Political Analysis

Existing political systems that are competing for world dominance and power today

Paul J. Dejillas, Ph.D. – May 14, 2022


Existing political systems that are competing for world dominance and power today include the following:


1. Anarchism

2. Authoritarianism

3. Communitarianism

4. Communism - Leninism.

5. Conservatism

6. Corporatism

7. Democracy

8. Environmentalism


Likewise, varioys types of governments have evolved through the years. They include:


1. Authoritarian

2. Democracy

3. Monarchy

4. Oligarchy

5. Totalitarian

6. Anarchy

7. Aristocracy

8. Dictatorship


Let's Review Our World History.


Athens: The Birth and Cradle of Democracy

Our story has always been a story of how our ancient ancestors lived, how they organized themselves as a people, and how we developed and established our system of government, economy, and religion.

It all started in ancient Athens, in particular, the Pre-Socratic and Sophists era (470-399. BC) to the time of Plato (427-347 BC) and Aristotle (384-322 BC), blossoming during the time of Pericles who ruled Athens (460-429), invented the system of democracy, and established a government in which all citizens share in running the government.

Ancient Greece was the cradle of democracy. Other than democracy, Athens was the birthplace of science, technology, architecture, mathematics, philosophy, arts, music, culture, and philosophy.

But the rise of the Greek civilization was as fast as its downfall, brought about by a period of civil unrest that triggered the rivalry between Athens and Sparta.

Under Sparta’s leadership, Athens’ system of democracy was dissolved and replaced by “a complicated mixture of hereditary monarchy, aristocratic oligarchy, democracy and even what we would today describe as socialism.”

Nonetheless, Parthenon remains the iconic symbol of art and architecture replicated by government buildings today to immortalize the ideals of democracy.



Reflections: Democracy vs Authoritarianism

This was only the earlier beginnings of our tumultuous history. For, wars, killings, violence, corruption, and a struggle for power between democracy and authoritarianism also started.

Democracy started as a struggle of the majority of the populace to free itself from domination of the few aristocrats, while authoritarianism has been continually propagated as a system of governance that could establish rule and order over the unruly citizens.



Existing Forms of Governments

Today, so many shades and forms of governance emerge:

1. Parliamentary;

2. Federal; and

3. Constitutional.

Political Deceptions and Manipulations

December 11, 2021


The way things are happening today and demonstrated both in social media and in the streets, these criteria are no longer viable and applicable since nobody among the candidates now fits the bill. These indicators have to be discarded. The emerging criteria and standards instead are the following:

(1) Colorful displays and rantings. The more massive and intense the display, the more attraction one gets from the public and the more are the public drawn to it, reflective of the bandwagon mentality in the past. We can only be reminded that "all that glitters are not gold". Strings are attached, demanding for some accounting and favors later.

(2) People are not being lured, by their respective political programs. Candidates simply ramble and spit out motherhood statements with no concrete details on how they will be funded, distributed, and implemented from the national down to the village levels in the various regions of the country.

(3) High-impact programs are, as usual, geared towards draining whatever fund is left in our national reserves and deposits, resulting in massive corruption as has been demonstrated in the past two years. The saying still remains: “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely”.

(4) Teamwork and cooperation are a ploy to confuse each other’s political opponents. Like the traitor Brutus, they are designed to advance their respective unrestricted interests, claiming to love their country more than the eradication of the people’s poverty and hunger. Moreover, the continuing shifts in political alignments and realignments only defile the sanctity of our political system as a foundation to promote democratic processes in our country’s governance. Gone are the two-party system that have worked well in our past.

(5) Disrespect for the rule of law. We have our Constitution of the Land, scripted by the most brilliant, respected, and well-intentioned individuals, selected from various sectors of society. We have an abundance of laws and their respective implementing rules and regulations, more than enough to make families millionaires and financially empowered. But, as we always predict after the election, the people will remain marginalized and excluded in the mainstream agenda. Others would exclaim" "To heaven during the electoral race, to hell after, from 2022 to 2026, a span of six years." Only to repeat the same process again and again in a circular fashion without end.

Fast forward: What’s my alternative. To vote just the same using our own personal standards, even if this means voting for the politicians who have the least evil and number of skeletons in their closets. Don’t tell me that there are no skeletons in their respective closets, perhaps even more than what we have in ours. The famous line spoken by Osgood Fielding III seems to be acknowledged still as an excuse to our wrongdoings: “Nobody is perfect.”

But all is not hell and hopeless. Despite our imperfections, there is always that goodness in each one of us that we would like to tap and harness for the good of the people this coming national elections. So, let's continue what we're doing today until May next year.

Our Voting Behavior

Paul J. Dejillas, Ph.D. – April 23, 2021


I'm beginning to observe a proliferation of netizens who are no longer afraid to die in support for their political candidates. I don't know which political faction I belong. I have to check my radar and GPS.

Or, perhaps my FB friends and followers across the globe know where I stand. Maybe, they have already read my mind. I'm certain of this. Some, in fact, have given me answers, even before I ask questions, including those questions I dare not ask in public.

Many thanks for the continuing feedbacks they relay to me about yesterday, today, and tomorrow. As what I've been doing in the past and will continue to do so, I can always share their wisdom here for those who might perchance be touched by it.

Deception and Manipulation

July 30, 2016



Hegemony and Its Power

Paul J. Dejillas, Ph.D. – June 27, 2021


The recent hegemonic stance of many nations is creating jitters on the entire humanity because of its evident penchant for power and dominance. Once unleashed, it will create great havoc across the globe, reminiscent of the lightning, as in nuclear, bomb released from the heavens above in the case of Sodom and Gomorrah. But which nation will push the control button first?

Yes, indeed, which nation will push the control button first? Is it the USA, Russia, China, Japan, North Korea, South Korea, Taiwan, Myanmar, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Africa, the European Union, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Switzerland?

This time, it will only take one individual to do it and the ground will be engulfed with clouds appearing like mushrooms and ships taking off to space leaving off radiations, enough to cause cancer within some definite radius.

At light speed, the atmosphere will be adorned with shining lights, but deadly as they drop down in the form of ash fall and rain, instantly pilling off the skins and organs of all creatures directly hit below. Many will suffer for hundreds and thousands of years.

Each nation is just now eagerly awaiting to push the first button. Who will do it? Anybody's guess. The nation whose stake is the greatest will more likely do it.

In the meantime, what shall we do? Science has made great achievements to today's technology. But it's also out to destroy all of us.

Religion intervenes in the form of prayers (Oratio Pandemia) and other forms of liturgical services like reciting mantras, rosaries, and chanting. We all need this.

But it is not as significantly successful in influencing the affairs of science as well as governments, politics, and leadership. We may have to be more aggressive in our militancy through the social media.

We need something short of miracle to prevent an inevitable doom. Let's join together side-by-side, hand-in-hand, but not to convert and herd others into our fold. Unity in numbers can be achieved both in terms of diversity and multiplicity.

Greed and Corruption

Aug 19, 2016



The Significance of Political Turmoil

April 9,2016


The political turmoil surrounding us today could be the turning point in reshaping our future as a nation.