String Theory

String Theory

December 4, 2022


Is String Theory the last bastion that can bring us together as one, united in love and peace? Or is humanity already doomed to perdition?

If we are doomed, could this be the reason why our Lord and Master Jesus prayed so hard to his Father: ““Ut Omnes Unum Sint:" “That they all may be one.” (John 17:21).

Though uttered more than 2,000 years ago, Jesus must have known that humanity, on their own accord, could not be united. Even within and among his apostles, disciples, and followers there were serious divisions and intense conflicts.

He must have known that this widespread schism while he was still alive would remain even after his ascension into heaven. He must have known that people will continue to fight and kill each other in defense of their respective teachings and beliefs.

Not dismissing the possibility that Christians, including non-Christians, can effectuate some instant miracles, I have tried my luck in science and technology.

This new science is very recent, coming out only in the last 100 years with the discovery of quantum physics. As it developed through the decades, quantum physics has unveiled shocking and disturbing discoveries that turned our understanding of the world upside down.

The rules of rationality, the law of gravity, the law of causality and continuity became meaningless. Things and events happen without a cause, phenomena appear and disappear without any known rational explanation.

Things move from point A to B without any traces in between and without destroying the original structure of the wall. Particles leapfrog from one place to another, regardless of distance. Time and space have become irrelevant and meaningless.

Physicists call these strange phenomena using labels that are very familiar to non-scientists like quantum leap, quantum entanglement, bi-location, astral projection, remote viewing. Divine attributes like omnipresence, omnipotence, omniscience, infinity, eternity, immortality, and so on are also common occurrences in the quantum world.

What is even shocking is that things and events happening in the quantum world also occur at the macroscopic level. This means that if a particle or an object at the atomic level can pass through a wall without destroying its original form, nature, and attributes, so can we.

And it’s not the end of the story yet.

In the 1960s-1970s, string theory was reintroduced and became much in vogue later. String theory is one of the methods considered by scientists closest to explaining everything about our world.

It bizarrely theorized 11 dimensions that comprise the totality of our Cosmos. It has led to the discussion of so many gigantic cosmic events and structures out there in the galaxies such as black holes, wormholes, dark energy, Big Bang, inflation, light, space, time, gravity, and the controversial God Particle in the Standard Model of Particle Physics.

But the theory’s ultimate fate is, as yet, unknown. What it produced so far is a big mess. Instead of explaining only our world, it advocates the existence of an infinite number of worlds and universes out there that continually influence our life, our ways of thinking, feeling, and behaving.

What was once simpler to understand becomes mind-boggling and almost incomprehensible.

It's no longer becoming possible to bring together all these gigantic structures--including uniting all our kindred out there in other dimensions--as one united cosmic family.

If this is what modern science is telling us, then, this justifies Jesus for praying so hard for a miracle so that we may all be one.

I cannot wait for the prayer of Jesus, earnest and powerful as it was, to be answered by his Father. Neither can I place my total hope and confidence in science. Miracles are becoming a rare commodity nowadays.

I must instead go and search for that elusive unity and oneness of all sentient beings myself.

What I found has been recorded in my latest cosmic book “The World Beyond” (published 2022). I highly recommend it for reading during your spare time or during retreats and recollections.