In the Image and Likeness of God: The Sumerian Account

03/11/2013 11:37

A Sumerian text has immortalized the answer given by Enki to the incredulous assembled Anunnaki, who saw in the creation of an Adamu the solution to their unbearable toil:

The creature whose name you uttered—
All you have to do, he added, is to
Bind upon it the image of the gods.

In these words lies the key to the puzzle of Man’s creation, the magical wand that removes the conflict between Evolution and Creationism. The Anunnaki, the Elohim of the biblical verses, did not create Man from nothing. The being was already there, on Earth, the product of evolution. All that was needed to upgrade it to the required level of ability and intelligence was to “bind upon it the image of the gods,” the image of the Elohim themselves. [Read more} ...