We Are Human & Divine

We human beings are both physical and spiritual.

Paul J. Dejillas, Ph.D.

September 23, 2022


How do we know that we are more physical than spiritual?


Close your eyes for a few minutes (say, 5 minutes). Try to think of nothing. No images, no forms, no objects. If during those few 5 minutes you are always transported back to your past or forward into the future, then, you are highly physical, deeply attached to material things.

But if you are able to transcend beyond your past and future, if you’re able to shut yourself away from the disturbances around you, and stay in the state of nothingness and emptiness most of the time in those 5 minutes of silence, then you have crossed the boundary of the physical and have entered the realm of the spiritual.

You have left our four-dimensional world and have entered the 5th-dimensional level of life and existence, which is boundless and limitless. You have entered and merged with infinity and eternity. You have become infinity and eternity. Sustain this throughout your entire lifetime.

In this state of nothingness and formlessness, you are floating in the vastness of space in the company of your own Consciousness. It is this Consciousness that survives after your body dies. It is this Consciousness that will be with you on your deathbed. It is this Consciousness that leaves your body and abandons this physical world to wander aimlessly at first in the limitless expanse of the Cosmos. Call this your real Self, Spirit, or Soul, whatever you want to name it.

If your mind was agitated while in the process of dying if you were in a state of fear and shock, if you were confused and disoriented, not able to face death calmly and peacefully, this will be the state of your being when you leave this world.

After death, you might not leave this physical world at all, as in the case of those who have had a car accident or so. You might even think you’re still very much alive and might refuse to move on to the next realm. Death could be so sudden that you’re still deeply attached to your family, loved ones, and possessions. You’re not ready and willing to leave them yet. You still long and desire to be with them.

So, how physical or spiritual are you today?

This is something for each one of us to reflect on and ponder while we still have enough time to prepare. Try to close your eyes now and after that one 5-minute session, experience what it means to live in a higher dimension and to be in company with yourself.

Are you experiencing what it means to live in another dimension? What kind of experience are you experiencing?

Then, assess whether you’re more physical than spiritual or more spiritual than physical. Only you can judge yourself, not others. If, by your honest measurement, you’re more physical than spiritual, then, it will still take you several thousands or millions of lifetimes before you can reach that desired state of self-realization, unless you declare cold turkey that you want to attain that Self-Realization now, during the remaining years of your lifetime here on Planet Earth. If so, then, perform the exercise daily, and start now.

This is the idea behind the book “Exploring the Cosmos Within Me.”


INTRODUCTION: Journey to the Depths of Our Being and Becoming

1 - Breaking the Divide Between Science and Religion

2 - Imbibing the Cosmic Perspective

3 - Experiencing the Cosmos as Energy

4 - Decoding Cosmic Messages

5 - Harnessing the Power of the Human Energy Field

6 - Journeying into the World of Becoming

7 - Deepening Our Conscious Awareness

8 - Being Always Mindful of the Force That Gives Us Life and Existence

9 - Stirring the Dream of Humanity: Making Meaning and Purpose in Life

Summing it all Up: Moving on Forward in the Spring of Life

We Are Not Only Physical Bodies

Paul J. Dejillas, Ph.D. - June 5, 2022


Chimpanzees can’t write because they cannot communicate with their fellow chimpanzees in words and languages, which they have to scribble in pencil and paper.

The lower one goes down the ladder of evolution, the propensity to grow bigger becomes narrower and the choices to do so even lesser.

Conversely, the higher we humans ascend the stairs of evolution, the broader and deeper are our opportunities to become more than what and who we are. The more likely we have the potentialities to become super humans, even able to transcend time and space.

As we humans grow and mature, we acquire new faculties and power that can trigger the discovery of new skills and expertise.

The discovery of words and languages, for example, may emerge side-by-side with our ability to create symbols, concepts, and numbers that may convey meanings to other human beings and species.

Yet, we are not only material and psychosocial beings. We are not only physical composed of atoms and molecules governed by the laws of physics, logic, and causality.

We are not only bodies, brains, and minds. We are also paranormal beings, able to communicate with the invisibles and the unseen. In so doing, we begin to make productive use of our intuition, gut-feeling, creativity, premonition, and to become more conscious of synchronous and serendipitous events.

