Death and Afterlife

Life After Death

by Paul J. Dejillas

May 9, 2022


After the body dies, the spirit must have some place to go.

Yes, even more than 50% of scientists do not believe in the afterlife. There are a few who believe. They are those who experienced NDEs—biochemists, neuroscientists, philosophers, psychotherapists, astrophysicists—but very few. The rests are still atheists or are simply silent about afterlife, awaiting for more evidences that can be tested empirically in their laboratories.

Afterlife is just a theory and speculation. Yes, it’s a scientific theory, even a speculation, replete with assumptions, that remains to be proven empirically. The same thing in religion. Many are legends, myths, parables, that remain to be proven.

Did Jesus really feed thousands with just five loaves of bread and fish? Did Jesus really made the blind see and lame walk? No-one verified those healed. Were they really healed permanently? What happened to them afterwards?

All this are based on faith, just as science is. Science’s concept of wormhole, dark hole, event horizon are deeply speculative. No body can verify it, because it is millions of lightyears away from us. Scientists will have to go there and verify it themselves.

We get energy from outside, what happens in the transition from life to death? Will our achievements increase because of our righteousness here on earth? Will we carry the energy to the next dimension? Will we increase afterlife?

What happens to the babies that do not still have accomplishments?

The Cosmic Cycle Is One of Fall, Salvation, and Redemption

March 3, 2017


First, it was Adam, Eve, and the Snake. Second, it was Joseph, Mary, and Jesus. My gut feeling says that next will be the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit. It really baffles me that this same cycle is also happening at the quantum level, only it speaks of particles electron, proton, and neutron (birth, decay, death or positive, negative, zero). The Hindu Trinity also speaks of Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva (creator, preserver, destroyer).