Time and Space

Creating Time and Space

Paul J. Dejillas, Ph.D. – July 8, 2021


Before, I used to create time and space for whatever I did. But recently I have noticed a very clear change. It's time and space that are creating time and space for me. They are always there whenever and wherever I need them. Not only this. They know my priorities. They are the ones now managing my life. What an honor and privilege. Life has become smooth and effortless as a result to me.

Before, I used to create time and space for whatever I did. But recently I have noticed a very clear change. It's time and space that are creating time and space for me. They are always there whenever and wherever I need them. Not only this. They know my priorities. They are the ones now managing my life. What an honor and privilege. Life has become smooth and effortless as a result to me. It's longer this time.

Relativity theory of Albert Einstein at work. Space and time move in relation to the curvature created by the size, mass, and weight of our body. All we have to do is glide freely and fearlessly along with it and the contours will take care of us. This makes our movement in life smooth, effortless, and more enjoyable. Go against your own created curvature and life becomes rough, rugged, bumpy, and stormy.

Theoretically speaking, life is simple. It's all a matter of making decisions, decisions of our own making, not those made by others for us.

We've been making decisions based on what others gave us since birth. But do you think this is the purpose why we're here on Earth? To live life based on what others tell us? To live life based on what they think is good for us? Why do we give to others the power to decide when we have it already?

They have been deciding for us on all matters: our name and future, what school we should enroll, the course we ought to take, the kind of religion, ideology, and politics we are to affiliate.

Do you know that everybody out there have conspired to take our freedom and life we want? We have for so long been imprisoned to their minds.

Everything has been set already. Schools and universities have already prepared a curriculum for us. There are a kaleidoscope of courses and programs out there for us to select. And they say, you have the freedom to choose from any of them.

And our government has already set the vision, mission, goals (VMG) for the schools, which they have copied from the

1. UNESCO Conference on Education for Sustainable Development and

2. UNESCO Conference on Higher Education that meet regularly for review, assessment, and updates.

There were so many cases, however, where those things prepared were used mainly as bases for discussions because of differences in culture, beliefs, political system, economic system, and resources in the national and ground level. The democratic process in this case is really working. Compromises through dialogue has to come in. There's a word for this "diplomacy".

Around 154 member-countries participate in these conferences. Everything discussed in these global conferences, they say, are views expressed by the delegates of member-countries and democratically processed.

And so they say.

I have attended several of these conferences and know at first hand how they work and operate. All major documents are already prepared. Even Conference Resolutions as well as Programs for Implementation at the National level are already prepared for member-representatives to sign. But adjustments had to be made every now and then. In some cases, stalemates were inevitable and they had to be put on record.

I myself have conducted international conferences in many parts of the globe, in Asia, Southeast Asia, attended by delegates coming from the public and private sectors, including business groups and civil societies, whose countries are members of the ASEAN, WTO, NAFTA, Arab League, Association of African Nations among others.

Together with my staff, I prepare everything months before the agenda, speakers, resolutions, the venue, down to the last detail. Even cultural presentations, educational and cultural tours are already set and designed to jibe with the purpose for which the seminar has been called for.

Your country as well have already designed its VMOs for the next few years. Five-Year Development Plan, Objectives for 2030, or so, down to its last detail.

Try to review your country's development goals. Notice how these are synchronized to the overall global VMOs and programs.

One government, one economy, one religion, one culture, one in everything! I might be wrong. But do the exercise yourself to find out

I'm not alluding that this "oneness" of everything is good or bad. I'm for it. We're all citizens of this Globe, our only home. We should be in everything that's good for us together.

I will even go to the extent of saying "Let's go Cosmic". For we all have the same origin and purpose.

Let me pause to give you time to reflect on your own and arrive on your own findings and conclusions of what has been said here.

If your curvature in life is still rough and bumpy, maintain your momentum and take everything in stride calmly and joyfully. Even time and space have their unique contours. Drink something calming to the mind but healthy.

