Our Multilayered Cosmos

Are We Alone in the Entire Cosmos?

January 7, 2022


Our Milky Way galaxy contains more than 50 billions of Earth-like planets, not counting the number of planets existing in billion trillion habitable planets (80^18) in the early Cosmos. And many more are emerging daily.

If we we're the only inhabitants, we can exclaim with Carl Sagan: "What a waste of time, space, and resources." It is safe to assume that there are aliens and alien life out there. We are not alone in the entire cosmic landscape. We are not special. There are alien life out there that appeared even billions of years ahead of us, with much advanced intelligence, technology, and civilization.

It's more terrifying to imagine if there are no alien life out there. For what is something special in us that we are selected to be the only species inhabiting this vast Cosmos? Imagine the great responsibility placed on us to keep not only this planet Earth clean, safe, and peaceful, but also those trillions of planets out there! And we are not doing it! Instead, we are fighting against each other for power, prestige, and wealth.

Science explores alien life in order to populate the many worlds out there. That's why its preparing for our eventual interplanetary and intergalactic travel to inhabit those planets beyond our Solar System, in fulfillment perhaps to God's admonition in the Bible to go, multiply, and populate the universe.

Our galaxy alone is estimated to house millions of these habitable planets, many of which lie near our Solar System. Our exploration into space and time have been successful and productive. We have already identified hundreds of life-sustaining planets out there similar to ours. Our efforts were not wasted.

Nevertheless, we have barely started. It may take hundreds or thousands of years before we can finally seed our life on other planets. Through thorough research and study, we can do it already with plants and one-celled bacteria. It will take another thousands of years of experimentation to study how this simple life-giving species can survive and sustain their lives for hundreds and thousands of years.

It would take another millions of years before we can finally inhabit these planets in our present form, as what happened to our planet Earth 3.7 billion years ago. There is a way to fast track all of these. We have sent ahead of us humanoids or humanized robots able to survive space in extreme conditions. Through the information and messages they relay back to us, we can be more prepared and equipped before we finally settle ourselves out there.

All these efforts to populate other planets is not without any noble reasons. Our planet Earth is nearing its final extinction. Sooner or latter, our Sun will either explode in a fiery big bang or freeze.All living species may be scorched and suffocated by poison gases and toxic atmosphere. Even before it happens, humanity, with all its footprints, has long been gone. Solar explosion or supernova is a natural phenomenon. It has been happening trillions of times in the past. It is happening today and will continue to happen in the future.

Humanity has to continue to exist uninterrupted. As a preparation, we will have to look inside ourselves and examine the things we will carry with us and things we will leave behind, given the lessons we have learned on this planet Earth.

Shall we stick to our dogmatic beliefs that have caused us so much troubles and violence and continue to preach our religion out there? Shall we carry our political badges to continue fighting each other, killing one another during electoral races? How do we filter ourselves so that the world we expect to inhabit out there is better, even much better than we can possibly imagine?

This is a fight between good and evil, which is necessary for us on Earth to learn our lessons. But I believe the place out there where we are destined to live is free from polarities and dualities, unless we have not learned our lessons and choose to regress and go down to a planet where pains and sufferings are more acute and intense. This is part of our vast cosmic wilderness.

These are just some of my thoughts intended to tickle our minds and scratch our backs. But they are absolutely necessary since they concern our future. They concern knowing ourselves and experiencing who we really are and who we might become. And the answer is out there in distant space and time.


Our Multidimensional Cosmos

June 19, 2022


3-D beings normally cannot see 4-D entities. Others may be able to see 4-D beings if the latter allow themselves to be seen. But, as Carl Sagan would say, 3-D beings would see them as ghosts and would thus be scared and frightened. To avoid this unwholesome encounter, 4-D beings would have to appear as 3-D entities in every way and aspect. Take the case of the chimpanzees, for example.

If humans would wish to commune with them, they must think, feel, behave, and live the way chimpanzees do and their families live. Otherwise, if humans surprise them with their unexpected and sudden appearance, the chimpanzees would be scared and would run away, never to be seen again. More courageous primates would even confront humans violently just to protect their turf and families.

We, 4-D species, must become one with the chimpanzees so that we will be accepted as one of them. If we are able to perfectly fit into their ways, gradually, they would not even notice that we really come from another dimension. This is one concrete way of showing our love and respect with animals.

