My Continuing Search

In Search of the Mysterious God!

October 22, 2022


Preparing for my class entails a lot of serious reflection, investigative inquiry, and research. This is true when I was doing some studies on the most controversial subject "God". But efforts, though time consuming, mind-taxing, and frustrating at times, can be refreshing, enlightening, and even transformative at the end.

Bear with me for a few minutes….

The Sumerian “L”, meaning brightness and shining, is usually translated as God to represent the masculine divinity.

Its plural form “Elohim” represents its feminine form. Being plural, it means “The Shining Ones.” Elohim also appears in plural form in the Book of Genesis.

In the New Testament Bible, it is described by the Scribes to refer to those Gods and Goddesses other than Yahweh.

Moreover, the Semitic word “L” is also found in many ancient languages. For instance, the Anglo-Saxon L means “shining being” and is translated, not as God, but as “The Shining One.”

The Sumerian people come from Schumer and literally means the land of the “Watchers” living in the ancient biblical land of Shino, meaning The Shining Ones.

Later, Elohim is usually translated incorrectly as Lord, instead of “The Shining Ones” but it is entirely different since the shining ones merely refer to brightness and is not translated as God in several other materials of ancient traditions.

Zecharia Sitchin translated L as “The Lofty One”, not identifying whether this is the Lord of Creator Yahweh, or the Lord of the Israelites. Neither did Sitchin attach any gender to it.

In the New Testament, there is “The Shining Light of Knowledge,” but translated to refer to Christ and God of the Bible, no longer as “The Shining One,” justifying perhaps that “The Shining One” refers to Light and that God is Light, the basis of illumination, who gives birth to the divine spark of Christ.

But in the Sumerian legend, it is from the royal family of the Anunnaki, headed by the Patriarch Anu, that the title “The Shining One” refers to. Being the head, Anu also earns other royal titles like “The Source of Brilliance”, “The Source of Intelligence”, and “The Source of Light.”

But the Anunnaki were not metaphysical beings; they were not Gods and Goddesses. They were called deities only by the Sumerian natives because of their height, stature, strength, power, and skill.

In reality, they all came from another extraterrestrial planet Nibiru that orbits our Sun every 3,600 years.

The Anunnaki were culturally and technologically advanced people who settled in a mountain valley in the Middle East around 8200 BC.

Located in today’s Iran, they immediately established the area between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers as an agricultural center, known in the Book of Genesis as the Garden of Eden.

It is in this garden that the Anunnaki taught and trained the natives how to raise flocks, tend the garden, and how to build dams and irrigate their crops and livestock.

In other words, the Anunnaki were extraterrestrials, human beings like us. Because of this, they were also referred to as “The Mighty Ones”, “The Sky Gods and Goddesses”, “The Star Gods and Goddesses”, “The Gods and Goddesses of the Heavens” by the native Sumerians.

The Watchers were different. They were those giants “Children of Heaven” who lusted for the daughters of men, making them concubines and wives. And they begot children.

The Cherubim were also Fallen Angels who were ordered to leave somewhere for not conforming to the Laws of God given in the Garden of Eden, where they had been formerly the Watchers or Guardians of the Tree of Knowledge, Tree of Life, and Tree of Immortality.

Seraphim are angelic beings, regarded in traditional Christian angelology as belonging to the highest order of the ninefold celestial hierarchy, associated with light, ardor, and purity.

Michael, the Archangel, was the shaman, the doctor. He was the warrior and protector accompanied by Angels of the Lord wielding swords.

In Genesis 4:16, they are referred to as the Nods meaning wandering, watchers who were neglectful of their duties as security guards. The Land of Nod is symbolic also of the people of Israel who were wandering people.

All these peoples were extraterrestrials, not divine beings and entities. All were Messengers and Ambassadors of God. They have faces, legs, arms … They cannot fly, and do not belong to a higher dimension and, more importantly, they were not enlightened beings.

The fallen angels could have formed a Union or group headed by Lucifer, a former angelic or light being.


Let’s pause and reflect…..

Are we not in effect worshipping and adoring extraterrestrial beings as metaphysical God, Gods, or Goddesses?

