The Third Eye

The Third Eye Chakra

Paul J. Dejillas, Ph.D.

October 27, 2023


The Third Eye Chakra Can Unleash the Psychic Powers of our Real Self

These psychic powers include the French-worded spiritual clairs:

1. Clairaudience

2. Claircognizance

3. Clairvoyance

4. Clairsentience

5. Clairgustance

6. Clairolfaction

They can manifest in the following manner:

1. Levitation

2. Precognition

3. Psychometry

4. Pyrokinesis

5. Psychokinesis

6. Telekinesis

7. Aura reading

8. Divination

9. Empathy

10. Automatic writing

11. Intuition

12. Telepathy

13. Synchronicity

14. Serendipity

15. Glossolalia

Are these works of the devil, magic, and trickery? Or, are these preternatural gifts of the Holy Spirit?

Quantum physicists say these are normal occurrences in the world of atoms and that they can also happen in the macroscopic world since everything is made of atoms. They refer to them as bi-location, omnipresence, astral travel, time travel, quantum invisibility, quantum entanglement, and even re-embodiment or reincarnation.

The Catholic Church used to view paranormal phenomena with disdain, dismissing these as a form of witchcraft done by those who love to perform tricks and magic, which were considered then as works of the devil.

You may do your own independent research to know their meanings, uses, and value, and to learn how to tap their powers in trying to achieve the purpose you intend to achieve in this lifetime.

Yes, the Third Eye Chakra can unleash our psychic powers if we so desire.

You are already tapping some of these psychic powers. You can keep on using them for your own health and spiritual growth.

On your own initiative, you can develop other psychic powers cited above. They can be very effective in attaining very specific purposes like:

1. Strengthening our immune system

2. Realigning energy imbalances

3. Dissolving the physical and mental blocks in our system

4. Pursuing our mission with even more vigor

5. Repaying our karmic debts

6. Healing and caring for other sentient beings who are in dire need of help and assistance.

But we must hone these psi abilities of ours daily by being always conscious and alert of the messages downloaded on us from the higher dimension.

Psychic messages come to us unexpectedly especially when we are in the theta mode and when we are in a deep dream state at night. They have valuable messages to relay to us.

Let’s learn how to decode these messages by reflecting and meditating on them. They are usually given in the form of symbols, concepts, objects, or events like synchronicity, serendipity, and being suddenly transported into a higher dimension.

One can seek assistance from any genuine psychic, tarot, or palm reader. Others also use pendulums and crystals. I tried many, if not all of them.

Your pure inner voice and direct experience (unsoiled by any Christian guilt) will whisper to you (by way of gut feeling, intuition, synchronicity) who is genuine or fake.