More so, we are spiritual and divine beings, regulated by an invisible energy or some cosmic forces that can even defy the laws of entropy and thermodynamics.

Our future maybe uncertain but only two things can happen to us. We can either rise up to other dimensions of existence or go tumbling down to lower levels of existence.

As many say: “We can evolve and we can devolve”. We can go up to become bigger and better than what and who we are today or we can go down to the level of animals.

Everything is possible. It’s our choice.

But note that whichever way we are going, no moral judgments are delivered. One path is not better than the other. Yet, we are still accountable for the consequences of our choices and actions. No exceptions. We have to account for them.

We are Embodied Spirits

by Paul J. Dejillas

May 9, 2022


We are made of clay and dust of atoms and molecules, directed by the laws of physics

But we are also spirits. Religion says that we are made in the likeness and image of God. Science says we are made of Energy in the tradition of Einstein’s mathematical formulation E=mc2. Energy has no mass. It is not solid. It is measured in terms of frequency and vibrational levels. The m in the equation stands for mass. It is solid, it has weight, size, and volume. But at its deepest level, m is energy and contains all the attributes of the E. It is not passive, but dynamic, moving at the speed of light, as expressed in the formula c2.

We are both body and spirit and the challenge is how, as embodied spirits, our body is able to live in the presence of the spirit as well as how the spirit in us is able to live being entombed or encased in a body.

We must learn how to live as both body and spirit. We must understand how our thoughts, feelings, visions, and behavior are affected by the interplay of both the body and the spirit.

Spirituality is not the fuga-mundi type where one abhors the body as something repulsive, cantankerous, inflicted with leprosy, something to be avoided by the people.

No, the body, like its subhuman kindred, is a creature of the spirit and the divine. It has all the ingredients to be God-like and divine. Spirits without bodies do not exist on earth in the same manner that bodies do not exist without the spirit.

The left hand is not more important than the right, in the same way that the right hand is not more important that the left hand. Our two hands, though unique and distinct, are designed for each other for a purpose. The have all the attributes of the spirit and the divine.

You cannot say “on the one hand” and “on the other hand”. In the cosmic perspective, if you hold them tightly together pointing upwards, there is only one hand. The same thing when you hold them together on your breast in a praying position.

We Are the Temples of God

Paul J. Dejillas, PH.D. - December 14, 2021


The Parable of the Sower and the Seed is found in Matthew 13:1–23, Mark 4:1–20, Luke 8:4–15 and the extra-canonical Gospel of Thomas, where Jesus tells of a farmer who sows seed indiscriminately. It is an allegory. It has hidden messages whose meanings are usually interpreted, in many ancient scriptures, by the elders, prophets, prophetess, magicians, oracles, or anybody known to be the messengers of their God, gods, goddesses, or idols.

We are told in Christian beliefs that the Parable of the Sower is about the Kingdom of God. The man represents God and the seed its message. The man also symbolizes each one of us since the Kingdom of God is within us. The seeds are the messages given to us. Just as the planted seeds start to grow, the word of God starts to deepen and grow within us. Some seeds fall on the ground and the ground could also be us.

Our soil could be rocky, a ground with little soil. Our soil could be full of thorns and weeds, unattended by the sower or gardener who is also us. Worse, our ground has no soil at all for the seeds to grow. Finally, our soil could be good and fertile. 

Whichever of the four types of soil we are, Satan is ever ready to snatch away and eat the growing seeds in us. The devil is like a thief in the night coming, as it always will, any moment of the day and night when we are not vigilant and most unalert. 

Yes, the seeds are hidden messages and information given to us in dreams or symbols, ideas, or events by our Creator that still need to be decoded. Today, our interpreters could be a priest, priestess, pastor, deaconess, a prophet, prophetess, psychologists, occultists, mediums, or anybody today claiming to be a messenger of God. Though full of imperfections, they are all instruments of God's messages. 

I say that the Parable of the Sower and the Seed is the most important parable, even more than the Sermon on the Mount. For how can we fulfill those teachings unveiled on the mount when the seeds in us are rotten, with Satan instead sitting on the throne within us.

We determine the failure or success of Christ as the Messenger of his Father in heaven. We determine whether or not we allow the light of the Holy Spirit to enter and dispel the darkness within us.

