Online Trading Workshops

If you want to learn more about online trading, attend our Basic Seminar on “Investing in Mutual Funds and Trading Stocks Online,” where participants get online experience on selecting the best mutual funds, hottest stocks, preparing a watch list, organizing and analyzing stock charts on screen, opening an account, and actual opening/monitoring/closing a trade. For our Advanced Seminar, we discuss topics about Options Trading and Foreign Currency Trading. Don't hesitate to communicate with us should you be interested to attend our seminars  Seminar-Workshops on Accessing Cosmic Abundance are only held during semestral breaks.


  1. The Basics of Investments
  2. Three Types of Investments
  3. What are Mutual Funds
  4. How to invest in Mutual Funds Online
  5. How to Select Your Stocks
  6. How to Organize Your Chart
  7. How to Analyze Your Chart
  8. How to Determine Market Trends
  9. When to Buy, Hold, and Sell a Trade
  10. How to Open an Online Trading Account
  11. How to Place Orders Online
  12. How to Monitor Your Traded Stocks



Joan Tenda, Ph.D., UNCHR-LA, USA.

“Trading stocks and options online is an experience of mostly making the best choice of potential gains/profits through understanding common patterns of the stock-market technicalities. It is an experience of free choice and having a lot of it at the same time one is controlled by personal values related to money.

“Trading options online is ruled by Universal/Cosmic laws (e.g., gravity, attraction, abundance). It makes use of cosmic patterns, language, and behavior. It considers our global realities since everything in the Cosmos is interconnected and we are all ONE.

"Knowledge and responsible participation in online trading is a powerful tool to which one can capitalize for greater purpose. All this, I could not have learned had I not attended Dr. Paul's seminar in Makati and here in the U.S.A. through his online education seminar.” 

Tony Ingles, Ph.D., Tony Ingles, Ph.D., CSBE-DLSU.

“Never did I think I could be learning how to trade stocks online. But I did it smoothly by just attending a seminar-workshop conducted by Dr. Paul. Not only this, I gradually found out that it can also be greatly rewarding and empowering financially if one trades religiously by the rules, e.g. setting a profit limit, buying stocks that conform to one's beliefs, avoiding fear and greed, etc.

“After having mastered enough knowledge and skills, I bought 100 shares of JAS at $32.22/share and another 100 shares of UNH at $29.74/share. As of Feb. 8, 2010, JAS increased to $37.24 while UNH grew to $32.83, or a $810.00 gain. Real cool!”

Boni Comandante, Ph.D., Scientist, Sleeping Fish Inventor.

“The seminar provided skills training on the use of indicators, choosing the most profitable stocks, buying, holding, and selling shares. Interpretation of graphs, candlesticks, and moving averages was part and parcel of the learning.

"It begins with the understanding of one's life goals, drawing a game plan, and being a part of a group that shares a collective consciousness.

“I have tested the concept by doing virtual trading. I set my goal to 20% profit and 5% loss. The beauty of it all is being able to do online trading without any outside help. You must be in the seminar to appreciate more. This online trading seminar can really be a gateway to a more dependable resource base.”

Ava Gonzales, Ph.D., Editor, Writer, Author.


“I have always heard about people making money off the stock market but never took it seriously since I never felt as confident dealing with numbers as I am with words. But that all changed after I listened to Prof. Dejillas a year ago.

"The charts and graphs filled with numbers and lines that I once found intimidating are slowly starting to make sense. Using techniques he himself developed over the years, I find it possible to imprint my own values on the stock market and yet make a profit at the same time.

“Each business transaction is imbued with a deeper meaning so that it becomes more than just a money-making activity. I try to invest in eco-friendly companies and am constantly on the lookout for food companies that are aligned with my lifestyle.

"I admit there is still so much for me to learn and look forward to launching actual trade, but thanks to Prof. Dejillas, for the first time in a long while, numbers and learning have become fun--not to mention profitable as well.”

Sheila Viesca, Ph.D., AIM, CEO, Talk Shop.


