Beyond Religion

There's Something Beyond Religion That Only Man Can Explore

December 27, 2021


Although religion is focused on the metaphysical, it places all its faith and confidence on the existence of God, whose nature and attributes have been stained by their founders through the ages. Our view of God has become anthropocentric or man-made, diluted by our imperfections and weaknesses.

Over the years, my journey as a seeker has shifted from being an intense believer in a Divine Creator to a fervent disciple of science. But WHAT IF both science and religion have it all wrong? WHAT IF there is a bigger, deeper, and more noble meaning to life and existence than the ones they propounded?

If only to continue my search for meaning and purpose in life, I went beyond the threshold of both science and religion. I continued exploring the world beyond, the unknown, and the uncertain.

In the process, my personal adventure has opened a path I have not trodden before. I have discovered a new story of the Cosmos that transcends the creation story propounded by both science and religion.

As a programmer of my life, I have come to realize that while Catholicism and Christianity teach good tidings, so do other religions like Hinduism, Judaism, Buddhism, Sufism, Mohammedanism, Sheikhism, etc.

Even then, I could not discount the fact that there is still something beyond, even if all these religious beliefs are put together as one. According to modern science, we only know about 5% of the Cosmos, a mere tip of the iceberg. On our own initiative, we can always continue our exploration of the remaining 95%, which still remain in the dark.

What lurks in this darkness, I still don't know. But every step to the unknown, I experience something joyful, peaceful, and oneness every now and then. Every moment I move forward stirs that inner force and fans the ember within, which I suspect is the place where the treasures I've been looking for, all along, is hidden.

In the meantime, let me enjoy the white, chilly, wintery Christmas here.