The Higher Dimensions

Education is relevant and meaningful only if it contributes to our spiritual growth. It is the best tool to help us ascend to the higher dimensions.

Responding to a Query

Paul Dejillas, Ph.D.

November 23, 2023


Query: As formulated and presented, why are the “Great Achievements of Humanity” confined to Arts & Music, Literature, Semiotics when there are so many “great achievements”-advancements in the physical sciences, social sciences and world religions?

My Response:

I’m happy this issue is raised. It’s sensitive and debatable but it’s my subjective punto de vista. Achievements can be (1) physical, (2) social, (3) arts-literature-music-semiotics, and (4) and religious. But let me be very brief in my answer for space does not allow it here.

Physical Achievements.

It’s really it, just physical. Whatever achievements modern sciences have achieved are drowned by the frantic desire to produce bombs, nuclear arms, violence, killings, and profit-starved pharmaceuticals.

One cannot ignore and discount, of course, its achievements in the areas of surgery, medications, and physical therapy.

But all this has alternatives if it has encouraged the practice of natural and organic medicine in the mainstream without losing one’s profession. Midwifery is one. Where did all these drugs and medications we are taking now come from? Where did we learn surgery, physiotherapy, orthopedics, laser healing, etc.?

Social Achievements

What kind of achievements have economics, sociology, political sciences, and psychology handed down to us?

Economics has not eradicated poverty, injustice, inequality, depression, recession, inflation, stock-market crash, bitcoin scam, bank scams, etc.

Social behavior. Yes, there is cooperation but drowned more by the negative perceptions of cockroach competition, crab mentality, and self-interest as championed by Adam Smith and his cohorts.

Politics has divided us into Democrats and Republicans, Black and White, West and East, Male and Female, Literate and Illiterate, Civilized and Uncivilized.

Achievements in Psychology (not included are Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy). What are these?

The proliferation of drugs, mental institutions, and Zombie-like individuals that no longer feel physical, mental, and social pain and suffering. Why are religious institutions still employing counselors, psychologists, and psychiatrists? Are prayers no longer heard? Just asking.

Pastors who are miracle and instant healers should sell their wares and merchandise in hospitals, and mental institutions, without the use of televisions or cameras.

Religious Achievements

Empty cathedrals, religious wars, dogmatism, and even being embroiled in the issues of pedophiles and connivance with dictators, fascists, drug syndicates, and a few powerful elites, inter and intra-religious wars escalate making love and peace a utopia and impossible to achieve at the institutional level.

Religion is saved only by the individual clergies, nuns, deacons, followers, and social workers from different religious affiliations who stubbornly persist in spreading compassion, love, and care for their communities and surroundings. And their number is increasing.

Music, art, literature, semiotics

All of the above achievements focus more on the physical and the material derailing humanity from its nobler spiritual pursuits.

Let the reader supply what has been achieved in the areas of music, art, literature, semiotics, and communication (language, signs, symbols).

This academic discipline has no religion, or politics, no East and West, and no black and white to represent. They are propelled by their inner voice and guided by their conscience.

Yet, they are the most effective in spreading love and compassion. Their works stand as the pinnacle of our overall achievement. The kind of civilization they are trying to model for us is incomparable

To me, this is where the greatest achievements lie. It is immortal, eternal, and divine, able to raise us up to the greatest heights beyond this enslaving and crippling secular world of ours.

Let’s rejoice and be glad. The world is more than what we can perceive. It’s mysterious and incomprehensible, yet mystical and magical.

This is just my subjective view of reality and truth. Don’t believe in what I say. In the end, each one of us must find our own truth and that is your truth.

Take it or leave it. But I welcome everybody who cares to join me.

Who Leads in the Process of Our Ascension?

Paul J. Dejillas, Ph.D.

November 21, 2023


Is it the body that is leading the process of cosmic evolution then, as we discussed in our post yesterday? Is it right to claim that it is the body that initiates and triggers the entire movement of the cosmic evolutionary ascent?

Or is it the spirit? Who is really leading our cosmic evolutionary ascent? The body or the spirit?

Neither of the two.

