Spirituality & Religiosity

Spirituality Is Not for Sale

May 24, 2023


If spirituality “were a thing that money could buy, then, the rich would live and the poor would die.” Then, heaven would just be filled with rich people. The rich on Earth would be assured that all their troubles would soon be over.

There were many places I visited run by Christians, Catholics, Buddhists, Hindi, Islam, and indigenous peoples, where I attended retreats, recollections, lectures, or energy healings without them charging me a cent.

Places like these are worthwhile emulating. They send a clear message to humanity. Spirituality is not for sale. But this is not always the case. Many today are charging exorbitant fees for attending their spiritual conferences. They flood us with their so-called miraculous healings and sacramental services and advertise themselves over the mainstream and social media.

They’re now millionaires and billionaires, living in plush houses, owning jumbo jets and Cadillacs with willing servants ready to serve them and kiss their hands, yet claiming to be God’s messengers and pastors, while dancing with outrageous Kings, Queens, Prince, Princess, and politicians for purposes of protection.

One cannot help but be suspicious of these numerous “spirituality-for-sale” gatherings proliferating today. Yes, we hear too often the oft-quoted standard corporate cliché that they need money to sustain their vision, mission, and goals (VMG) to continue spiritualizing the world.

If they cannot sustain their VMGs without pestering their followers for pledges and donations, then, pure and simple, they are in big business for scamming people, even tax free.

Yes, spirituality is not for sale otherwise only the rich can enter the kingdom of heaven.

What is the Difference Between Spirituality and Religiosity

August 30, 2020


Spirituality is the quality of being concerned with the soul instead of secular and mundane things. It is based on faith. It involves the recognition of a feeling, sense, or belief that there is something greater than meets our eyes. It is anchored on the belief on somebody or something divine and that, as human beings, we are in the process of becoming divine.

From the cosmic perspective, we are not only ordinary creatures made of clay. We are also spiritual beings, divine, created as we are by a divine being(s).

Religiosity stems from a specific set of organized beliefs and practices, usually shared by a community or group. It emphasizes on the observance and application of these beliefs on one’s everyday life (like going to mass, praying the rosary). It is something ulterior, outside, external.

Spirituality is focused on the process of becoming attuned to one's inner self. It is the state of having a personal connection with God or the spirit world. It is something interior, within. 

But they can be interconnected. Religiosity can be driven by spirituality and vice versa. Spirituality can be inspired by religiosity.