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Date: 02/12/2013

By: Bayani Antonio U. Calalang Jr.

Subject: Our Cosmic Sphere


We have been probing the cosmic sphere. And, there is wholeness in Vastness as well as Unity in the whole cosmic Sphere. Yet each being has all the properties of this cosmic sphere. In our understanding, we are all interconnected. There is no separation, isolation, or insignificance in terms of our miniscule size. The whole cosmic sphere is not only for us to stare with awe but to ponder our potentialities if the cosmic is within us. I believe we are yet to learn so many things with our cosmic sphere. New theories beyond quantum physics will continue to emerge and correlate with us. Those who are prepared with open-mind of new ideas will enjoy its benefits while some will remain complacent and left behind. It is the responsibility of the ASIan students to guide the whole humanity of this cosmic phenomenon.

Date: 12/07/2013

By: Sr. Violeta SM

Subject: Dr Paul's initiative to put up two websites on Cosmic Anthropology.


 It is simply amazing to know how these two new websites "put up" by Dr. Paul. They're simply like a library at our finger tips! There is so much more to learn and know about the cosmos. Modern pedagogy advocates teachers to encourage students learn and to learn continuously. Having this virtual collection of very interesting-important-recent materials makes continuous education in ACA possible. Having the figure of zealous Dr. Paul before us, we have a model of a pro-active learner-professor with us. Thanks, Sir. GBU.

Date: 26/04/2013

By: Philip Emmanuel C Penaflor

Subject: Where am I in the cosmos?


I am amazed at the researches made by Dr Paul Dejillas on these various topics, and from time to time I would pass by to see what's in here and it never fails to amaze me about the tons of new discoveries and learning about our evolving universe, or is it our consciousness about the universe that is evolving? So let me express my own gratitude for the works of Dr Paul. One day in the near future I hope to contribute some of my insights into our ever-unfolding universe. I'm still in to the physical and mental realms, hoping to go beyond...

Date: 25/04/2013

By: Des Anonat

Subject: Cosmic Anthropology


All the effort, the energy and the wisdom of putting everything here Doc Paul is really unimaginable to me! You're really are gifted with so much knowledge and a big heart for sharing all these things to us, your students. Through this new website, I know we are and will be continuously learning from you.

May the Intelligent Designer of the Cosmos bless you with more strength, good health and wisdom to continuously spread all these information and bunched of knowledge to the whole of humanity. More power!

Rang-ay Abi

February 25,  2018


Thank you Dr Paul Dejillas for giving me again the opportunity to share in your class. To the doctoral students at Rm. 216, thank you for appreciating my work and my advocacies: greening a new generation; HIV-AIDS awareness education; and women empowerment. See you next Saturday on the task of writing the first three chapters of your dissertation proposal. Good luck. More power and more wisdom to you Dr Paul. May the abundance of the Universe be upon us all!

Rang-ay Abi

November, 21, 2018

Launching of ASI Books


Good afternoon, Dr Paul. Thank you for posting my lecture series @ Asi. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share. Can't wait to see you back in your class. It's final - the launching of your 2nd book in the Phil has been moved to January 26, 2019, Saturday @1:30-5pm. Dr Mina has approved the date and has accepted the invitation to deliver the inspirational message. I hinted to her that the theme is "Ani sa Asi" 2019 since we will be displaying all the books published by ACA graduates lately, as you so desired. I told her my count is about 10 titles, but she corrected me. More. So I will be busy coordinating and Sir Dennis Batoy is giving ba hand. Our class mates ACA 2012 are in full support. Have a safe trip back to the Philippines. Thank you

Rang-ay Abi

January 20, 2018


I am deeply honored with the presence of my esteemed professor at my book launching, Dr Paul Dejillas. From you I drank deeply my cosmic orientation. I sought the brillance of your mind as i sat in the many sessions, where you delivered your masterpiece . . . Only to surrender to take a trek to the formless, boundless, and timeless higher consciousness you so magnificently laid for us to find. Indeed, i am bound to find my personal legend as i collapse the boundaries along the way. With so much gratitude, Dr Paul, i am your student, will still be your student as we transition to defy Rene Descarte theory that has caused western dualism. So problematic in our modern epistemology. (I am remedios nalundasan-abijan, ph.d.).

Felix Zamar

January 20, 2010


The first significant learning that made its mark on me by Dr. Dejillas: focus on what is being asked. Life is simple and easy if students simply look for answers related to what is being asked rather than being overwhelmed by jargon. The subtle purpose of the initial assignment was to find out how students reacted to technical papers replete with mathematical hieroglyphics and were forewarned that it belongs to the esoteric realm of physics. I confess guilty as charged. I immediately had an irrational dislike for the first assignment the moment I saw the complicated mathematical formula prominently shown in several pages of the article. Since I was a late enrollee, I did not reflect much on the questions being asked; instead I was inadvertently reacting to the whole process of muddling through a paper that I considered as too technical for my right hemisphere oriented mind.


Dr. Dejillas was able to immediately pounce on the obvious weakness/dislike of most of us students and effectively led us dramatically to safer more enticing waters of Mediated Economics. He was successful in seducing our interest on the subject sans the initial discomfort/dislike. I knew I was hooked for I look forward to attending his class even though he told me that I didn’t have to attend if it is not to my liking. I find his introduction of the Yahoo cycle very refreshing. By making us aware of the stages experienced by people from confusion to breakthrough, he was able to provide us with an effective handle how to cope with new information, concepts and constructs pertinent to the cryptic realm of mediated economics.