Parallel Universes and Multiverse Theory

Multiverse or Universe? What's Your Take?

January 2, 2022


Theories about the universe are primarily propounded by science and religion. The fact that they differ in their interpretations only suggests that there could indeed be so many universes out there.

And these theories are no longer speculations because some of us have already gone to the other realms beyond ours and back, even as those coming from the other world out there have already come down to tell us about what life is all about beyond our world.

The interpretations of both science and religion is providentially parallel. The only difference is in their approach. Religion explains its "world beyond" from the perspective of metaphysics, which, it maintains, is populated by spirits, souls, heaven, hell, purgatory, God, god's, goddesses, and demons, encapsulated in the term "afterlife".

Science explains it's "world beyond" starting from ground zero, i.e., from the perspective of quantum physics, a world governed by time, space, matter, energy, and the four forces of nature (gravity, electromagnetic, weak nuclear, and strong nuclear forces).

But beyond our 4-D world, science says that our Cosmos, according to String theory and its derivative M theory, can still accommodate 11 more dimensions. In fact, astrophysicists and cosmologists even maintain that there could be an infinite number of universes beyond our world.

Stephen Hawking describes our Cosmos as bubbles floating in an ocean of universes, in which case, he says: "We are all time travellers journeying together into the future." The term "us" could be an invitation for Churches, mosques, and temples as well as deists and atheists to join science in its adventure into the world beyond.

I have also introduced in my books the idea that our Cosmos is four-dimensional, consisting of physical, mental, psychical, and Consciousness realms. This four-tiered categorization ingeniously puts the views of science and religion about the "world beyond" in one conceptual model as parts of one integral unit or system.

Could these three interpretations signify that we're living in a multiverse or universe? Your take now.

Deceased Species Could Be Alive in Another Universes

February 3, 2019


Are the species which have died out in our Universe living in a Parallel or an Alternate Universe? Do the other Universes out there have different root assumptions?

The basis of my response to this query is lifted from the various theories discovered at the quantum world. They include the string theory, m theory, parallel universes theory, multiverse, and the multiple world interpretation.

Basically, these theories speculate that there are an infinite number of universes out there that could be similar and parallel to ours, inhabited by beings and entities whose civilizations are much advanced than ours.

Inhabitants residing in other universes out there exhibit ecological landscapes similar to ours. They have mountains, rivers, streams, oceans, and beaches just like ours.

They have moons, stars, planets that also constitute the galaxies and cluster of galaxies.

They are also populated by bacteria, insects, plants, and animals both underneath the ocean, on the ground level as well as above in the skies.

They are inhabited by extraterrestrial entities or beings that may include humans, subhumans, superhumans, even what we call divine beings.

They are highly advanced in science and technology that they can defy the law of gravity, time, and space. In so doing, they can travel from star to star and from one galaxy to another at a rate much faster than the speed of light.

The Cosmos We Are Living In is One Integrated Piece

Paul J. Dejillas, Ph.D. – May 8, 2021


The nature of reality is that it is structured in spheres, also referred to as layers, dimensions, or realms. Imagine yourself fishing on the deep ocean seas. The world you are in is one sphere.

The world underneath the ocean is another sphere. The fish and other living creatures beneath do not know that there is another realm above the ocean’s surface.

You are living in a 4-D world, as we all are. But there is also a 5th dimension, a sphere higher than our 4-D world. In the 5th dimension, everything is laid down in one continuum.

Below it is the 4th dimension, where 5-D entities see events laid down in an instant. They see the past, present, and future at once. From their vantage point of view, there is no concept of time, space, and matter.

To paraphrase the question of Gina: “If we, 4-D species, are able to go to the 5th dimension, can we still recognize ourselves?"

First of all, let's assume that while on Earth, we know who we are: we are not the brain and mind for they too die with our body. We are not the thoughts, feelings, aspirations for they too die with our body.

Who are we then? Who is this we call “I” or “Self”?

For me, it is Consciousness (with capital “C” to distinguish it with science’s term “consciousness” with small letter, which scientists commonly believe resides in the mind and is dependent on the operations of the mind and the brain for its existence.

I believe that Consciousness is a 5-D entity that enters the 4-D world at a certain evolutionary process when the physical body was ready for it. It is characteristically a spirit or soul since it is not something physical or material. It has no weight, height, size, and dimension.

When Consciousness entered the body, the new species becomes human. We can now say that we humans are an embodied spirit. Each of us consists of a material body and a pure spirit. When our body dies, therefore, we still certainly recognize our own Consciousness.

But this is not always the case. If, during its earthly life, we identify ourself with the brain and the mind, and, like mainstream scientists, believe that our consciousness dies with the mind, then, that's our end. There's no life after death.

Studies on near-death-experiences (NDEs), however, abound, testifying that Consciousness survive even if the patient has already been declared clinically dead. Scientists who experience NDE were even surprised to tell us that there is indeed life after death and that the 5th dimension is very real.

It will be up to the readers, of course, to digest this for themselves. This is not a matter of science or religion. We cannot just leave this matter to them. Our relationship with our Creator is something very personal.

Based on my transcendental experience, I know myself as a 4-dimensional entity with innate faculties and power to be in the 5th dimension of existence, as we all are (try meditation and yoga).