Ignoring them, as if they don’t exist at all, would be the most abominable and despicable act we can show to them. We could be accountable for this in the future or this could even boomerang on us violently in some dreadful forms.

Similarly, we, 4-D beings, will not normally see those in the 5-D realms. There are rare cases where some individuals are able to see them in a flash, passing by at the corner of their eyes. Others would even experience a strong feeling of some kind of entities behind or around them.

Indeed, as we say time and again, we are not the only ones living in the Cosmos. There are other beings living with us. They are invisible and undetectable to our physical senses. But they are with us, sharing with us the abundance and resources of this world we live in.

They are with us sharing the same time and space we are occupying. They could be everywhere. They could just be beside us or passing through us as we are watching our favorite shows in Netflix. They are generally referred to as spirits or extraterrestrials. They could be living in a dimension higher than us, i.e., 5-D realm, or even higher. Just as we commune with the chimpanzees, 5-D entities would have to be welcome in our world. They must be one with us in all ways. They must look like us, talk like us, eat the food we eat, adapt our ways, and live like us. They must feel the pain and suffering we experience daily and able to empathize with others.

There must not be any physical sign showing that they come from another planet or other dimensions out there, although, at their own risk, they could talk to us about a world beyond our 4-D world. But we, 4-D entities, are simple people. Over the years, we have learned to accept the fact that we will join our ancestors in another world after we cross over to the next dimension, even as we acknowledge the fact that the spirits of our ancestors have always been with us while we’re still physically alive to protect and guide us in life.

Is there a possibility that we come back to Earth after we cross over to the next life?

“Powers of Ten” for the Cosmic Lovers

January 17, 2022


While number 13 has its magic charm, so does number 10. But one has to be a passionate lover of the cosmos to appreciate and be captivated by its charm and power.

The “Powers of Ten” films are two short American documentary films written and directed by Charles and Ray Eames. Both works depict the relative scale of the Universe according to an order of magnitude based on a factor of ten.

This classic film takes us on an adventure starting at a picnic by the lakeside in Chicago, then transports us to the outer edges of the universe.

Every ten seconds we view the starting point from ten times expanding out from the Earth until our own galaxy is visible only as a speck of light among many others, then reducing inward until a single atom and its quarks are observed.

The film begins with an overhead view of a man and woman picnicking in a park at the Chicago lakefront on a blanket surrounded by food and books they brought with them. The woman starts to read one of the books.

The viewpoint then slowly zooms out to a view 10 meters across. The zoom-out continues to a view of 100 meters where they are shown to be in Burnham Park, near Soldier Field, where we see the entirety of Chicago, and so on, increasing the perspective and continuing to zoom out to a field view of 1024 meters, then to a view of 100 million light years across.

The camera then zooms back in at a rate of a power of ten per 2 seconds to the picnic, and then slows back down to its original rate into the man's hand, to views of negative powers of ten, and so forth, to the point of revealing a skin cell and zooming in on it—until the camera comes to quarks in a proton of a carbon atom.

My Reflections:

We are only a speck of creation, one among so many living creatures residing in a Cosmos that houses billions and trillions of planets and stars and another billions and trillions of galaxies out there whose diameter spans more than 300 billion light years and located trillions of light years away from us.

As Carl Sagan once said: "Who are we? We find that we live on an insignificant planet of a humdrum star lost in a galaxy tucked away in some forgotten corner of a universe in which there are far more galaxies than people."

This cosmic view of Man is a humbling one. We are not the lord of the universe. Something is Lording over us.

We are connected and related to each other in a most intimate way; we are one and united with each other and all sentient beings, because we are children of the same cosmic parentage.

“Can we still recognize ourselves as we transform from one sphere to another?”

Paul J. Dejillas, Ph.D. – May 8, 2021


The nature of reality is that it is structured in spheres, also referred to as layers, dimensions, or realms. Imagine yourself fishing on the deep ocean seas. The world you are in is one sphere.

The world underneath the ocean is another sphere. The fish and other living creatures beneath do not know that there is another realm above the ocean’s surface.

You are living in a 4-D world, as we all are. But there is also a 5th dimension, a sphere higher than our 4-D world. In the 5th dimension, everything is laid down in one continuum.

Below it is the 4th dimension, where 5-D entities see events laid down in an instant. They see the past, present, and future at once. From their vantage point of view, there is no concept of time, space, and matter.