Our ability to till our garden will determine whether the Parable of the Sower and the Seed will be productive or not for us and for the entire humanity. Our proper understanding of the meaning of its messages will determine whether we are worthy of heaven, hell, or purgatory.

The Soul and Body

December 12, 2021


Each of us has a soul and body but, through delusion, we find ourselves mistaking the body from the soul. Thus, we often identify ourselves with the body.

But here's one common belief adhered to by science and many religious beliefs. The body moves and changes always, but the spirit is unmoved and never changes. The spirit is pure but the body is mired and stuck in dirt and mud.

The soul is everlasting, living in the fortress of omnipresence, impregnable, invulnerable to any effects of delusive vibratory change. But the body is often deceived by its senses. It is impermanent, never stationary and can never be alone in solitude and silence.

We are reminded that we are immortal, not open to any invasion of change or death even if it daily witnesses pains, sufferings, diseases, accidents, old age, and death.

We are also being reminded that we are made in the image and likeness of the Spirit and is thus ever calm, omnipresent, and eternal.

All of these distinctions become nought if we do not align ourselves with the laws and principles of the spirit. And this has been one of my fundamental concerns daily, as it has been in your case.

Our existence here on Earth is fleeting and impermanent.

Paul J. Dejillas, Ph.D. – August 15, 2021


We are just pilgrims here, passing by for varied reasons. The few rich and powerful think they own the world. They consider the poor a scourge and menace to society, even as an evil incarnate afflicted with a deadly leprosy or malignant tumor, whose sight and smell are unpleasant, odd, repulsive and whose lives need to be exterminated and vanished from the face of this Earth.

Yet, the poor, like us, feel like they're permanent settlers, not passers by. They don't realize they're imprisoned in their own respective teeny-weeny world unable to get out of their self-imposed detention cell.

The parolees and escapees are not much better off either because they live a fugitive's life and existence, hiding and always fearful of being caught by the long arm of the law.

Paradoxically, many are still able to enjoy the vim and vigor of prison life, where the only form of order is the law of the jungle. Their highest ambition is to be rich, famous, and powerful among their fellow poor and oppressed.

Their tool of existence is to annoy and enslave others as well as to be cruel and violent, just as what their masters did to them. This is their primary means of survival, their only stock--in-trade.

To achieve this delusory and imaginary vision, they strategize a plan, which is, of course, an illusion, but a probable possibility. They proclaim and broadcast this deceptive vision and wild fantasy in terms of stories to attract people and increase their followers and disciples. The story, of course, is a lie.

All that had to be done is to step into the lie and illusion and bring it to life. Once alive, what was once a possibility now becomes genuinely real. And they, as well as their followers and disciples, become real living in a flawless public facade masked with peace, harmony, and compassion but in reality hiding inside a Pandora's box of deception, violence, war, and injustices.

Yet, from a more distant perspective, the perpetrators and victims of an illusory reality are also part of the lie and illusion. The newly created world is an illusion, a lie. But the lie becomes true in an illusory world. There's no more distinction between what is true and what is a lie, no more distinction between what is genuine and what is fake.

So, this is how we describe our world today. Within reality is an illusion, within an illusion, reality and so on. Within truth is untruth, within untruth, truth and so on. Within existence, non-existence, within non-existence, existence and so on.

Within the body is the shadow, within the shadow, the body and so on. Within the observed, the observer, within the observer, the observed and so on. Within the genuine is fake, within fake, genuine and so on.

A confused and muddled identity, aggravating an already chaotic and violent world. What is worse is that we do not realize we are talking of ourselves and the world we are living in. And we cannot get out of our own eggshell if we

consciously and voluntarily want to make fools of ourselves.

How can we be the voice of St John the Baptist who cries in the wilderness, but whose sounds, like thunder reverberating at light speed, continue to echo far and wide to this day and into still many generations to come?

Sustaining our Physical, Mental, and Spiritual Health

Paul J. Dejillas, Ph.D. – June 29, 2021


Not so long ago, I was a regular weekend jogger, spending at least an hour a day. Then, I became a cycler, a motor biker, mountain trekker, whale diver, and an ocean snorkeler, having lived by the seashores for so long.

