Before Reincarnation

Paul J. Dejillas, Ph.D. – April 23, 2022


Several religious beliefs teach us that before we appeared here, we already made our decision on the following:

(1) To be born on this Planet Earth, not in another planet, elsewhere in this vast universe of ours;

(2) To live at this time and condition surrounding us;

(3) To work as responsibly, conscientiously, and consciously as possible to whatever we are passionately doing at this very moment; and

(4) To fulfill what we already decided as to who and what we would want to be as well as what our role and mission is on this planet.


I’m not sure whether or not to believe in this pre-arranged kind of life. I have no way of verifying and experiencing this personally. Religion and science offer vague and unverifiable responses too.

Nevertheless, what I experience through life clearly points to a design. I did not plan to be what I am now. I did not plan to take up two doctoral degrees. I did not plan to be a writer, much less to publish six cosmic books.

I did not plan to lead the kind of life and lifestyle I’m living now. My career and my vocation are a result of serendipitous and synchronous events.

On the contrary, I planned so many things in the past but they never materialized. With scholarship offers behind me, I enrolled at the Ateneo de Manila University and visited the Asian Institute of Management (AIM). But some forces literally directed me to the Asian Social Institute (ASI), a dilapidated building at that time, to study my master’s degree in Economics and later my PhD decree in Applied Cosmic Anthropology.

I did not plan either to take up my doctoral degree in Interdisciplinary Studies at the Gregorian University in Rome, Italy or pursue my post doctoral fellowship studies at Siegen University in Germany.

I ventured into business. It failed miserably. I immersed myself in politics, but everybody was just using everybody, the Machiavellian way, to further their political ambitions.

The means always justify the end. And although the end (whether profit or power) may be justifiable, the means were often fiercely competitive, ruthless, and violent.

In the process, I only encountered troubles and misfortunes, as if I was only collecting frustration, anger, desperation, ill-health that kept on filing up over time. It was a ferociously stressful life that brought me every now and then to the emergency room of several hospitals here and abroad.

It was this process that I underwent through this earthly life.

What and who I am now has materialized not because it is my own design but because of an invisible force coming out of nowhere that becomes even more persistent when I ignore it, that it has to manifest itself in me as a thunderous voice.

I am … not because I define for myself the kind of person I want to be, but because of an invisible force or voice that impels me to become who I will be.

I’m certain that this inner force or voice is in each one of us. It’s just a matter of being always conscious of it from moment to moment in our daily life.

This is not a matter of faith. It’s a matter of knowledge of who we are and how we become to be what we are today.

Who and what I become here-and-now and who and what I’ll become tomorrow and in the life hereafter no longer become my concern because I know how to be what I want to be, according to some cosmic design.

I have learned to discern and seize opportunities and potentialities that I “think” or “feel” will hoist me up to greater heights and pedestals from where I am at the moment.

Is this invisible force within me, the God of religion or the Energy of science? I still don’t know! For me, this is something yet to be resolved.

What I experienced out there was a Living Light filled with living entities and beings interacting and communing with each other in love, peace, and harmony.

Reincarnation and Resurrection

Paul J. Dejillas, Ph.D. - April 17, 2022


If asked whether they believe in reincarnation, Catholics would say "I believe in resurrection", implying categorically that they don't believe in reincarnation.

As a Catholic, I too believe in resurrection. And I remain a Catholic even if I believe in reincarnation because Jesus will reincarnate and reembody in human form once more when He comes again.

And this could also happen to us. Who knows, our present life is a reincarnation and re-embodiment of some of our previous lives.

Personally, I believe I was a mineral, bacteria, insect, plant, tree, and an animal in my previous lives before I take my present human form. All their marks and footprints are already in my blood, genes, and DNA continuing to influence my ways of thinking, feeling, and behavior.

Now that we celebrate the Resurrection and Ascension of our Lord Jesus, I’m looking forward to His reincarnation.

The Second Coming: Time to Relax

Paul J. Dejillas, Ph.D. - March 23, 2022


The Egyptians await for the second coming of their Lord Horus.

The Greeks await for the second coming of their Lord Zeus.

The Hindus await for the second coming of their Lord Shiva.

The Jews await for the second coming of a Messiah that comes from the line of David.

Christians await for the second coming of Jesus.

Islams await for the second coming of Mohammad.

The Chinese await for the second coming of their God tian, (for “heaven” or “sky”).

The Russians await for the second coming of their Lord Veles or Volos

So do other nationalities across the globe like the Japanese, South Koreans, and the Pacific Islanders, among many others.

Could it be that the God whose second coming we are all waiting for is the same person, but known only by their different names?

If so, does this mean that we have been worshipping and honoring the same God all the while? Does this mean too that all religions are the same?

If this God we are all waiting for is the same Lord, then, when it finally comes, we can really be assured of global peace and harmony. Those who have sinned will have their blessings and forgiveness. We will all be saved.

But wait a minute. Nobody can tell when our Lord is coming and Satan is always with us, establishing its kingdom too, here on earth, too eager to snatch us anytime.

Something must be done.

But perhaps, there is no more second coming. For the Lord we had been waiting for is already within us. Its Kingdom has already come and we are challenged to prove that the Lord is really reigning here on earth through us.

Others would perhaps add (in levity perhaps and let’s allow them):

“No! the Lord is not within us. It’s outside running for political office, busily campaigning to seize power first before its will can be done here on earth as it is in heaven. They must be elected first before we can all be saved or condemned to hell.”

OMG. I think I need some more enlightenment.