I can only say that from the anthropological perspective, it is the body that leads the evolutionary process following the Darwinian precepts.

From the metaphysical perspective, it is the spirit that directs and oversees the evolutionary process.

Together, the two views comprise the cosmic perspective of viewing our entire evolutionary ascent. The two approaches complement each other. They respect each other and do not interfere with what the other is doing.

The metaphysical entities recognize and respect our free will. The anthropological view surrenders or aligns itself with the will and intent of the metaphysical forces.

This can only be derailed and violated if one seeks to amass power for its own unmitigated interests at the expense of justice, mutual respect, and the common good.

This is the reason why on Earth conflicts, violence, and wars are on the rise. Nations are primarily motivated by greed and profit in the guise of progress and development. But under these conditions, we can never truly move forward without marginalizing and excluding the majority.

We are in great need of help. Alternative paradigms and concepts of common good abound but they are no longer effective. They remain abstract and utopian. They need to be made alive and experienced in daily life.

We have not yet reached the critical stage when our Planet Earth will be completely torn apart and will self-destruct. Such will come only when nuclear wars escalate globally to wipe us, humans, totally from the face of Earth.

Will somebody come to the rescue on time before the stage of search and recovery of human bodies becomes warranted?

I categorically say yes and they are here already. But as has often been said, they respect our freedom and will not interfere in our daily affairs. We have to do it ourselves.

Good luck to all of us!

Is it the spirit that inhabits the body or the body that enters the spirit?

Paul J. Dejillas, Ph.D.

November 20, 2023


Does it matter? Will it make a difference? It may not matter but there’s a difference.

As I said in my previous posts, our physical body evolves following the Darwinian theory of natural selection and random adaptation. If the natural process of evolution fails, then the body is not worthy to live.

The body must adapt to the natural environment in order to survive. If it cannot survive and adapt to Earth’s natural environment, it must be discarded.

All are designed to live on this planet. They must be strong and healthy physically and mentally. Only those perfectly fit are able to perform the purpose for which they were sent to fulfill in this 3-D/4-D environment of ours.

When that physical requirement is attained, the body (brain and mind) will eventually realize the importance of pursuing matters that are not necessarily material in nature.

The body gradually begins to look up to the skies, broadening its knowledge and consciousness at the same time because of what it learns in the process.

From the anthropological perspective, it is the body that initially hankers for the indwelling of the spirit. It is the one that enters the spirit, not vice versa.

Opening Up to the Higher Dimensions

Paul J. Dejillas, Ph.D.

November 16, 2023


How do we personally know if we have already reached the frequency level of the 5th dimension while still being grounded on our 3rd and 4th density realm?

A tough question for the unknowledgeable, unaware, and unconcerned. But an answer is a must so we can continue ascending the ladder of spiritual evolution.

To answer this question, we may just have to open ourselves up unconditionally and fearlessly to the higher dimensions. As experienced by many ascending souls in the past, answers and enlightenment will come unexpectedly rushing into our minds, even beyond our wildest expectations.

Spiritual Jumping Boards: A Tribute to Our Artists and Musicians

Paul J. Dejillas, Ph.D.

October 13, 2023


The various academic disciplines serve as rocket boosters and jumping boards to speed up our spiritual journey so long as they do not imprison and enslave us in their respective confines.

They include the physical sciences, social sciences, arts and humanities, and the world’s major religions. Whatever our discipline is, let’s make use of their potential power to the full.

As a cosmic being, I’ve been into all these disciplines and found them very helpful. But I find quantum physics more liberating, reliable, and rational as a foundation to jumpstart my spiritual growth.

Equally most helpful to me are art, music, and semiotics. Artists, musicians, and linguists are to me the most creative souls on earth. Just imagine how they are able to create and express higher-dimensional concepts in reality. They do it without the rigorous use of philosophy or science by simply going wherever their creative minds guide the flow of their hands on the canvas.

Imagine a musician composing a fabulous piece of melody out of nothing, except perhaps being catapulted by the inner inspiration it receives from some spirits somewhere out there beyond our physical realm.

