Dark Energy-Dark Matter

There's a shadow lurking in our universe

November 28, 2021


Cosmologists and astrophysicists discovered that 25% of the Cosmos is made of mysterious particles known as dark matter and 70% a mysterious form of energy called dark energy. Together, these two dark elements constitute 95% of the entire Cosmos and referred to as "shadow universe".

Shadow universe exists from another dimension, inhabited by shadow people who we sometimes see as a vision or apparition. Shadow people are real. They are extraterrestrial beings or entities, we see usually as ghosts, angels, guardians, or other forms of spirits.

What quantum physicists are saying is that the Cosmos is an ocean of shadow universes appearing like bubbles of different sizes and masses that are able to transcend time and space. They are so subtle that they could be passing through us, with some preferring to remain with us, influencing our thoughts and feelings as well as our dealings with others and society.

The presence of various entities in us could either be uplifting or discouraging, creative or destructive, heavenly or hellish, good or bad depending on whether it's the shadow entities or light beings regulating our life.

Watch out. For you might not be aware who's directing your life.