Recent Cosmic Theories

The Evolution of History and the Mind

by Paul J. Dejillas

May 9, 2022


Our concept of time and history varies from time to time. As Catholics, we have our own mindsets of who God is in history and time.

The new-Darwinian evolution is based on natural selection, survival-of-the-fittest, luck, accidence, and is random. But it cannot explain so many gaps and missing links. How did the Neanderthals become Homo sapiens? How did the Homo sapiens become Homo sapiens sapiens? How did the Homo sapiens sapiens become us modern humans? How did we modern humans become travelers and able to journey beyond our planet, suns, moons, Solar system, stars, and galaxies?

How did the Egyptian civilization become the Greek civilization, the Roman civilization, the African civilization, Russian, Chinese, European, and American?

There are so many gaps which the Darwinian theory cannot explain.

. There are so many theories propounded, but none is still accepted as the most plausible theory. Science is still looking for the Theory of Everything or the Grand Unified Theory.