Imagine a musician able to present a piece of art in an opera, fully backed up by an equally energetic orchestra simply using the seven basic and natural scales of A, B, C, D, E, F, G, or the numbers 1 to 7.

Equally fascinating is seeing a musician hearing and enjoying gleefully upon seeing a musical piece before it. The musician or artist is in a world of its own, entering another plane of existence inside a sort of glass-enclosed chamber and transferred or beamed into another space-time dimension (ala Star Trek). The greatest achievements of humanity in our history can be seen, in fact, in the fields of arts and music.

One must have heard of Beethoven composing his piece mentally while strolling alone along the beach admiring the beauty of the ocean and the cosmic landscape above him. That momentous event took only a few seconds, yet, that inspiration took him days, weeks, and months to transfer into the musical scale.

Who can forget legendary figures like Mozart, Haydn, Michaelangelo, Rembrandt, Picasso, Leonardo da Vinci, and Vincent van Gogh?

In our midst, are even equally awesome genuine artists and musicians who are not fully afforded appropriate and proper recognition by the National Commission for Culture and the Arts.

Sadly, our government even goes to the extent of manufacturing and honoring their own-made artists and musicians.

I have to mention here also the case of our quiet and unassuming guitarists. It’s more challenging for me to read musical notes and play them on the guitar (classical, flamenco, jazz, etc.). It's finger-twisting and can be back-breaking. I’m just glad I happened to be introduced by a colleague to one of our best classical guitarists in the country.

I am not demeaning the other academic disciplines in enhancing our spiritual growth. Stay where you are if that suits you most, but still be open and respectful. I would courageously say, stay away from any form of authoritarianism and dogmatism and our planet will ascend spiritually with us as well.

Stages of Spiritual Growth

Paul J. Dejillas, Ph.D.

October 1, 2023

These are the various states of spiritual growth—awareness, realization, consciousness, and enlightenment. They only differ in the level of vibration and frequency.

They all refer to us or the Self and I am. That’s why many attach a suffix to them like Self-awareness, Self-realization, Self-consciousness, Self-enlightened. Or, I am awareness, I am realization, I am consciousness, I am the Light of the God Source, or I am Energy.

The highest form and level is the divine state also called awareness, realization, and consciousness of the God Source or Christ.

This is humanity’s ascending process of cosmic evolutionary journey, which our spirit guides admonish not to lose sight of while we’re still grounded on Earth.


Entering the Spirit World

Paul J. Dejillas, Ph.D.

September 27, 2023


Immediately after we leave this earthly plane, our state of mind also goes with us to the next life. Our mindset upon entering may be loaded with negative feelings like anger, hatred, fear, lust, resentment, attachment, or jealousy. The same is true with positive feelings like love, calmness, joy, non-judgmental, compassion, non-attachment, or intuitive mind.

The prevailing state of mind we had during our entire life and when we were lying on our deathbeds determined the realm of our first entry into the spirit world. In this state, our spirit is not yet fully adapted to its new world. As they say, one is torn between two lovers; one foot is in the spirit world, the other in the physical world.

Confusion, disorientation, hesitation, and fear of what lies ahead set in at first. Fortunately, it is in this realm that spirit guides (our ancestors who were ahead of us) welcome us to make us feel at home, and introduce us to other more experienced and evolved spirits who can help resolve the negativities troubling us at the moment of entry.

What happens next depends on our response in the course of our interaction with the spirit guides. But this does not mean that our spirit will be sent to a place called by Christians Heaven, Hell, or Purgatory. There are no such places.

Who knows, we might be sent back to Earth to resolve our own state of mind ourselves. For we all caused them in the first place. This can take from a few days to thousands of years or even eons for us to reincarnate.

Back to Earth, we need to put some effort into knowing why we came back. What state of mind are we trying to resolve? Many forget but the spirit guides will continue to remind us through dreams, synchronicities, and through our intuitive minds, gut feelings, and other psychic means.

Let’s make use of these means, otherwise, we will keep on repeating our misdeeds and go on reincarnating again and again here on Earth or on some other planets until we finally resolve the negativities in us.

A humongous challenge on my part. For who wants to live in endless fear, pain, and suffering on Earth?

