Science, Politics, or Religion: 

Which Takes Precedence?

Paul J. Dejillas, Ph.D. – May 4, 2021


At these trying times, science plays a crucial role in providing and developing medications that can prevent and cure the deadly coronavirus.

Medical doctors ought to be heard, appreciated, and praised for the excellent work they are doing for us. But here's the problem.

Doctors are not receiving the same level of credibility they deserve to receive from the other sectors of society, especially from the public sector.

This is understandable because doctors also carry with them biases in their opinions as to what the correct medications ought to be given to their patients.

But this is also true in the case of our political leaders. They differ in their views in matters relating to health, employment, poverty, justice, human rights, border security, and the Constitution, among others. They quarrel among themselves sans any qualms of decency and respect.

Meanwhile, religion, while assisting science and governments in engaging projects to alleviate the people's suffering from today's pandemics, are led by leaders and followers that are highly politicized and greatly beholden to the rich.

There you are. We are facing a national crisis of global proportion. The challenge facing us as a people and nation is how to find the right mix of ingredients to effectively confront all the issues we are facing today that is at the same time acceptable to every sector of society.

At the rate we are behaving, it will be almost impossible to achieve a unanimous consensus. In the meantime, let's admit that the people and our environment will continue to suffer for a long time.

But looking at it from a higher dimensional and detached perspective, we are all in a state of chaos and confusion. In a state of panic to resolve or alleviate our deteriorating condition, each of us tries to frantically assert and impose our own perception, which may be delusional perhaps, of what is true and correct.

This is understandable because the system that we have created has gone berserk and has become very unwieldy and uncontrollable. The world has turned against us because of what we have done to her.

Can we agree at least to put our trust on one institution to manage us? But which institution will this be? The Government? The Associations of Medical Doctors? Or the various religious groups?

Can we expect them to come together with an open mind to seriously discuss the terrible mess we have all created in the first place? Who will initiate this conveniat?

Or, shall we just wait for the coming elections and hope that the incoming breed and mix of leaders will play their Messianic role when elected?

I'm very pessimistic. With the other national pandemics we are facing, I believe the world is headed to an impending explosion. But I also don't discount miracles to happen.

How I wish that televangelists get out of their canned shows to conduct healings in hospitals, drive demons in places where border disputes are becoming violent, or stop paying their employees starvation wages.

If our situation is not yet hopeless, what would revive it from its sickening state?