Daoist Cosmology

02/11/2013 14:14

Cosmology refers to discourse on or theories concerning the structure and underlying principles of the cosmos.


Historically speaking, there are various Daoist cosmologies. The foundational Daoist cosmology incorporates “traditional Chinese cosmology,” which centers of correlative cosmology and systematic correspondences. This system emphasizes yin 陰-yang 陽 interaction, qi 氣, and the Five Phases (a.k.a. Five Elements; wuxing 五行). Correlative cosmology is associated with the Cosmologist School (yinyang jia 陰陽家) of the Warring States period (480-222 BCE) and was systematized by Zou Yan 鄒衍 (Tsou Yen; 305-240 BCE). It was eventually incorporated into both Chinese medical traditions and classical Daoism. [Read more] ...