“After learning the basic knowledge and skills of online trading, what I really like most is that l now learn how to analyze the performance of a stock.

"I know why a stock is going up, down, or oscillating in the past. I can connect its performance with what is happening in the industry or sector, in the world economy, and even in world politics.

"From this, I can draw a picture of how it will perform in the next few days or weeks. Learning how to read candlestick patterns, moving averages, and volume of trading also helps me to decide which stocks from my watchlist I can buy within the next few days.

"There are, of course, other buying and selling indicators that can reinforce my interpretation, some of which include slow stochastics, MACD, and Williams %R, which I still have to master and include in my analytical kit. The seminar-workshop is indeed highly recommended!”

Paciano B. Ferrer, Ph.D. (cand.)

“The seminar is a dream come true. For more than a decade I've been obsessed with learning the skills in the stock market.

"Now that I am equipped with basic skills on how to trade particularly stocks by subjecting them to technical and fundamental analysis I am excited to hone this newly acquired talent initially for virtual trading but ultimately for real trading soon.

“The workshop opened another door for accessing the abundance of the cosmos and perhaps redirecting my personal plans for the future. Most importantly the principles and beliefs embedded in that workshop were valuable tools needed as I entered into the consumerist and materialistic values of the stock market.

"I am also deeply thankful that our guru Dr. Paul continued to provide guidance and wisdom through the forum to further enhance our skills. We need a guiding star as we continue our evolutionary journey in this world.”

Fr. George Kallumkal, Ph.D., India

“I did not know anything about the stock market until I attended the seminar-workshop of Dr. Paul in October 2008. The training was very informative, practical, and very useful. It helped me to familiarize stocks that are most promising, and even know their history and performance over a given period of time.

“I learned which stocks to trade, which ones to keep in my portfolio, what stocks to buy and sell. And to think that I am doing this online with my computer is really amazing. I am not even a computer expert.

"I am still into virtual trading but I have already earned an accumulated profit of more than $10,000. As a busy person, I do online trading only once a week.”

Tina Francisco, Ph.D. (cand.).

“The seminar on "Trading Stocks Online" taught me how to be an alert trader. It took out the guesswork by educating us when and how to buy and sell our stocks. I learned some techniques such as reading 'candlestick patterns and behavior' which helped in analyzing trends about a stock's performance and warned us when it's time to pull out.

Additionally, I learned how to select stocks of companies that don't degrade the environment and those that promote life, knowledge, gender sensitivity, diversity, health, and well-being.”

Mary Grace Mercado, Ph.D., DLSU-Lipa.

“I did not realize that there is so much abundance in the Cosmos. After two sessions, I learned the basic skills of how to access this cosmic abundance.

"The seminars taught me the basic stock market lingo, introduced me to trading stocks online, oriented me to some fundamental and technical analyses as well as to several analytical tools in trend following and forecasting through the use of software that makes possible the charting of prices in candlestick formation accompanied by moving averages, slow stochastics, volume, and many more.

“My boys are learning fast. My younger son is the one that reminds me always of the movement of our stocks and I am so happy with that. Thank you so much Sir Paul for sharing with us the blessings which God had bestowed upon you. I and my two boys will certainly continue attending your future seminars.”

Baby del Mundo, Ph.D. (cand.), WIN.

“The initial sessions have opened a whole new world of opportunities, including the knowledge of how to analyze market trends, when is a good time to buy or sell when to be extra cautious, and many more.

"An added bonus is the excitement of the 'virtual trading' experience, wherein we get to be actually involved in online trading and in monitoring how our virtual funds are performing in real-time.”

Nina Lojo, Ph.D. (cand.), Management Consultant

“The sessions have opened a whole new world of opportunities for my future by giving me the needed knowledge and expertise on how to analyze market trends, when is a good time to buy or sell my stocks, when to be extra cautious, and many more.

"An added bonus is the excitement of the virtual-trading experience wherein I get to be actually involved in online trading and in monitoring how our trades are performing, all in real-time. Certainly, the seminars are highly recommended!”