When my little world tilted a bit, the climate changed to winter. I tried snowboarding for fun but not for long. The climate became more insane, extremely hot plus this stupid coronavirus thing that's making even doctors and frontliners crazy, if not dead.

Now, I'm into stationary bike and treadmill. All this, in the name of workout to boost my immune system.

Physically, we get tired as we grew in age. The more we age, the more easily we get tired, no exceptions because our cells, molecules, tendons, muscles, tissues, and organs depreciate with time.

Once our physical body deteriorates, the mind suffers. Sooner or later, arthritis sets it. So with back pains, shoulder and neck pains, clogged arteries, diabetes, hypertension, you name it.

Mental illnesses begin to set in: depression, panic attacks, disorientation, amnesia, seizures, Parkinson's disease, atrophy, paralysis, even insanity.

And this deteriorating mental condition can have their tolling effects, that can be fatal on our physical body, aggravating in return our already poor mental condition. This goes on and on ad infinitum, until we finally expire and drop dead.

The average world life expectancy in 2020 was 72.63 years, a 0.24% increase from 2019. It differs depending on race, gender, culture.

Yet, let's be reminded that there are also many who are octogenarians, nonagenarians, centenarians, competing with each other for the oldest. In 2020, the oldest living human on record was 122 years old.

The simple rule, they say, is have more birthdays. The more birthdays you have, the younger, prettier, and handsomer you become.

With exercises, age can be reversed and organ failures prolonged. This is because physical exercises enhance our immune system. My exercise procedure is designed to balance my physical, mental, and spiritual energies, done in combination with meditation and yoga.

I'm doing all this light. I'm not a regular gym goer, lifting heavy weights, and other strenuous exercises. I only do stationary bike or treadmill for 15 mins. @ two times a week, while meditation and yoga are done daily.

Diet also helps. Your nutritionist should be able to provide you with a healthy regimen. My simple rule is that as long as you're not eating yourself, everything is fine. Maintain, at least, your ideal weight range. Don't go overboard. You'll trip down.

Keep tab of what you're eating. What we eat is what makes us. All the foods and drinks we take become our cells, tissues and organs. This is true with the air we breathe, the sounds we hear, the things we see, the objects we touch, the heat that goes into our body, as well as the thoughts and feelings that play in our mind.

That's why relaxation also helps. I find swimming, communing with the trees and plants, getting fresh air so relaxing. One most relaxing moment I had, pre-covid, was on a yacht, enjoying the scenery, at times trying my hands steering on its wheel.

Doing it in the high seas is no sweat, almost boring but exciting every moment as the ship plows the waves. Yet, swaying with the waves is like lulling myself to sleep in a hammock.

In these trying times, let's all keep some forms of exercise daily for our physical, mental, and spiritual health.

Remember that any sickness affects the entire person. It's a disease of the body, a disease of the mind, a disease that affects our morale and life that in turn degenerates the vitality of our spirit.

Today's conventional doctors cannot address this disease in a holistic way. They treat the effect, not the cause. They treat the symptoms as these are felt in the body and mind.

They prescribe medicines for the body, and another prescription for the mind, with the patient ending up swallowing tons of medicines into its body.

A genuine, holistic doctor should go to the pharmaceuticals tell them either to stop producing these conventional medicines or shift their approach by going naturopathic. But do pharmaceuticals really want to heal our ailments?

And yes, a mountain trekker. In one occasion, I was with the Faculty members of San Beda University-College of Arts and Sciences headed by Dom Clement, OSB, on the way to Puerto Princesa Underground River in Palawan.

The Appearance of Adam and Eve (Part 1)

Paul J. Dejillas, Ph.D.

December 2, 2017


Contemporary science views the appearance of humanity from the perspective of evolution. Physicists and biologists, for example, trace humanity’s origin from the primal string and atom.

Meanwhile, anthropology and archeology trace our origin back to the chimpanzees, referred to as the Hominoids, from which the genus Homo (Man) evolved.

Genetic research reveals that we humans carry with us 98% of the genes and DNA of primates. The remaining 2% is what makes us different from them.

The first to be discovered under the genus Homo were the Hominids which, after millions of years, evolved into Homo Erectus and Homo Sapiens.

