The Spirit Cosmos

Is the Spirit World Real?

May 28, 2020


The spirit dimension of our four-dimensional Cosmos is another contentious subject, but which is now gaining more space and attention in the discussions, studies, and laboratory works of modern scientists. Science has recently introduced us to the idea of the presence of extra dimensions, worlds that are beyond our four-dimensional world of time and space. This realm is described by science as the world of vibrating strings and membranes that can continually create new universes. Science has discovered already 11 extra dimensions, and some physicists even advance, that there could be an infinite number of them exhibiting infinite number of sizes and shapes. Their detection is made possible because of String Theory, which later developed to become the M Theory. These two theories led to the shocking discovery there exists parallel universes beyond our physical world. Because of this, we, human beings, are believed to be no longer living alone in the universe. The concept of universe has become, multiverse.

The extra or metaphysical dimension of the Cosmos is totally invisible to us and, as science theorized, there are indications, that they are populated by extraterrestrial life and extraterrestrial beings, whose civilizations are much, much advance and higher than ours. Because of this theory, science now talks of space travel, time travel, wormholes, building space machines and space stations, creating life, and even entertains the idea that UFOs are intergalactic space ships maneuvered by extraterrestrial beings whose knowledge of our Cosmos is such that they could travel faster than time.

Like the physical and mental worlds, the psychical and spirit dimensions of our Cosmos are governed by forces, laws, principles, and which some even refer to it as the “Conscious and Intelligent Mind,” "The Matrix of All Matter," “Intelligent Designer,” or God but which, nonetheless, are still to be discovered by humanity through mathematics - the language of science. What are these forces or who are these entities? How do they operate? And how do these forces or entities influence humanity’s beliefs and actions? This is indeed another enticing subject of study which can be initially approached from the perspective of the natural sciences.