Theory of Everything

Unified Theory of Everything

Paul J. Dejillas, Ph.D.

September 2, 2023


Is it possible to come up with one unified theory that could explain everything, including the existence of God, the Universe, and the entire humanity?

Why bother with this question at all? Simply because the world is in chaos. Every nation is fighting against each other. Religions are also at war with each other, even willing to die in defense of their respective beliefs. This is true to some extent with regard to race, culture, education, gender, caste, social standing, and so on. Science and religion are especially at odds with each other because of their opposing points of view and methodologies.

As a result, there is no peace, harmony, and love. There is always that threat of a global war. In fact, the seeds of World War III have already been planted in various parts of the world. The world is getting more physical and material.

Between science and religion, religion is the sector most urgently challenged to start formulating such a Theory of Everything, because of its intense belief in a Divine Entity that is able to work wonders and miracles. But while several attempts have already been made in the past, religions remain diametrically opposed to each other, unable to agree even on the issue of God, although they could be using the same scriptural books and passages.

In the scientific circles, the Theory of Everything likewise remains contentious. The String theory and M theory are so far the closest candidates to the TOE or GUT. But they remain speculative and untestable empirically. The God Particle that empirical physicists are trying to discover in their Large Hadron Colliders remains inconclusive.

Even when a Theory of Everything will be eventually formulated, I wonder if religion would be willing to put on the garb of science, in the same manner that science would be willing to don the vestment of religion. The convergence of the two academic disciplines is still an impossible dream. We might only be chasing rainbows all our life.

So, we are left all alone in constructing our own theory about God, the universe, and our role. Peace, harmony, and love may, after all, only come from within each of us, not from the outside world. If you are at peace with others and others also at peace with your company, then, the world might eventually be at peace.

From the perspective of the individual, this is not hard to achieve. In fact, many have already reached this cosmic state of bliss. It’s harder, even almost impossible when this is done from the societal and institutional perspective. We can only look back at our sad history.