Following the Darwinian theory of evolution, recent studies of our genetic history revealed that it was from the Homo Sapiens that the appearance of Adam and Eve can be traced.


These accounts of Science, however, are fraught with controversies. While many subscribe to these views, several unanswered questions still remain.

Physicists, for instance, could not yet explain the following questions:

How did the atoms and molecules combine to form cells, tissues, and other organs of the body? How did the molecules and cells know that they were intended for the heart, lungs, digestive systems, hands, feet, etc.?

What guided them to go into places where they are perfectly stationed now? Why are our eyes in front of our faces, not somewhere else? Or, why is our heart on the left part of our chest and not on the right? Why is our heart below our head?

Similar questions confront anthropologists and archaeologists.

How did the chimpanzees turn into humans? In particular, how did the primates become Hominids, Homo Erectus, and Homo Sapiens?

Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution through natural selection, random variation, and luck miserably failed to respond to these queries. At every stage of human development, there were always the “missing gaps” or “missing links" that to this day remain unsettled.


The Book of Genesis likewise lacks the needed details to explain the appearance of Adam and Eve, except the statement that God created Man as male and female on the sixth day (Genesis 1:26-28).

In the Sumerian legend, we are told that humanity was a product of a series of trial-and-error experiments that combined the sperm and egg cells of chimpanzees, Hominoids, Hominids, Homo Erectus.

This was how Adam and Eve were created. The process involved mixing the sperm of the male Homo Erectus and the egg cell of a goddess who also volunteered to incubate it in her womb.

It was in this manner that Adam was made into the image and likeness of the gods and goddesses. Adam was half-human and half-divine. Eve was said to have been created following the same procedure.

Many activities we now know to be connected with pregnancy and birth were recorded in the Sumerian legend.

For example, Adam was already on his 10th month inside the mother’s womb and had to be operated on because he was long overdue. The preparations were similar to this day, for example, the shaving of the hair, the gathering of all the equipment needed to open the womb of the goddess, the putting in of gloves, etc.

Adam was finally delivered by Caesarean operation and was presented to the Assembly of the gods and goddesses.

But there was one hitch. Adam and Eve could not yet procreate to have children. A long process of diagnosis ensued. In the end, the gods and goddesses found that the main reason was that Adam and Eve did not know how to do it.

Thus was the knowledge to procreate given to them. They had to make sexual contact. The offsprings, Cain and Abel, continue to carry with them the image and likeness of the gods and goddesses that Adam and Eve inherited.

When the human prototype was already perfected, a series of mass production followed. ###


(My next post: "The Lineage of Adam and Eve." We will trace the genealogy of the First Couple from the time of the Sumerians down to Moses, Abraham, Jesus Christ, and, finally, to our present generation.

From the family tree of Abraham and Hagar, we will trace the lineage of Ishmael down to the present.)


To Be Human or To Be Divine?

Paul J. Dejillas, Ph.D.

February 26, 2017


From our cosmic anthropological perspective, there are four sources of knowledge: (1) physical (messages from our bodily senses); (2) mental (from our thoughts, emotions, visions); (3) psychic (from discarnate spirits, angels, gods/goddesses, God); and (4) Consciousness (derived from our oneness and communion with the Divine).

Our evolution is not only in terms of physical development (horizontal) but also spiritual development (vertical).

Teilhard de Chardin envisioned evolution as a journey from the physical realm to the realms of hominization and divinization.

QP says our life journey is a continuing progression and ascent to the unknown and the divine, the Primal Energy that is the Matrix of Everything.

The Vedic writings say our life is a journey from the lower level of consciousness (physical, mental, psychic) to the highest level of Consciousness.

Psychics and occultists say that we came into this world as spirits and incarnated into a human body to be with creation, only to go back to where we came from after learning our lessons.

Such is the cosmic evolutionary journey fashioned for us by our Creator.

To be human is not worthwhile aspiring for. In fact, it is often used to justify and continue doing our misdeeds and wrongdoings: “To err is human,” “I am only human.” It has caused us today a lot of suffering and misery in this world.

Both Science and Religion teach that our ultimate aspiration is to be with the divine, to be united and one with the Ultimate Source of Everything.

Yes, we “came out” of this world but, more importantly, we also “came into” this world for a purpose.