The Light

My Encounter with the Light

Quantum Light and the Light Beyond

January 5, 2022


Quantum science says that light is triggered in the atomic world when electrons jump from their higher to lower energy state of existence. It's composed of photons, which are not bits of particles (or unparticle), moving at light speed in the entire matrix of time, space, energy, and matter.

Imagine a sand dune. From afar, we see it as a mound or hill but, on a closer look, it's composed of tiny sands. Light is the same. It's not empty but composed of tiny bits of massless particles.

Yet, it can be obstructed by thick walls, casting a dark shadow on the other side. Paradoxically, light can also dispel this shadow of darkness because it is everywhere. It moves in all directions across time. It's not limited by space or interrupted by time intervals.

Light can even penetrate solid objects because it's composed of particles that are massless, traveling at 300,000 km/sec or 186,000 miles/sec. It can dissolve, penetrate, or brighten objects, like glass, water, or stones.

This is so because light behaves both as a particle and wave and science says that, since light travels as an electromagnetic energy, there exists that probability that it will tunnel through the other side of the wall without destroying the latter's form and structure. In this case, light has transformed from a particle to wave. Technically, this is the double-slit phenomenon.

As experienced, this is parallel to saying that the Light in the world beyond is also one big electron consisting of photons, this time, the divine entities, revolving around a center or nucleus. The world beyond is just one big Atom, populated by millions of subatomic particles or entities at varying energy states of life and existence. Light is made even brighter by the radiance of the celestial entities composing it.

My intuition and experience tell me that what is happening in the quantum world is also happening in the world beyond, but which science may not totally agree because of its materialist perspective of viewing reality. Nonetheless, there's enough proof for me to declare that there's really something bigger, stronger, and more powerful out there whose life and existence transcends the laws of both science and religion.