Quantum-Informational Holographic Model of Consciousness

18/11/2013 17:34

[Text written by Francisco di Biasi]

I present here a quantum-informational holographic model of brain-conscious-universe interaction based on the holonomic neural network model of Karl Pribram [1-9] and relying on the ontological interpretation of quantum theory developed by David Bohm 10, with extended nonlocal properties of the quantum field as described by Hiroomi Umezawa 11. weconsider this model an extension of the interactive dualism developed by Sir John Eccles [12-16] and as extended by Richard Amoroso [17-20] and in this volume. Eccles’ idea of an interconnection between brain and spirit by means of quantum microsites named dendrons
(bundles of nerve dendrites) that couple to psychons, [Read more] ...