My take and you have yours, I know.

Jumping Into the Unknown

Paul J. Dejillas, Ph.D.

August 15, 2023


To Cross the Rubicon or Not! That is the Big Question.

In life, challenges confront us daily. We might have lost our loved ones. We might be suffering from some physical, mental, or psychosocial ailments or some relationship problems with our loved ones.

Or, we might be feeling enslaved and bored with what we are doing that always yields the same results day in and day out, that the only way out is to disconnect ourselves from this highly oppressive and enslaving condition.

But how?

The only worthwhile way to do this is to pause and reflect in solitude and silence away from any distractions in order to draw out some knowledge from our inner reservoir as a basis for deciding whether to cross the bridge or not.

This is the moment when the rational mind and the intuitive mind meet in a play of tug-of-war. This is the moment when reason and spirituality meet at a crossroads but still undecided on what to do.

This is the moment where the line between superstition and science stares at each other’s blank faces. This is the moment where the mind and the heart confront each other, seeking answers to the challenges at hand.

This is the moment where the line between sanity and insanity is becoming thinner and thinner. The tragic thing is that we might not be aware of the significance of this moment of silence and solitude.

Whatever it is, in the end, one has to decide and once a definite decision has been reached, there is no turning back. It can no longer be changed so that one can exclaim proudly “The die is cast!”

My Initiation to Mathematics and Philosophy

Paul J. Dejillas, Ph.D.

March 29, 2022


Science and religion, whose beliefs, theories, and philosophical thoughts I used to dearly love, may now become a thing of the past. Yet, I cannot abandon them, if only for the memory of the many people who introduced me to these two academic disciplines in the past. To this day, they are dear to me, although, I know, I have offended many of them.

I remember one gloomy afternoon during my seminary days when I felt nudged by some powerful force that came out of nowhere. That force manifested itself as a sudden gush of wind, literally pushing me so strongly that I had to respond quickly lest I would fall down. I felt like I was flying gliding on its current, only to stop as suddenly as it burst me into action, in a certain place, which I learned was the library.

With nothing more important to do, I reluctantly entered the almost deserted portion of the building, not knowing who or what to expect. I opened the door with great trepidation. Nobody was around and the lights were subdued.

I remember all my classmates were out in the courtyard then, playing basketball, tennis, or engaging in a leisurely walk. Tiptoeing into the center row of bookshelves, I halted in a dimly lit corner where a particular book caught my immediate attention.

I found the book strange because of its antiquated cover and disintegrating pages. The author of the book was Euclid, and I had been led to the mathematics section of the library. Euclid was known as the “Father of Geometry” but he also taught mathematics in Ancient Egypt.

His geometry and mathematics captivated me. He talked about space, time, shapes, Nature, and God. According to him: “the laws of nature are but the mathematical thoughts of God.”

Sitting down on the cold cement floor cross-legged, I began to read, wondering about the presence of such a rare book in the library’s collection. It was a difficult read and I needed prolonged periods of deep reflection to digest all the information I just devoured.

I must have stayed longer than an hour in the library. Rising on aching knees, I returned the book, making sure its pages were intact.

I left the library feeling enthused but puzzled. The reflections I had on Euclid must have extended to the late hours of that first night and even to the many nights after that. I felt a light looming at the end of my dark tunnel. “There seems to be a way out after all,” I thought.

The library became my favorite sanctuary, away from the confusion as well as the hustle and bustle of the outside world. I became reclusive and reticent. I just wanted to be alone.

In that dimly lit corner of the building, I began to learn more about the world of religion and science.

The incident happened in college. Before entering the seminary, I was taking up Engineering but eventually left that program because I found no relevance of mathematics then to my life.

One great consolation though was that Mathematics, Geometry, and Algebra trained me to think rationally and systematically, and Philosophy was a welcome alternative.

Since then, the library has become my favorite place. Next, it introduced me to Archimedes known as the “Father of Mathematics” and Pythagoras who argued that “Number rules the universe.”

Later physicists saw the indispensability of using numbers in understanding and describing the world we live in. The mathematical theories first presented a materialist, fixed, and static world. Then, it became a mechanical clock, wound periodically by an ever-caring God.