These extraterrestrial beings were pure and simple human beings like us who found their way into the Holy Scriptures and were incorrectly referred to as God, Gods, and Goddesses by the inhabitants and religious rulers of Sumer. This incorrect translation continued to the lands of Egypt, Rome, Israel, Jerusalem, Europe, Rome, and down to this day.

If this view is correct, and I believe it is, my search for the Ultimate Creator or Lofty One continues.

My Search for the Eternal Source 

May 6, 2021


Yes, our meaning and purpose in life change with time and condition. In my case, I was once in the labor sector, spending time in education, research, negotiations, and traveling. After a while, it lost its meaning and purpose.

Let me speak for myself and of my experience. For it would be presumptuous for me to speak in terms of “we” since I cannot boldly assume, without being cockeyed or foolish, that what is happening to me is also happening to others.

This is my "I account", the phenomenology of science, the phenomenology of empirical and experiential testing and continuous verification, which I found comparable and in resonance with ASI's science of phenomenology.

So, to continue.....

I had to move out and engage in politics, and then in business, and so on throughout the course of my life. Times and conditions then called for it. I had said: “Enough is enough” many times. I had my failures and errors but I learned my lessons in the past, as I am still learning now. This makes me what I intend to be, although not so close enough yet.

Even my field of discipline changed over time. Economics—Keynes, Friedman, Walras, von Mises, Marshall, Stiglitz—became irrelevant and I had to shift to the Social Sciences. Not contented yet, I had to transfer to Applied Cosmic Anthropology.

Talking about something from my new disciplinary perspective does not invalidate my former disciplines I dearly clung to in the past. They're still valid but from my new perspective now, they have become meaningless and irrelevant to my present life. For time and conditions have changed.

I must admit I am still happy being an ACA. But there’s still this feeling of discontent. Something is still missing for me to be whole and complete. As a searcher, I’m on that quest right now but the problem is, I still don’t know what it is.

I'm more impressed by my ignorance than the knowledge I chronicled in my five cosmic books. And it is this same ignorance that is always pushing me to the limits of my cognitive abilities and to explore what is it out there that I still don’t know.

But my curiosity of the beyond and the unknown brings out something in me, out of which emerges a strong force that keeps on pushing me to go on and move forward.

Am I not escaping reality in the guise of moving to another realm? Yes, there are so many things that confuse and cripple me today, so many things I don't understand, especially politics. I don't understand my leaders, my neighbors, my friends, and my enemies.

Along with it, I don't understand myself. Who or what am I? What's my role in all that's happening around me today? What is my future?

Indeed, I don't understand my big world. But this does not hinder me from understanding it even if it means going beyond the world of physics, causality, and logic.

Even in my personal beliefs. There’s that strong intuitive feeling in me to go beyond religion in search of a bigger meaning and purpose.

This is why I love quantum physics. Newtonian physics is fixed and static. Einstein’s relativity theory is not passive but dynamic, always on the go even for someone, like me, who still does not know what, but certain that something lies beyond the physical horizon.

Quantum physics nailed them all. It's giving me a new world that's alive and full of energy. Classical Physics + General Relativity = Quantum Physics, as science would say.

But I have also passed this stage a long time ago already. I have to move on in search of a bigger meaning and purpose in life. I still don’t know what and how. But the why in me is intense.

Scientists can create any particular particle that can interact with me by smashing other particles together with so much force, as is being done in Switzerland’s Large Hadron Collider (LHC). What they found was the Higgs boson, which is a hundred times heavier than a proton, and once dubbed as the God particle.

What is fascinating about quantum physics is that what is happening in the quantum world can also happen in the macro world and at the human level.

Is it possible then that what I might find is a hundred times bigger and more powerful than somebody who weighs 65 pounds like me?

Yes, because we have all the ingredients and the faculty to do this. But this suggests that I must not have too many atoms and molecules in my body. Or, if have too much of them, I must be able to manage and control them, so I could travel light, so to speak.

This is because the Higgs boson in me disappears in a split of a second to nowhere, just as it appears suddenly out of nowhere. It comes from a five-vibrational realm and goes to an even much higher dimension.

But I still have to look for my counterpart Higgs boson. Right now, I still don't know how. But I'm still very much alive and have plenty of time looking for it.