Dealing with our conscious, subconscious, and 

unconscious minds is a lifetime endeavor.

Paul J. Dejillas, Ph.D. – June 23, 2021


They surface in our memory every now and then. They want attention from us. Ignoring them can spell our success or failure in life. Manage them well for they can be deadly.

The conscious mind consists of the things that we are aware of and are thinking about right now. It's different from Consciousness, we all know this by now.

Our subconscious works throughout the day when you are both awake and asleep but takes over entirely when you sleep. It controls our thoughts, feelings, and actions. But we are not conscious of it.

The unconscious mind works automatically. We have no time to stop it. Once it surfaces, it controls our thought processes, memory, and motivation. There's no time to reflect. We are caught unaware, so to say.

Who or what are residing in our subconscious and unconscious minds? See photo below.

They are our thoughts, feelings, and experiences encountered in the past. But they are also associated with people and events. This is the reason why we most often think of persons whenever our subconscious and unconscious surface. They can be our spouse, children, work mates, or close friends, their faces right in our mind with eyes staring in front of us.

Our subconscious and unconscious minds keep on resurfacing even at night. We have to deal with them so they will no longer bother us.

They are buried dead underneath us, but not so dead for they keep on resurrecting even while we're asleep, insisting to be recognized.

Once brought to the level of awareness, keep them in front of you, reflect on how to resolve and melt them. This way, they will be totally deleted in our subconscious and unconscious mind.

Not all can be erased and thrown to the trash bin forever during our lifetime. If you're able to do so, so much the better. There are people who can do this: the mystics, yogis, sufis, sages, saints. Of course, we ordinary people can also to this.

How does one get rid of the residents of our subconscious and unconscious minds?

The most common techniques include meditation, yoga, and anything that seeks to still and calm the mind. Awareness is the key and communion with the Self, which is Consciousness, is the immediate aim.

Any technique that uses the mind, like positive thinking or mind control is, to me, ineffective because it's the mind that's the problem. We cannot use problem as the solution. We have to get out of the box.

We have to stop allowing the mind to go on its own way. It has to be clipped and made subservient to the wills of Consciousness, just as the horse's eyes are covered sideways by the jockey so it can' can't be distracted and attentively focus on the road ahead of it and keep on moving forward to where it's going.

Time to Reflect in Silence and Solitude

This could be a great challenge to confront daily. In fact, this can last a lifetime, or maybe less, until we become fully conscious of everything at any given point in time.

Then, we become perfect while still here on Earth. But not so perfect yet, of course. For life has just begun. Our journey to the world beyond is just beginning.

insecurities. There's only awareness and communion with the Self and communion with the divine.

Up there, wherever it is, there's no mind, no heart, no heartaches, no headaches, no stresses, no panic attacks, no depressions, no feelings of love, no feelings of hate, no feelings of joy and ecstacy, no feelings of pain and sufferings either.

There's only the Self, which is the Consciousness watching and observing all this passing by before him, but not being carried by them.

Time to start driving away the inhabitants of our subconscious and unconscious minds, one by one. Prepare a list in their order of priority. Keep a journal to monitor your progress.

If, after all has been said, you're still worried, afraid, and insecure, then, there's really something wrong with you. But don't be so because what have been told to you is easier said than done. In fact, this is a lifetime challenge. It can be shorter if you will it and pursue it fiercely and relentlessly.

Anyway, welcome to the company. We might be slow, others maybe ahead of us. Still others maybe behind us. But we are not in competition with each other. We are simply enjoying where we are and who we are at the moment every moment of the day.

If you're time has not yet come, patientia nostra. There's never too late. When your time comes, nobody can stop it. Of course, you can also stop it, if you choose to. But what for?

You want to cop out? Goodness gracious, Linus. What's happening to you. Abandon and throw away your security blanket. It has been there with you since birth.

Hold on tight especially during this pandemic times. Wolves can parade themselves in sheeps' clothing. Even Satan attempted to tempt Jesus by quoting biblical verses. How much more for us.