To take motion and change into consideration, Isaac Newton and Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz invented Integral and Differential Calculus respectively, a mathematical tool, which today remains useful in many disciplines like Economics and Physics.

The seminary library, which was situated then at the ground floor of the Novitiate building, also gave me the opportunity to study modern symbolic logic, which complemented my course in Philosophy very well.

Symbolic logic uses mathematical symbols and variables to express theories, assumptions, and relationships instead of words and ordinary language.

From mathematics, my interest branched out to Eastern religions and Eastern philosophies. Reading the teachings and beliefs of this part of the world gave me not only new insights. Many things that were unknown to me before became known.

I felt a gradual expansion in the awareness of my core being and a growing Consciousness about the little world I was living in, triggered by my studies on the thoughts of René Descartes, Immanuel Kant, George Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, Arthur Schopenhauer, Gabriel Marcel. Søren Kierkegaard, Friedrich Nietzsche, Martin Heidegger, and many other prominent philosophers at that time.

I learned from science that the Cosmos and all living creatures appeared mysteriously through fortuitous encounters of billions and trillions of atoms that littered frenziedly across time and space right after the Big Bang.

This is what science teaches me and would have me believe. There was no intention of giving birth to the universe and all its creatures. There was no a priori design to manufacture them since there was nobody, no scientist, no skilled craftsman, no demigod to construct them.

Indeed, my deep religious beliefs began to crumble. I learned that what the Gods and Goddesses used to do, science has been doing in fact through the centuries.

Scientists have already been manipulating our genes and DNA, including living species and extant creatures. They are becoming like Gods and Goddesses. Through trial and error, we have become products of their experimentation, an act of creation that used to be reserved only for our Supreme Creators.

Over the years, my journey as a seeker has shifted from being an intense believer in a Divine Creator to a fervent disciple of science.

But WHAT IF both science and religion have it all wrong? WHAT IF there is a bigger, deeper, and more noble meaning to life and existence than the ones they propound? I needed some answers.

Both science and religion may be referring to the same God phenomenon. But it cannot just be conclusively declared that God equals God Particle equals Energy.

To accept this mathematical formulation would require a leap of faith which new physics won't readily accept, without redefining their concept of God Particle.

Even if science accepts them to be equal, then, just the same, it will be going back in circles. Like religion, science would still maintain that there can be no world beyond its world.

In the past, science had repeatedly discovered atomic particles giving birth to the same atomic particles, every time two particles are made to collide at near the speed of light.

Each time they discover something new in the subatomic world, it’s always a carbon copy of the original, including the dual attributes that go with it, namely, matter and anti-matter, electrons, and positrons. Only the colors and flavors change.

The world of science is going on in circles. But my intuition and gut feeling says there is something new out there, a world beyond the world of science. And, in the past, this has become my fascination. In doing so, my transcendental quest has become very personal, no longer academic.

It could be that my curiosity and wild imagination were getting hold of me. But I unleashed them, nonetheless. I was convinced that whether or not I'd discover something more beyond the existing world, I would only know if I pursued my search relentlessly.

And, over the years, this has become my obsession. I ventured into the unknown, finding new things along the way I would never have expected.

The World Beyond

Paul J. Dejillas, Ph.D.

January 15, 2022


I've been taking some time off from my daily posts. I'm starting to write my 6th book, temporarily titled "The World Beyond". Of all my cosmic books, this is the toughest and most challenging. It requires a lot of my resolve as well as introspection and self-reflection.

The title speaks purely of the 5th dimension and beyond, a realm where life and existence are experienced only by a few. It's a world beyond what science and religion preach to their followers, which a few dare to explore and tread. It's a world beyond our 4-D spacetime dimension.

The 5th dimension and beyond speaks of the universe beyond the String theory and its offshoot M theory that quantum physicists are theorizing. It speaks of a world beyond the realm of God, gods, goddesses, and spirits that philosophers and theologians are speculating about.

Yet, while it's infinitely far and beyond our reach, it's so near and within our grasp, since we are engulfed and suffused by it. But describing it in human language is a great limitation since our language is loaded with meanings exclusively intended for 4-D earthlings.

