The Holographic Universe and Our Spiritual Evolution

18/11/2013 17:22

by Mary Sutherland
Thought (I am) materializes (reality) on this planet as vibrating light (hologram) brought in through an electrical frequency (vibration/sound) . Thus what we 'see or think' of as a solid reality is a hologram created through 'thought', 'light' and 'sound'. Everything in this material world is here because our 'Higher Light Frequency of Self' has called them into being.  Each frequency of your thought or word spoken, is coded to materialize in the visible realm. Thus the holographic projection is merely an extension or expression of your Higher Vibratory Self on a slower or denser vibration. However, it is coded for manifestation for only a period in what we call time and - during this time - it must either lose or speed up its vibration. [Read more] ...