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My video presentations are designed to explain who and what are, what our role is and the

future that lies ahead of us, seeking answers to these concerns from the perspective

of what the Cosmos unveils to us.  All of the photos are taken from various

sources. This video series are not intended for commercial purposes, 

but are mainly designed for educational purposes.

01 - (3370) 1-The cosmic perspective-1.wmv - YouTubeWhat is this cosmic perspective all about?

03 - (3370) 3-Before the big bang-3.wmv - YouTube. What caused the big bang? What was before the big bang? Whatever really lies beyond the big bang, what has all this got to do with our beliefs, behavior, and future, as well as our life and lifestyle.

05 - (3370) 5-The quantum perspective-5.wmv - YouTube. If our thoughts, feelings, and behavior are conditioned by the physical and chemical processes of our brain, how explain our experience of freedom to choose. Are we free to make our own choices? If so, to what extent? This part is an attempt to explain the issue of free will from the perspective of quantum physics or quantum mechanics. 

07 - (3370) 7-The God of Science-7.wmv - YouTube. Scientists have always been forced to deal with the issue of God's existence who, religious believers say, is the Creator of the Cosmos and everything in it. What is science's idea of God's existence and role in the Cosmos? Do scienticsts believe in God at all? If so, is their belief coincides with the God oof religion? This series presents the views of the world's leading scientists.

09 - (3370) 9-Extraterrestrial Beings-9.wmv - YouTube. By going beyond the Big Bang, scientists discovered the M theory which gives birth to the idea of a Multiverse. In so doing, scientists have avoided the conclusion that there is God. But can science evade the compelling evidence of an intelligent design which leads to the idea of an Intelligent Designer?

11 - (3370) 11-The Mental World-11.wmv - YouTube. Where are we heading towards? To the stars and galaxies out there? Or are we heading towards something beyond the physical and the invisible? Can our faculties tell us something about our destiny?

13 - (3370) 13-What is Cosmic Anthropology-13.wmv - YouTube. Once in a while, while alone at night or dawn, it could be spiritually refreshing and enriching to lift up our eyes to the heavens and the stars above us. 

15 - (3370) 15-The God of the Physicists - YouTube. Do physicists, cosmologists, and astronomers believe in a God? If so, what kind of God do they believe in? What is God's role and function in the universe? Does it continue to intervene in our lives? 

17 - (3370) 17-The Human Brain - YouTube. How does our brain differ with that of animals? How does an adult brain differ with that of an infant or toddler? What's in our brain that makes us humans? What makes us humans smarter than animals? How does our brain really work? Can it really perceive external stimuli as they are in the outside world?

19 - (3370) 19-The Human Mind - YouTube. The human mind is a great marvel and mystery. It is the world of thoughts, emotions, desires which have an existence of their own that may be outside the physical brain but yet very much related to brain. But how are thoughts and emotions formed and how these influence our behavior?

21 - (3370) 21-Is there a self who am I - YouTube. What is the Self? Who am I? What's the difference between the self and the ego? Should we totally remove our ego? What role does the ego play in our life?

23 - (3370) 23-Is freedom an illusion or is it real - YouTube. Is our free will an illusion? Or, is it real? In what way is our free will an illusion or real? Is it possible perhaps that we are both free and determined? Or is this also an illusion?

25 - (3370) 25-Is the spirit world real - YouTube. Is the spirit world real? Who dwells in the spirit world? How did the spirits come about? What do science and religion say about the spirit realm? Does the spirit realm affect us and our physical world?

27 - (3370) 27-Who Rules Your Life? Your Conscious or Subconscious Mind? - YouTube. It is commonly accepted that a human mind has two parts -- the conscious mind and the unconscious mind. Scientists show that we use both of them but that one is generally more dominant and powerful than the other. The more dominant mind rules our behavior and our relationship with Nature and each other. But who really governs your life? Is it you? Is it your conscious mind or unconscious mind? Or, maybe, you simply don't know. Know more about yourself!

Journey Back in Time

Paul J. Dejillas, Ph.D. – July 27, 2022

Journey to the unknown can be mind-boggling and breath-taking. Yet, it's good to lack back in time before everything--the atoms, molecules, the stars, galaxies, and all living creatures appeared. Knowing what was there even even before time, space, and gravity could perhaps give us a better understanding of who we are, why we are here, and what our role in the entire cosmic landscape is.

02 - (3370) 2-The macrocosmic perspective-2.wmv - YouTube. The large-structure of the universe has so much to offer in terms of understanding our nature, beliefs, thinking, feelings, behavior and actions as well as our relationship with our environment and each other. Here's one view of humanity from the perspective of the large Cosmos. It could be relevant and meaningful to us, regardless of our field of academic discipline and specialization.

04 - (3370) 4-The microcosmic perspective-4.wmv - YouTube. The world of the microcosmos is the atomic world, the world of the electrons, protons, neutrons, quarks, leptons, and strings engaged in a dynamic and continuing transformation of energy and particles.

06 - (3370) 6-The grandeur of the cosmos-6 - YouTube. This part of the video presentation is a continuing attempt to explain what Cosmic Anthropology is all about taking off from the inputs discussed in the previous series. All of the photos are taken from various sources in the Internet. This video series is not intended for commercial purposes and mainly designed for my students who are residing in various parts of the globe.

08 - (3370) 8-The origin of life-8.wmv - YouTube. The main source is lifted from the series "Unlocking the Mystery of Life" of the IllustraMedia. The 12-part series presents one of the most compelling biological evidences indicating the strong presence of intelligent design in the Cosmos. Lifted are only those portions which give the basis to raise the question: "Can we infer from the mystery of life's origin the existence of a Creator or God?"

10- (3402) 10-Man's mysterious origins-10.wmv - YouTube. How was Adam created? How about Eve? Who really are we humans? Were we created by God as the Hebrew bible narrates? Or did we appear on Earth merely by coincidence and the change merger of atoms? Did we evolved from the chimpanzees? How did we evolve on this Earth? 

12 - 12-Our future and destiny-12.wmv - YouTube. What is our future and destiny? Where is our civilization heading towards? Will we be following the footsteps of our ancient ancestors? Science tries to address these most fundamental questions of our life.

14 - (3370) 14-A Glimpse of Our Future - YouTube. Where are we heading towards? While it could still be uncertain, science is showing us a glimpse of our future that would take us to the Moon, Mars, and even beyond. 

16 - 16-Can we rely on our five senses - YouTube. Our senses are windows through which we perceive our external world. But can they be totally relied upon? Can we say that what we perceive through our senses are accurate representations of the reality outside of us? 

18 - (3370) 18-Are You Left Brained or Right Brained - YouTube. Human beings have two brains -- the left brain and the right brain. They both have their distinct functions and job descriptions. Research shows that we tend to prefer one brain over the other and because of this, conflicts arise not only within us but also in society. Are you left brained or right brained? Are you a mix of both? 

20 - (3370) 20-Where did our consciousness come from - YouTube. What is this thing we call "consciousness?" What is its origin? Where did it come from? Did it evolve from the brain? Or, did it come from somewhere out there? What's its importance and relevance to us humanity and the world around us?

22 - (3370) 22-Are we free or predetermined - YouTube. What is free will? Are we free or are we predetermined from the very beginning? If we are already predestined, then, what's the meaning of life?

24 - (3370) 24-Are paranormal events real - YouTube. What are paranormal events? Are they real? What are examples of paranormal phenomena? How did they come about? Do they affect us and our physical world?

26 - Are you spiritual or religious? Are you spiritual or religious? Maybe both? What does it mean to be a spiritual person? What's the difference between the two?