Our Energy Centers-Chakras

The Portal That Leads to the Higher Dimension

Paul J. Dejillas, Ph.D.

October 23, 2023


If within us is a mirror universe of the big universe, is there also a portal that allows us to enter through the walls of our cells, molecules, and atoms and brings us ultimately to the very essence of our core being?

Where is this portal located? In our crown chakra? Or, in the third eye, throat, heart, solar plexus, navel, and base chakra?

I tried an experiment to find out which of these energy centers could lead me to my Real Self. In my experience, all of them are able to do it but in varying degrees and intensity. So, I always tapped the synergy of their combined force most of the time. But I have my favorite.

We know that it is the portal we are looking for if it is able to propel us deeper and deeper into our core being. As I said, all of them can. Yet, it’s good to know which one of them is really most effective in achieving our spiritual progress at a commendable pace.

When we are already at our deepest state, we are in what ancient knowledge and quantum physics refer to as the realm of nothingness or zero-point energy field.

It is an etheric place but there is no form. The body is dissolved. We don’t even have ethereal bodies. Yet, we are fully aware and conscious of our inner universe and of our external surroundings, less affected and influenced by what is going on physically and mentally inside and the rude intrusions coming from the outside.

We are seeing everything from the perspective of our Real Self, which is by nature already in the 5th dimension, far away beyond our 3-D density.

At this deepest state, we begin to know, experience, and feel who we really are. We are in touch with our Real Self. We have raised our level of energy and vibration. We have aligned and tuned ourselves to the vibration of the 5th dimension.

We see everything in the lower dimension, including us, at a distance, looking at everything without any judgment but with that inner persistent impulse to examine our broader purpose and mission not only on Earth but more so in the entire cosmic design.

The projection of our conscious thoughts, feelings, and actions to the lower dimension ensures that we are at the same time assisting the spiritual well-being and growth of all living and sentient beings.

The longer we commune with our Real Self, the more we realize our incompleteness and the more we see the need for scanning another portal that can transport us to still higher dimensions and ultimately to the Divine Source.


Psychic’s Reading

Paul J. Dejillas

October 8, 2023 - BGC – Taguig

(English Translation-Original is mixed Tagalog and English)


The vicinity of Quiapo Church is the place where all kinds of readers congregate. But the most authentic to me and able to read one’s past and future accurately is temporarily stationed at the BGC.

She is very young, simple, unassuming, not money-driven, a millennial, and indigo I’m sure.

She gives advice on what to do and not what to do so as not to accumulate and pile up karmic debts. She knows me inside out. Reading my physical, mental, and spiritual life, I would rate her 95% accurate.

I chose psychic reading over palm and tarot.


The Psychic’s Reading


  1. Left-handed or right-handed?
  2. You have a Spirit Guide, an Archangel guiding and protecting you. Your Spirit Guide is saying that you maintain whatever medicine is prescribed to you by your doctor to strengthen your immune system at the same time. Whatever energy is in you will not totally manifest
  3. I see that you have back pain, manifesting in that sort. I see something inside your stomach. I don’t know whether it is your kidney or liver. I see that sometimes you experience an intense headache but it subsides, entirely gone.
  4. There is a negative energy that envelopes you as a result of what you have done in this lifetime or in the past. It is causing a negative karmic effect now. I don’t know if you’re Catholic or not. In order to cleanse this bad karmic effect, it’s much better that you pray, meditate, do some mantras, or offer whatever is causing this to whoever you have offended. At the same time, strengthen yourself physically, mentally, and spiritually. Ask for forgiveness for whatever negative you have done before. But you have done good deeds to cleanse the negative ones.
  5. I see that you will have a chance to experience some business undertaking. I see somebody who is with you in this new endeavor.
  6. I am also seeing two old friends of yours who intensely hate you, one a woman, the other a man. Whatever those heartaches are (not in the sense of a love relationship), it’s much better that you really have to let it go because it is part because it’s part of your past, otherwise you will never forget your past.
  7. It is also manifested in my reading that you will reconcile with your son; you will have a form of bonding or whatever.
  8. By December, you will have a lot of financial business undertakings.
  9. Travel is also manifesting by December or January.
  10. I see, I’m not sure though, that you will be selling a property but the one you are selling it to cannot afford to pay for it. Don’t sell your property to a fat Chinese because he or she will bargain with you for the lowest price (“babaratin daw ako”).

That’s all.

Recalling My Past Life

Paul J. Dejillas, Ph.D.

August 30, 2023


Recalling Past Life? Or Simply Dreaming and Hallucinating? Fact or Fiction?

Whatever it is, it’s okay with me.

Something baffles me until today. I have had this recurring dream since childhood until now. While looking down below, three of us were discussing something about a mission that needed to be done.

A volunteer was needed and we kept on looking at each other for a while, trying to assess what this meant. After a long period of silence, I volunteered to go down. So, we must have been somewhere unknown out there above.

The problem is when I became incarnated in my present body, I forgot my mission. Yet, the dream was lucid and kept on coming back almost daily and is still occasionally going on until now at regular intervals which made me reflect on it seriously.

Mission to do what? And who was I before I was born here?

I chronicled my experiences in my seven cosmic books just to know the progress I am going through in life. I consulted gifted individuals who were known or claiming to be star seeds, light bearers, indigo children, or reincarnations of somebody.

But the dream, or whatever it was, still kept on coming. There were times when I was visited at night by two individuals (must have been the two I was talking with up there) as if communicating something to me. But the message was always indecipherable when I woke up.

Then, I was given the experience and taste of the afterlife in the 5th dimension. It calmed me down and stilled my mind a bit but my search for my role and identity remains.

I admire those individuals who know that they are star seeds, light bearers, or indigo children, which many of you are (I know), but who are also still unaware perhaps of why they are here.

This is the first time I opened this very personal subject here in my timeline, impelled mainly of the interest and desire to let the public know that there are so many, even in my FB friends, who are star seeds, light bearers, indigo children, or angels coming from various universes, planets, and galaxies out there who are with us today.

Hallucinating, imagining, or science fiction designed to entertain?

But I know of some who have already gone ahead of me. To think that we are not one of them is really thought-provoking. Many are still around us today, constantly communicating with us on social media, here on my FB, and who are daily with us.

We might not be aware of their identity, because we are too engrossed perhaps with our own little world, thus, we have not really interacted with them deeply.

Yes, there are so many genuine, highly evolved individuals incarnating here with us at these trying times who can help broaden and deepen our awareness of our Self. But you have to know them yourself.

I know this because I already consulted some of them. And the effects of their revelation can be truly dramatic and life-changing.

But not everyone will consult others because they themselves already know who they are and what their mission is.