Second Coming

Humanity is Waiting for the Second Coming of God

May 21, 2022


The Egyptians await for the second coming of their Lord Horus.

The Greeks await for the second coming of their Lord Zeus.

The Hindus await for the second coming of their Lord Shiva.

The Buddhists are waiting for the second coming of the Lord Gautama Buddha.

The Jews await for the second coming of YHWH.

Christians await for the second coming of Jesus.

Islams await for the second coming of Mohammad.

The Chinese await for the second coming of their God Tian.

The Russians await for the second coming of their Lord Veles.

So do other nationalities across the globe like the Japanese, South Koreans, and the Pacific Islanders, among many others.

If this is so, could the God whose second coming we are all waiting for be the same divine entity, only they are called in different names?

The Second Coming of Jesus Christ

April 22, 2022

But is it still the same Jesus Christ who died, resurrected, and ascended into heaven more than 2,000 years ago? Will he descend from the heavens in his glorious, resurrected body, flanked by all those martyrs and saints who died in his name?

In my research and experience, I don’t think so (the reasons are elaborated in much detail in my forthcoming 8th cosmic book again, Cosmic Origin – Part 3).

In the end, it’s the Cosmic Christ that will fulfill the second coming. But his second coming is not marked by a triumphal march appearing from the clouds above, but from within us—in our Consciousness, mind, heart, blood, genes, and DNA. For his kingdom has already been implanted in us thousands of years ago.

We are supposed to realize his second coming. Only us can tell when the second coming is, not even his Father in heaven or Jesus himself knows.

And the second coming is nearing. We are getting closer and closer. It takes only 144,000 souls to activate a good number from the entire humanity, and this quota is nearing. Only us know whether we are part of the 144k souls or not.

Our lifetime is supposed to be a preparation for this big cosmic event where love, compassion, order, peace, and harmony for 2000 years.

Let’s not be too assuming that we will go to that state we call heaven if we continue to harbor feelings of ill will, hatred, revenge, greed, corruption, violence, against our neighbors, even if our intentions are sublime and noble. The stairway to that state we call hell is also paved with good intentions.

Not all of us will be saved and Jesus also cannot save us, because it is only us who do our own saving, not even other human beings. That salvific act has already been implanted to us by Jesus more than 2,000 years ago.

We have to do our own part, otherwise we will be left behind here on this 4-D bubble where there will be more pain and suffering than joy and peace. We must learn lessons from all this. And Earth is our schoolhouse.


The Sacred Heart and the Secular Heart are Two Different Things

Paul J. Dejillas, Ph.D. – June 14, 2021


The Sacred Heart of Jesus and the secular heart of men and women are two different things.

How do you know if you're speaking from your mind or from your heart? Knowing this is important since their difference has some significant effects on ourselves and our society.

Our brain is divided into two lobes, the left, also symbolized as the mind and the right, represented as the heart.

The left brain gives more value to reason, coherence, and logical. It is methodical, analytical, and more verbal. It's known for its masculinity, inhumanity, fierceness, and insensitivity on the plight of others.

The right brain is more artistic, stylish, creative, ingenious, compassionate, relying more on symbols, intuition, and gut feeling than reason. The heart knows what the mind does not understand.

Researches and scientific findings strongly indicate that men are more left-brained, while women are more right-brained.

The distinction between mind and heart appears inconsequential and insignificant since we don't have two brains, but only one brain inside our skull.

Yet, the vibrational manifestations of the left and right brain are not one and the same. In reality, we have two brains and their competing effects on our thoughts and actions are as real as night and day.

Even then, something is greatly wrong. For this could mean we have a split personality. Thoughts and feelings are supposed to complement each other. Blissful thoughts go with joyful and happy feelings, not sad ones.

Something is really wrong when feelings of love and compassion on an individual goes with hatred and anger on the same individual. Sadly, some even have multiple personalities.

If you're entangled with this type of mental dysfunction, there can never be inner peace and harmony. It's time to sit down and be equilibrated by the animating force of nothingness and emptiness.

We are one essentially undivided unity and in order to maintain this oneness in us, we need to balance our masculine and feminine energies and be aware of this equilibrium as we relate with others in our day-to-day life.

This oneness exists in the Sacred Heart of Jesus. How he achieved it, has been a great challenge for humanity through the millennia. A few were successful because they have applied what they discovered. Sadly, others failed because they want others first to follow the teachings and exemplary life of Jesus.

Fact Check....

Our society today is predominantly masculine, dominating our systems of education, leadership, governance, politics, economy, and even religion and culture. It's no coincidence that we witness around us so much violence, exploitation, deception, injustices, chaos and disorder.

We are in dire need of more feminine rather than masculine energy today, a ratio of 55:45 in favor of women to be voted or appointed to various public and private offices from the national down to the village level.