Quantum Theory of Ghosts

09/11/2013 15:29

by Professor Max Bruin, PhD

Since the rise of mankind there have been stories of the spirits of the dead returning to haunt the living. The very word, haunt, comes from the concept of an animal feeding place, and ghosts are seen as feeding upon the living.  Some societies revere the spirits of their ancestors, but even these myths include angry ghosts who prey upon the hapless mortals. But what are ghosts?  The rise of science tells us that the idea of ghosts as spirits of the dead is absurd.  They exist in the supernatural, in a realm where science cannot tread, and as such they are dismissed as little more than the imagination of frightened, backward thinking people. However, with the advent of quantum mechanics, new explanations shed light on why the myth of ghosts remains prevalent in cultures around the world. [Read more] ...