: Traveling Around the Globe

Paul J. Dejillas, Ph.D. – November 28, 2023


The posts I see daily on social media only prove our love for travel. So many throwbacks, dating from the pre-pandemic times, appear almost every minute. And who doesn't love to travel?

It's really a "must" to post our memories on social media especially when we have been on lockdown and quarantines during the pandemic times.

I have been reviving my memories here many times too. I only regret there was still no FB when I started traveling around the globe to record my travails in real-time.

Throwbacks are a convenient way to reminisce our past with nostalgia.

Keep on sharing and reposting your memoirs. You'll never know whose itchy feet you're scratching.

My stint abroad had me culture-shocked but, nonetheless, instructive and enlightening. I was breaking my eggshell from the inside.

Looking outside, I saw diversity, multiplicity, and polarity as well as diverse views and beliefs. Yet, respect, harmony, and peaceful coexistence reign supreme.

What was fascinating about my travels then was that there were always Filipinos wherever I went and I always got invitations to visit and stay in their places. I'm just too happy, perhaps privileged, to be alive and still kicking at this crucial time.

And when everything subsides, be sure to book your travel itinerary ahead of time. I won't mind going with you. Each one of us loves to be a globetrotter.

No matter what kind of story I’ve been posting here, I have this passion to convey this nonetheless, even if it means the voice of one desperately crying in the wilderness.

Perhaps, together with other similar stories and voices, this can collectively serve as a written legacy of our lifestyle and mindset for future generations.

Our Cosmic Jourmey

July 6, 2023

We're all swimming in a vast fabric of the cosmic energy field traveling in every direction intent on arriving at our final destination. Nobody is ahead. Nobody is left behind. We stride along the path we had taken according to our own pace. We are not competing in a race. We're just enjoying our trip. In the final analysis, it is not only the destination that matters, but also the journey going there.

Exploring Even the Unknown Side of the Cosmos

Paul Dejillas, Ph.D. - July 24, 2022


Let’s continue exploring the hidden and still unknown side of our Cosmos. Our Mother Earth has already been saddled with so many problems over the past few years that she may no longer be able to nourish and sustain us any longer, all because of our own doing. Unless we behave ourselves, our only alternative is to start packing up and buy a one-way ticket to Mars. Science has been frenziedly working overtime preparing to bring humanity (at least, those able and willing) to Mars and beyond. Scientists are confident this will be realized within a 100 years. But in the meantime let’s behave.

Exploring Our Cosmos

Paul J. Dejillas, Ph.D. – April 20, 2022


“Exploring Our Cosmos” is about viewing humanity from the perspective of the Cosmos, utilizing the lens of quantum physics.  A good grasp of what the Cosmos is all about – how it began, what was before it, what are its laws and dynamics – provides a foundation for a discussion of humanity, considered as the peak of the cosmic evolutionary progress.  It seeks to respond to the age-old human concerns: Who are we? Why are we here at all? What is our role and mission on this Planet Earth? Where did all the stars, planets, clouds, stars, plants, and animals come from? How did they all begin? What is their impact on us humanity today, in particular, on our role and destiny? Join us in exploring answers to these questions!

My Exploration Must Go On

Paul J. Dejillas, Ph.D. – December 19, 2021


I will continue my exploration to know and experience more. I can only be proven right or wrong this way. I want to explore what's beyond us, doing so at my own risk because there's no guarantee of knowing where this will lead me to and what I'll discover and experience at the end. But whether right or wrong, what matters is I'm expanding my horizons. I don't care where I'm going anymore as long as I know and enjoy what I'm doing. 

The Space Option

Paul J. Dejillas, Ph.D. – December 10, 2021


Very recently (January 1, 2019), we have explored the farthest edges of our Solar System, when NASA's New Horizon's space craft, launched on January 19, 2006, was able to send us periodic messages about Ultima Thule, a lonely object lying in the most populated region of the Kuiper Belt and located more than four billion miles from Earth.

The space option has already begun a long time ago and has led us to many discoveries about the Cosmos, once theorized only by Einstein in his relativity theories, yet doubted by many even today.

But now, we know a lot, not only about the existence of several billions and trillions of planets, stars, galaxies, and clusters of galaxies out there, many of which were discovered to harbor some forms of life and could be habitable for human existence.

We are slowly gaining more knowledge and information about the existence of dark matter, dark energy, black holes, wormholes, white holes, parallel universes, as well as an infinite number of dimensions of life and existence out there whose inhabitants exhibit a form of technology and civilization that are more advanced than ours.

Intergalactic Travel

Paul J. Dejillas, Ph.D. – August 3, 2021


If the Cosmos consists of billions of galaxies and if humanity is able to travel through the fabric of time and space, what would intergalactic travel be like and how does it impact on our daily life? Is it like Elijah who was lifted up to the Lord riding on the chariot of God? Or, is it like Gilgamesh braving the atrocities of the big ocean sailing into the deep? Or, is it like Enki inside the capsule of his spaceship, similar to today's astronauts launching their rockets into space and the Moon.


I cannot help mentioning the crucified Jesus who resurrected from the dead and ascended into heaven without any ride. Or, the Blessed Virgin Mary who was lifted up to heaven, body and soul. Or, maybe, it's like billionaire entrepreneur Richard Branson on board Virgin Galactic into space. Or, Elon Musk in his Mars car.

How about me? Is it possible for me to travel intergalactic by lifting up my spirit while remaining my body on the ground?


Spaceship, I don't have. If there's one, I cannot afford a billion-dollar ticket. Without any ride, I will just have to muster all my energies, force, and power to be hoisted up into another realm. Anyway, since we are already in motion riding on the waves of the cosmic energy field, let's try getting out of this enslaving world more often by hoisting up our spirit at light speed into other dimensions. Our day-to-day meditation can help us achieve this. See you there!