At the same time, I am a five-dimensional entity encased in a four-dimensional body. I am both four-dimensional and five-dimensional. This does not mean that I have two personalities.

It simply means that, as an entity living in this 4-D world, my essence as a human being is that I am both body and spirit. There can be no room for a dichotomy.

I am an embodied spirit. I am a body infused and moved by the spirit. I engulf the spirit even as the spirit envelops me. I always try to be conscious and aware of this every moment of the day. I know I can do this because I am Consciousness.

I am aware that Earth is not my final abode. I'm going back to my original home. It's in the 5th or even higher dimension that I belong, as I believe we all are.

I'm just a traveler, a pilgrim here whose purpose is, to me, to learn what it means to live in a physical body. And I must learn my lessons here, rather than regret it later in the hereafter.

I have only answered the first question. For lack of space, I will respond to the second question tomorrow.

Judge Not and Ye Shall Not Be Judged (Luke 6:37)

March 16, 2022


Each of us can have differing interpretations of the world outside, suggesting that there could be as many worlds as there are people living on this Planet Earth.

Our understanding of the world outside is subjective and phenomenological. We know our world only insofar as we personally experience it. Like the proverbial seven blind men, the world inside us only reflects what we touch, feel, see, hear, or smell.

We cannot claim with certainty that our understanding of the external world is accurate. This would be suggesting that we know the external world in its vastness. But we don’t. This can be too much of a claim.

To do so would only make us absolutists, doctrinaires, totalitarian, and authoritarian. It’s a categorical declaration that we alone possess the truth and others are false.

Others have their own perceptions too based on their own personal idiosyncrasies. Their views are not wrong. They’re just incomplete and inaccurate.

We cannot impose our views on others. Everything is just a matter of perspective, dependent on where we are in space, time, and the events we experience during those moments.

Each of our own personal “I accounts“ then are just pieces and parts of the entire picture of reality, the elephant of the 7 blind men or the perceived lion of Albert Einstein.

We filter the world outside based on our own personal standards and biases. But it is not wrong; it is just incomplete.

I do not intend to impose to others the “Thou Shall Nots” given to Moses. The 10 commandments alone are already a heavy load to carry on my shoulders.

These are just some thoughts that came to my mind while reflecting on the events that are happening, now that the national elections is nearing.



Paul J. Dejillas, Ph.D.

September 28, 2016




Renee is the hypnotherapist and Suzanne is the patient. Renee asks Suzanne questions that Suzanne asks her subconscious mind. After Suzanne receives an answer, she tells Renee what she heard from the subconscious mind. That’s all I am going to say…"

"(Suzanne) I would like to understand more about parallel lives. What can you share with me?

"(SC) So on Earth, we think of time as being linear. When you think of parallel lives, think of taking a knife and chopping up that linear line and putting those pieces beside each other.

"You have multiple lives going on at the same time, in different locations. But you’re not aware of them because it would be too confusing for you! -giggles.

"(Suzanne) You have to speak simply here, it’s just me! So then, in a parallel life that I am having, it’s felt just as ‘real’ as I’m feeling this life? (SC) Yes.

"(Suzanne) And the purpose of having parallel lives is to experience more at once?

"(SC) Yes, more lessons, more learning. You remember them all when you leave the body and go back to the spiritual life, then you can bring those all together.

"(Suzanne) I got it! So, is there a reason to get to a point of being able to remember each of our parallel lives and does everybody have them?

"(SC) Everyone can have them, it’s really up to us. You can choose to have one, you can choose to have many. Some want to have one at a time, some want to learn quickly so they have parallel lives. (Talk about multi-tasking!!)

"(Suzanne) How would we know we are having a parallel life?(SC) I don’t think that you would. We would block it so you are concentrating on one at a time. These lives that we have been regressing through today do not have to happen linearly, they can happen parallel as well.

"(Suzanne) One last question; how are we able to experience multiple dimensions? (SC) Tell me your definition of multiple dimensions.

"(Suzanne) The common knowledge is that when we are in a human body, we are experiencing 3-D. (SC) Right.

"(Suzanne) So we’re dealing with the ego and duality. As we transform through this shift, we’ll be raising our vibration, our frequency to come through the 4th & 5th dimension and higher? (SC) Yes.

"(Suzanne) And when we’re in our dream state, are we traveling into those higher dimensions? (SC) Yes.

"(Suzanne) Can we go lower? (SC) yes, I don’t know why you would but you can. giggles.

"(Suzanne) So when we mediate, we are experiencing a higher dimension? (SC) Yes, much higher!

"(Suzanne) So this type of work, QHHT, or TAUK assists others to reach these levels and open them up? Is there anything else we should know about this?

"(SC) It’s just getting the word out there to use it as a means to raise other people's frequency. Many people want to raise their frequency but don’t know how.

"(Suzanne) So. on a basic level, when people just feel good, they are raising their frequency?

"(SC) Yes, just feeling, good, feeling love is all one needs to raise it.

(Suzanne) Thank you!


Parallel Universes

July 23, 2016


Science talks about parallel universes or multiverses as alternate realities that can be accessed through dreams.