To paraphrase the question of Gina: “If we, 4-D species, are able to go to the 5th dimension, can we still recognize ourselves?"

First of all, let's assume that while on Earth, we know who we are: we are not the brain and mind for they too die with our body. We are not the thoughts, feelings, aspirations for they too die with our body.

Who are we then? Who is this we call “I” or “Self”?

For me, it is Consciousness (with capital “C” to distinguish it with science’s term “consciousness” with small letter, which scientists commonly believe resides in the mind and is dependent on the operations of the mind and the brain for its existence.

I believe that Consciousness is a 5-D entity that enters the 4-D world at a certain evolutionary process when the physical body was ready for it. It is characteristically a spirit or soul since it is not something physical or material. It has no weight, height, size, and dimension.

When Consciousness entered the body, the new species becomes human. We can now say that we humans are an embodied spirit. Each of us consists of a material body and a pure spirit. When our body dies, therefore, we still certainly recognize our own Consciousness.

But this is not always the case. If, during its earthly life, we identify ourself with the brain and the mind, and, like mainstream scientists, believe that our consciousness dies with the mind, then, that's our end. There's no life after death.

Studies on near-death-experiences (NDEs), however, abound, testifying that Consciousness survive even if the patient has already been declared clinically dead. Scientists who experience NDE were even surprised to tell us that there is indeed life after death and that the 5th dimension is very real.

It will be up to the readers, of course, to digest this for themselves. This is not a matter of science or religion. We cannot just leave this matter to them. Our relationship with our Creator is something very personal.

Based on my transcendental experience, I know myself as a 4-dimensional entity with innate faculties and power to be in the 5th dimension of existence, as we all are (try meditation and yoga).

At the same time, I am a five-dimensional entity encased in a four-dimensional body. I am both four-dimensional and five-dimensional. This does not mean that I have two personalities.

It simply means that, as an entity living in this 4-D world, my essence as a human being is that I am both body and spirit. There can be no room for a dichotomy.

I am an embodied spirit. I am a body infused and moved by the spirit. I engulf the spirit even as the spirit envelops me. I always try to be conscious and aware of this every moment of the day. I know I can do this because I am Consciousness.

I am aware that Earth is not my final abode. I'm going back to my original home. It's in the 5th or even higher dimension that I belong, as I believe we all are.

I'm just a traveler, a pilgrim here whose purpose is, to me, to learn what it means to live in a physical body. And I must learn my lessons here, rather than regret it later in the hereafter.

I have only answered the first question. For lack of space, I will respond to the second question tomorrow.

Our Multilayered Cosmos

November 22, 2017


The concept of a multi-layered Cosmos is very common among ancient beliefs. The number of layers, however, varies.

For example, in the Aristotelian and Ptolemian Cosmology, the Earth is surrounded by ten concentric spheres that revolve around it.

The tenth sphere is "The Kingdom of Heaven, the Abode of God and of the Elect" (English translation for the “Latin “Coelum Empirium Habitaculum Dei”).

This 10-layered view of the Cosmos is also a central teaching in the Buddhist Cosmology.

Other ancient beliefs give a six- or seven-layered arrangment of the Cosmos.

In the Biblical Cosmology, we see only a three-layered stratification, which is very common not only among the ancient Israelite and Hebrew cosmologies but also in the Hindu teachings (Bhagavad Gita, 9:21).

These are: (1) Heaven, considered as the abode of God; (2) Earth, the abode of the humans; and (3) Hell (or Underworld and the Deep Bottomless Sea), which is the abode of the dead.

Science likewise believes that there are so many space-time dimensions out there. The String theory theorizes that there are 10 space dimensions and one time dimension, or a total of 11 dimensions.

Recent discoveries already reveal that there are millions of universes out there that could be inhabited by extraterrestrial entities possessing knowledge, skills, technologies, and civilizations that are much more advance than ours.

While it is not clear who are residing in the universes out there, contemporary Science has already identified seven types of extra-terrestrial civilizations based on how their technologies are able to harness the amount of energy available around them.

It is good to bear in mind, however, that there is only one Cosmos. Outside it, there is absolutely nothing.


In all this, what is this multi-dimensional Cosmos trying to convey to us in terms of our fundamental concerns? Who or what are we in the entire cosmic design? Are we destined to live out there for all eternity? What is that mission that the Cosmos has set for us from the beginning? How about our future here on Earth?

Your answers are as good as mine.