Time is Infinity and Infinity rules the universe

Paul J. Dejillas, Ph.D. – June 25, 2021


Even if time seems not enough for you, you can always create it. Time can be so fast. You can't catch up with it. But you can always slow it down and you can even let it go with you wherever you are, anytime you want. But be careful with managing your time. Because, like you, it has an expiry date. If your time is up, you go with it.

Time and Space Can Be Created

Paul J. Dejillas, Ph.D. – June 25, 2021


Between 12:00 noon and 1:00 p.m. there's an infinity of time. Between 12:00 noon and 11:00 a.m., there's also an infinity time. Whether going forward or backward, Infinity rules.

So with our life. It can go forward or backwards infinitely and indefinitely. Our life can progress or retrogress, just as planets retrograde as they rotate on their own axis around the Sun. Our life can also stand still. We feel we're neither progressing or retrogressing. We feel we're immobile and fixed infinitely.

Time to Reflect on this in Silence and Solitude.....

Indeed, Infinity rules the universe.

Euclid was known as the “Father of Geometry”. His geometry and mathematics talked about space, time, shapes, Nature, and God, all of which connote infinity. To him, the laws of Nature, including us humans, are but the mathematical thoughts of God, which is Infinity.

We cannot escape Infinity. For each one of us is also Infinity, distinct and unique, in an ocean of Infinity. Our infinity partakes all the power and attributes of the Bigger Infinity, call it Energy or God, if you wish.

One great consolation is that Infinity is able to train us to think rationally and systematically. While it's immeasurable, we can always keep tab of it as we go fulfill our daily responsibilities in life.

We know when we are thinking, feeling, and acting as an infinite or finite being. We know then when our life is on-track or off-track. But it can also be more agonizing to us.

A nanosecond of delay, our mind can interpret it as Infinity and we agonize infinitely. Imagine yourself waiting for your data to upload or download so you can study and save it.

In the meantime, we're waiting, sitting on your swivel chair, agonizing, sweating, tense, stressed, not even aware that you're inhaling and exhaling. If this goes on uncontrolled, we can go crazy and insane.

Perhaps sought by many, preferring to establish their own world of infinite sanity, peace, impervious of and unaffected by what's going on in the external world.

On a More Personal Note.....

We are living in a finite world. Our body is finite, subject to the physical law of diminishing return. That's why we eat and exercise, again and again and again.

We have to replenish our spent energy due to work and exhaustion. The cells in our skin dies every month, our red blood cells for every three months, our liver cells for every 18 months. Every cell in our body has its respective expiry date.

Our entire body expires before reaching a hundred years. We can prolong it though, if we so desire.

But we're not all body. By now, we all know this. We're not all material, neither governed by the laws of Nature nor subject to the laws of our land, our Constitution, our society, our religion. We are infinite beings. We came from Infinity alone and we go back to Infinity alone.

We can be what or who we want to be, what or who we want to become. And there are an infinite number of possibilities and potentialities of what or who we want to be and become. We just have to open ourselves to these possibilities and potentialities and make our choice.

Indeed, our essence as Infinity and, as an infinite being, we will again enter into another body to restart the whole replenishing processes of eating, exercising, and sleeping to nourish and sustain our infinite nature.

We get our replenishment outside, from the air, water, fire (sun rays), soil.

To refresh our tired mind, we sleep at night for 8 hrs. Many even take catnaps several times during the day.

Doing this religiously does not make our body and mind infinite. But at least, by staying healthy, we can prolong the degenerative effects of aging. As earthlings, we're still finite human beings.

You say, you're an atheist. Then, when your body dies, that's your final end. But I'm not sorry for you because I know your cells will transfer to the ground, eaten by the bacteria, air, fire, water and transferred to the plants and animals, making your atoms and molecules alive again in another body.

As infinite beings that is in the process of becoming, we have the responsibility of taking in infinite-nourishing foods, exercises, and sound sleep befitting of the gods and goddesses.

I need not tell you where these spiritually nourishing nutrients can be secured. And they have their price tags too nowadays.

Hello there, Infinity. Let's be sure we are infinite in our ways of thinking, feeling, and behaving.