Describing a 5-D realm and beyond may necessitate the use of new concepts and terms that can be understood at least by those who have been yearning, dreaming, and imagining beyond everything, beyond the known, beyond the unborn and uncreated, beyond their espoused faith and beliefs.

My hope and wish is that I'll be able to write this down in book form and finish it by December 2022, as my birthday present to the Child Jesus, the entire humanity across the globe, the entire galaxy, and the Cosmos in its totality.

Thanks to my loyal followers who are reminding me of my daily posts. You inspire me all the more to continue moving on. There's no last step indeed even if the moment comes when we reach our destiny since everything in the Cosmos keeps on moving forward in the ladder of being and becoming. This is the cosmic evolutionary journey.

“Can we still recognize ourselves as we transform from one sphere to another?”

Paul J. Dejillas, Ph.D. 

May 8, 2021

(Gina Yap sent me this question)


The nature of reality is that it is structured in spheres, also referred to as layers, dimensions, or realms. Imagine yourself fishing on the deep ocean seas. The world you are in is one sphere.

The world underneath the ocean is another sphere. The fish and other living creatures beneath do not know that there is another realm above the ocean’s surface.

You are living in a 4-D world, as we all are. But there is also a 5th dimension, a sphere higher than our 4-D world. In the 5th dimension, everything is laid down in one continuum.

Below it is the 4th dimension, where 5-D entities see events laid down in an instant. They see the past, present, and future at once. From their vantage point of view, there is no concept of time, space, and matter.

To paraphrase the question of Gina: “If we, 4-D species, are able to go to the 5th dimension, can we still recognize ourselves?"

First of all, let's assume that while on Earth, we know who we are: we are not the brain and mind for they too die with our body. We are not the thoughts, feelings, aspirations for they too die with our bodies.

Who are we then? Who is this we call “I” or “Self”?

For me, it is Consciousness (with a capital “C” to distinguish it from science’s term “consciousness” with a small letter, which scientists commonly believe resides in the mind and is dependent on the operations of the mind and the brain for its existence.

I believe that Consciousness is a 5-D entity that enters the 4-D world at a certain evolutionary process when the physical body is ready for it. It is characteristically a spirit or soul since it is not something physical or material. It has no weight, height, size, or dimension.

When Consciousness enters the body, the new species becomes human. We can now say that we humans are an embodied spirit. Each of us consists of a material body and a pure spirit. When our body dies, therefore, we still certainly recognize our own Consciousness.

But this is not always the case. If, during its earthly life, we identify ourselves with the brain and the mind, and, like mainstream scientists, believe that our consciousness dies with the mind, then, that's our end. There's no life after death.

Studies on near-death experiences (NDEs), however, abound, testifying that Consciousness survives even if the patient has already been declared clinically dead. Scientists who experience NDE were even surprised to tell us that there is indeed life after death and that the 5th dimension is very real.

It will be up to the readers, of course, to digest this for themselves. This is not a matter of science or religion. We cannot just leave this matter to them. Our relationship with our Creator is something very personal.

Based on my transcendental experience, I know myself as a 4-dimensional entity with innate faculties and power to be in the 5th dimension of existence, as we all are (try meditation and yoga).

At the same time, I am a five-dimensional entity encased in a four-dimensional body. I am both four-dimensional and five-dimensional. This does not mean that I have two personalities.

It simply means that, as an entity living in this 4-D world, my essence as a human being is that I am both body and spirit. There can be no room for a dichotomy.

I am an embodied spirit. I am a body infused and moved by the spirit. I engulf the spirit even as the spirit envelops me. I always try to be conscious and aware of this every moment of the day. I know I can do this because I am Consciousness.

I am aware that Earth is not my final abode. I'm going back to my original home. It's in the 5th or even higher dimension that I belong, as I believe we all are.

I'm just a traveler, a pilgrim here whose purpose is, to me, to learn what it means to live in a physical body. And I must learn my lessons here, rather than regret it later in the hereafter.

I have only answered the first question. For lack of space, I will respond to the second question tomorrow.