Feng Shui, Vastu and India

06/11/2013 07:31

Feng Shui has been called an art of placement. This describes Feng Shui well, as it is not a science, a religion, a philosophy or a belief system. It is not a science, as its principles cannot yet be proven by scientific method. It is not necessary to follow any religion to understand or practice Feng Shui. It is not a philosophy, as it encompasses many practical tools and techniques. It is not a belief system, as asking someone if they believe in Feng Shui, is like asking if they believe in weather.

Vastu is a classical Indian science of design, which skilfully combines modern knowledge with the ancient wisdom for organising space that accord with the laws of the universe. The purpose of Vastu also refers to harnessing positive energy from your environment but it puts greater emphasis on precise proportions and magnetic directions.  [Read more] ...