The Cosmic Energy Field

An Ocean of Energy Field

July 6, 2023


We're all swimming in a vast fabric of the cosmic energy field traveling in every direction intent on arriving at our final destination. Nobody is ahead. Nobody is left behind. We stride along the path we had taken according to our own pace. We are not competing in a race. We're just enjoying our trip. In the final analysis, it is not only the destination that matters, but also the journey going there.

Where Does all the Energy Come From?

This problem has long been solved by Albert Einstein in his special theory of relativity. For Einstein, matter is stored energy; matter is thus equivalent to energy and can be transformed into each other with a conversion factor. Relativity theory shows that material particles can be created out of pure energy and pure energy can be transformed into material particles. This can happen, for example, when subatomic particles are made to collide with each other at very high velocities inside high-speed particle accelerators. The amount of energy contained in a particle is mathematically expressed by Albert Einstein in his famous formula E = mc2. The amount of energy released from the fusion of two nuclei can be devastating.

“A hydrogen fusion bomb,” says Simon Singh, “is far more devastating than a plutonium fission bomb” (2004). George Gamow theorizes that at the time of creation, when the nascent Cosmos is swarmed by a collection of protons and neutrons, fusion must have taken place when hydrogen atoms fused together to produce helium atoms. The collision and merger of hydrogen nuclei could only be brought about by the extremely hot temperatures that followed after the Big Bang. Particle collisions are especially happening inside the hot furnaces of massive stars. And this is specifically the process (collision) how the subsequent elements in the Mendeleev periodic chart of chemical elements are believed to have also been produced.

Cosmic Energy Healing

November 4, 2021


In rare cases, healing can take effect instantly by mere laying down of the hands. These are considered either a miracle or luck, depending on one's beliefs.

Under normal circumstances, healing, says quantum physics, can only take effect once the patient is on the same frequency or vibrational level as the Healer. Once the Healer and the patient are entangled with and locked into each other, healing can be instantaneous and it cannot be reversed, unless the patient is a recidivist.

A messenger is chosen as the instrument of healing. He or she can be anybody. But there are individuals who are chosen by the Healer to do healing 24/7. We owe our respect to them. Being the chosen Ones, we owe them our support to sustain their lives too.

In my case, an essential part of showing my honor and respect to them is monetary. This is fine with me. If we pay our family doctors every time we do consultations with them, why not these chosen Ones who also have families to support?

And, during the pandemic, today's doctor's consultation fees have doubled, even more, because of the difficulty to diagnose and prescribe medications without the physical presence of the patient.

Before the global pandemic, I gave my token of appreciation to those gifted with healing power in their clinics, that do not even have a donation box where I could discreetly deposit my contribution. Today, I'm thankful we have the Gcash. I make it a point to give the same amount I'm giving to our family doctor.

But be on the lookout. There are also wolves out there in a sheep's clothing. Even Satan quoted biblical verses to tempt Christ.

Some testimonies on Warka's healing are featured in the link below.

Those interested to know about his healing sessions may contact him directly through his Facebook.

The Cosmic Energy Field

July 12, 2017


I am introducing an alternative paradigm I call the “Cosmic Energy Field Theory”. The CEF is a proposed model that seeks to link and integrate all the field theories into one whole unified field theory. It is a product of the developments that emerged from the various field theories, starting from the ancient Greek philosophers, to that of Newton’s, Einstein’s, and the founders of quantum physics. It serves as the field on which everything happening in the Cosmos is played out. It symbolizes the ultimate fabric of the Cosmos.But it is not totally void or absolutely empty for it is teeming with virtual elements ready to materialize themselves as solid particles in an infiniteforms. At its initial condition, everything is in a state of potentialities and possibilities once these potentialities materialized. They immediately sprung into life giving rise to diverse forms and structures from simple to complex.It is on the CEF that everything appears out of nowhere and also vanishes into nowhere

It houses the ultimate source of energy that gives form, sustains life, and the principle that governs the actions and behavior of the four cosmic realms as one whole unit. This energy manifests itself differently in the various realms. In the physical level, the four forces of nature direct the inhabitants’ behavior and interactions, namely, gravity electromagnetism, weak nuclear force, and strong nuclear force.

Gravity, coming as it was from the other universe parallel to ours as a result of a collision, operates at the large-scale structures and assigns all gigantic structures like stars, planets, moons, etc. to their proper stations. The last three forces operate at the quantum level and it is partly from the interaction of these forces that give rise to order, harmony, and beauty we see and witness today. These energies resonate across the other dimensions. Information triggered in one dimension is instantaneously relayed through all the other and back in a continuing process. Tthis makes the Cosmos a living organism.

The act of categorizing and classifying the CEF into various fields does not imply separateness to the whole unity we call the Cosmos. Recent findings provide convincint evidence that all the fields are intercoonnected and interdependent at their most fundamental level. As Lynne McTaggart (2007) states: “The existence of the Field implies that all matter in the universe is connected on the subatomic level through a constant dance of quantum energy exchange.”

Another feature of the CEF model is that it is able to store memories of the past events resulting from particle interactions.Physicists theorized that this is due to the interactions of matter by gauge bosons such as photons for the eletromagnetic forces (Ray Fkeming, 2012). Gauge boson is considered the last particle in the Standard Model that is believed to possess the ability to store information, ever ready to be recalled from memory and even accessed whenever one particle interacts with itAs Seymour (1992:61) explained: “If two particles have interacted in the past, then each particle carries a memory of that interaction which can be simultaneously recalled, so subsequent measurements on the pair will always be correlated.”

AAll the information and events happening in the entire Cosmos are recorded in this particlethem. We can refer to this as the "cosmic data bank" or what mystics call Akashic Record.