The Nicene Creed

The Nicene Creed From the Perspective of Science and Religion

May 24, 2007


The Nicene Creed can be rewritten from the perspective of both Quantum Physics and Religion. I am reposting it here because of its relevance to our discussions in the past few days. Take it if it resonates with your beliefs and your life journey. Ignore it if it does not mean anything to you while respecting others who subscribe to this belief.



I believe in One God: 

   (1) the Creator of the Cosmos and everything in it. 

   (2) the Source of the Force and Energy that gives life to everything and the same Source that regulates its motion.

   (3) the Creator of every living species-- insects, plants, and animals, including us humans.

I believe in one God who reveals Itself through various means of mass communications:

    (1) Through art, paintings, hieroglyphs, cylinder seals, ancient writings;

    (2) Through natural events and calamities – earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, typhoons, floods;

    (3) Through the grandeur of Its creations – trees, lakes, caves, forests, rivers;

    (4) Through chaos, order, simplicity, and complexity;

    (5) Through stories, legends, myths, fables as told by our ancient ancestors;

    (6) Through sacred writings and scriptures handed down from one generation to another;

    (7) Through Its messengers and prophets;

    (8) Through dreams and revelations; and

    (9) Through science and technology.

I believe in one God who incarnates Itself into this world to make Itself known to humanity and to give us the opportunity to learn what it means to live and experience God in our lives.

I believe that there are so many paths that can lead to our salvation as shown in the examples of Krishna, Buddha, Jahweh, Muhammad, Jesus Christ, and the Gods and Goddesses of our ancient ancestors.

I believe that God created us humanity in its own image and likeness for a definite purpose which is to be ultimately united with It and to partake in Its love, divinity and power.

That we are created with a free will to give us the opportunity to decide every moment of our life whether we want to be with God or not.

That I am also aware of other religious sects that profess the same belief in God labelled as Creator of the Cosmos and everything in it and by Science as as the Primordial Energy, the Intelligent Designer, the Matrix of Everything, the Unmanifested, Uncreated, Unborn, and Undying.


I do hereby declare my will and intent to voluntarily and totally commit myself to the following:

(1) To gradually liberate myself from the physical constraints of the mind---my thoughts, feelings, attachments, and desires;

(2) To free myself from the constraints brought about by various social pressures and external conditionings---cultures, values, traditions, religious dogmas, ideologies, political programs---but at the same time respecting the beliefs of others; and

(3) To do my best to live in a higher dimension of existence without ignoring my physical, biological, mental, and psychosocial needs. 

(3) To acknowledge and pay respect to all forms of life--human or non-human, visible or invisible, animate or inanimate. 


(1) To focus on the "now moment" and to be ever aware of what is going on within and around me; and   

(2) To be always alert of what the "now moment" offers in terms of opportunities for my personal enrichment as well as for the advancement of others and societies.