Whatever we do, we are moving on

Paul J. Dejillas, Ph.D. – February 4, 2022


Whatever we send out, be it our thoughts, feelings, or actions, reverberates like a roaring thunder across the entire Cosmos. Sending out negative energy will adversely affect everything that comes along its path. It will only aggravate today's worsening global conditions.

The chaos theory states that if a butterfly flaps its wings in the Amazonian rain forest, it can change the weather half a world away. Quantum physicists had long ago realized this in their scientific experiments that they're able to categorically declare the following:

"Pick a flower on Earth and you move the farthest star." ~ Paul A.M. Dirac.

“Every living being is an engine geared to the wheelwork of the universe. Though seemingly affected only by its immediate surrounding, the sphere of external influence extends to infinite distance.” ~ Nikola Tesla, February 7, 1915.

The signs of the times clearly show that negative energy dominates today and everybody is suffering as a consequence. We can only hope that we are not the source of many of these negativities.

We Are Human Beings in the Process of Becoming

Paul J. Dejillas


Chimpanzees can’t write because they cannot communicate with their fellow chimpanzees in words and languages, which they have to scribble in pencil and paper.

The lower one goes down the ladder of evolution, the propensity to grow bigger becomes narrower and the choices to do so even lesser.

Conversely, the higher we humans ascend the stairs of evolution, the broader and deeper are our opportunities to become more than what and who we are. The more likely we have the potentialities to become super humans, even able to transcend time and space.

As we humans grow and mature, we acquire new faculties and power that can trigger the discovery of new skills and expertise.

The discovery of words and languages, for example, may emerge side-by-side with our ability to create symbols, concepts, and numbers that may convey meanings to other human beings and species.

Yet, we are not only material and psychosocial beings. We are not only physical composed of atoms and molecules governed by the laws of physics, logic, and causality.

We are not only bodies, brains, and minds. We are also paranormal beings, able to communicate with the invisibles and the unseen. In so doing, we begin to make productive use of our intuition, gut-feeling, creativity, premonition, and to become more conscious of synchronous and serendipitous events.

More so, we are spiritual and divine beings, regulated by an invisible energy or some cosmic forces that can even defy the laws of entropy and thermodynamics.

Our future maybe uncertain but only two things can happen to us. We can either rise up to other dimensions of existence or go tumbling down to lower levels of existence.

As many say: “We can evolve and we can devolve”. We can go up to become bigger and better than what and who we are today or we can go down to the level of animals.

Everything is possible. It’s our choice.

But note that whichever way we are going, no moral judgments are delivered. One path is not better than the other. Yet, we are still accountable for the consequences of our choices and actions. No exceptions. We have to account for them one day.

Culture, Civilization, and Development:

Paul J. Dejillas, Ph.D. – September 27, 2021


What is Culture? What's the difference between culture and civilization? How about development? How does it differ with culture and civilization?

Answers to the above questions remain controversial and debatable to this day. Is there a model that can respond to and tie all the answers together in one integral piece?

These questions triggered the birth of "Applied Cosmic Anthropology"

Our Ancestral Language

Paul J. Dejillas, Ph.D. – September 27, 2021


What language were Adam and Eve speaking? Where they using the language of the gods and goddesses? If so, what language was it?

During the earlier time of India, Sanskrit was spoken. During the time of Jesus, it was Aramaic. Then came the Hebrew, Latin, and Arabic.

But we have also other languages spoken by several indigenous peoples as well as the Chinese, Japanese, Russians, Hindi, etc.

The Philippines has several languages (200+?). What are their origin? Can they be traced to the language of Adam and Eve?

Can we trace all the world's languages now to the time of Adam and Eve?

Some languages are moribund, others are extinct, and in the danger of extinction. But new languages are also sprouting. Are we heading towards one language? What would that be? is it English or Mathematics?

Our Ancestral Lineage

Paul J. Dejillas, Ph.D. – October 11, 2021


. Who were the sons and daughters of Adam and Eve?

. How about Cain? Who were his sons and daughters? Who was the wife?

. How about Ismael and Isaac? Who were their mother(s)? Where do their mothers come from?

. How about the 12 tribes of Israel?

. From what tribe do we come from?

. Do all the races today come from the same mother?

. How about the Filipino race? Where do all our tribes originate?

. What language was Adam and Eve using? Where they using the Sumerian language of the natives then? Or, the language of the gods and goddesses?

. During the earlier time of India, Sanskrit was spoken.

. During the time Jesus, Aramaic was spoken. Then, came the Hebrew, Latin, Arabic, etc.

. But we have other languages spoken by the indigenous peoples, the Chinese, Japanese, etc.

. The Philippines has several languages (200+). What are their origin?

. Can we trace all our languages now to the time of Adam and Eve?

. Some languages are moribund, others are extinct, in the danger of extinction. But new languages are also sprouting?

. Are we heading towards one language?

. How about our future? After space travelers where to?

Pre-Human Civilization

Aug 9, 2016



Civilizations come and go

July 21, 2016


Civilizations come and go, many of which leave no traces in between just as in the quantum world particles and their anti-particles appear and disappear in discrete manner.

Types of Civilizations

July 22, 2016


There are intelligent civilizations out there. Modern science has identified three broad categories of cosmic civilizations: Type I, II, and III.