Origins of Life


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The main source is lifted from the series "Unlocking the Mystery of Life"

of the IllustraMedia. The 12-part series presents one of the most

compelling biological evidences indicating the strong presence

of intelligent design in the Cosmos. Lifted are only those

portions which give the basis to raise the question:

"Can we infer from the mystery of life's origin the

existence of a Creator or God?"


Was There Life before Life even Begun?

Paul J. Dejillas, Ph.D. - November 19, 2020


Can we say that in the beginning there was no life and that life was not part of the original cosmic narrative? If so, what existed before life began? While there was yet nobody to describe that kind of world for us, we can try to explore it and give it a name, even if it's not totally graspable to our limited minds.

In the Beginning, There was No Life

Paul J. Dejillas, Ph.D. - November 20, 2020


1. Yes, in the beginning, there was no life. There was "nothing". But the fact that in the beginning there was nothing, does not mean that "no thing" really exists. Something exists that gives it the fundamental birthright to exist and we can call that something, “Existence”.

2. Besides Existence, there was nothing since nothing has nothing in it to exist; it has no existence-in-itself. In human parlance, we can call this method of reasoning "metaphysical grounding".

3. So, we can, humanly speaking, say that once upon a time, there was no Alpha and Omega, no beginning, no end, only Existence. There was no universe, no Cosmos, no humans, no sub-humans, no invisibles. There was nothing except Existence and its innate force of energy to trigger it to move and act.

4. So, there you are. In the beginning there was no life. There was only Existence. Yes, Existence was the only thing there was ab initio. No time, no space, and no matter. Existence was the matrix and foundation from which atoms and their sub-particles emerged. Life only came thereafter.

5. Existence is the essence of all. It is not being since to be is to be born and to be born is to be in the process of becoming. Existence was not born and is not in the process of becoming. It is already complete-in-itself and does not need anybody outside of itself to give it Existence since there is nothing outside of itself.

6. Existence is pure awareness and consciousness in company and union with Itself. It is not spirit, not soul, or God, as we creatures define the terms today. It's only the mind that labels and gives it meaning. But Existence is not the mind.

7. In the beginning, there was only Existence, the Unborn, Uncreated, Unoriginated, Unformed, Unrestricted, Unmanifested and the Implicate. God, spirit, soul, angels, aliens, free will, and came only after. These are either our creations or inevitable consequences of the process of creation.


If you're not comfortable with the above insights, then, you can simply dismiss it. But you cannot totally erase it anymore from your mind since it has already been planted there in your memory while you were reading this post.

It's not a question of believing; it's a question of knowing the possibility that there might be something out there before life even began.

It will haunt you every now and then. The more it haunts you, the more it will take deep roots in your mind, genes, and DNA. Eventually, it will bear fruits someday. Whether the fruits are delicious or rotten, will entirely depend on the content and quality of the haunting.

If you're curious to know more about existence, then, wait like a cat, patiently waiting for the prey to come out. This is the focus of my fourth cosmic book, which will be available to the public next week. But remember, curiosity can also kill a cat.

But I know you're not a cat. Curiosity is the essence of our earthly life. It's a faculty, fully developed in humans, that enables us to explore another dimension beyond the world of science and religion.

It can give us the possibility to know much more than what we know at present. It can give us the opportunity to become somebody bigger than what we are at the moment.

That's the cosmic evolutionary process. It goes from nothing and from a formless mass to become something as tiny as the tinniest atomic strings to a much bigger structure than all the trillions of galaxies around us combined.

The cosmic evolutionary process goes from being formless to a very simple form, to something very complex, mysterious, and even confounding. This was what we were even before life began that led us to what we are now, and we will continue to move on, marching forward to become something beyond what our mind can ever imagine.

Let's ride on this endless cosmic escalator. The pain and suffering of being left behind can be bearable. But we are here to be happy, joyful, and blissful. That can only be done by riding and going with the flow of the cosmic process of evolution.

See you there in the future.

The individual is conscious of this spirit-matter dichotomy. Awareness of this duality challenges us to take action so that we become one piece related to all other pieces in the universe.

This oneness in us is expressed in terms of duality only because our mind cannot grasp and comprehend what is bigger than itself. Being confined in the world of time, space and matter that are governed by their physical laws, it can only understand "what is" by knowing "what it is not".

This state of awareness enables the individual to transcend the physical realm and look at everything from a more distant and holistic perspective.

It is this transcendent state that enables us to deviate from the laws of physics and metaphysics and to realize that we are not two personalities, but one, and that the two earthly identities in us can become one after all.

We have the freedom to transcend the kind of life that science and religion are molding for us. And we have the power to construct that kind of life we want to live.

Let me end this with a quote from Walt Disney: "The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing."

So, let's continue to roar and roar in the media or in the streets.