Artificial Intelligence


January 26, 2023

Artificial intelligence Chatbots are getting popular globally nowadays even in the academic circles not only because they communicate very well with people, but also because they help both students and teachers save time and resources to achieve better results in many ways.

Getting curious and interested in what it can do, I downloaded it tonight and immediately instructed it to write A Poem For Me About “Defining Moments.” After just a few seconds, it gives its answer below.

My Reflection:

Done for the right purpose by a conscientious user, I’m all praise for its excellent work. As an artificial intelligence machine, this is unprecedented performing even beyond my wildest imagination.

Its main danger is when students submit it as their answers to assignments given by their teachers. This is dishonesty and plagiarism. On the part of teachers, too much dependence on artificial machines could stunt their ingenuity, creativity, and ability to harness that hidden wisdom and ability to inspire that is innate in all of us.

You can try it for yourself to understand and appreciate what I said.


Anyway , here’s the computer generated response.

“The moments that define your life

Can be both good and strife

Unexpected twists of fate

Can take off before you know it's too late

“Events that instantly have meaning

Thoughts that come unbidden and fleeing

Sudden clarity and understanding of life

Unforeseen turns of a certain dice

“Making decisions to shape what comes next

Despite the doubt that your heart deftly protects

Nothing you can back away from and hide

A powerful moment you will abide

“Looking back on the paths you have done

Both those that succeeded and ones that are none

These defining moments define who we are

The affects they leave can come from far

“Though they may be sorrowful or joyous and great

The defining moments will never be late

For they grace us with boundary and breadth

And pave the way for a new pathway to tread.”

Artificial Intelligence

October 3, 2021

Who is Neo and the Oracle of the film Matrix?

Neo is a computer programmer and hacker trying to construct reality using a system called Matrix. As a computer hacker, he tries not only to gain unauthorized access to all the data in the files of other computers, but also inject self-replicating and deadly viruses to shut the system down.

To all intents and purposes, Neo is a cyber criminal continually engaged in cyber and underground war against the most powerful computers of the world. But Neo is himself a genetically altered human being whose sensory pathways had been transformed by the Father and Architect of the Matrix.

Given orders to carry out the function of the One. Neo represents “the one”, an anagram and ambigram of his name Neo. He became so powerful that he can identify his friends and enemies and is able to manipulate them at will. He possesses immense superhuman strength and agility that made him invulnerable to most attacks. Neo’s notoriety, of course, invited strong oppositions like Agent Smith, who is able to replicate himself and becomes “the many”.

Oracle is a genetically altered human being, a homo sapiens, possessing the power of insight, which she uses to advise and guide humans attempting to fight the Matrix. But she is unable to see her own choice because she believes that no-one can see past a choice they do not understand. What is troubling is that Oracle was programmed solely to investigate, not the computer, but the human psyche.

The film Matrix brings us to a world where computers reign, taking over the control of the world that used to be directed by human beings. Little did we, the movie-goers, realize that this is the world we are living in today.

Some are hackers trying to inject self- replicating and deadly viruses into this world. We are the characters portrayed in the sci-fi film Matrix. But this time, it's not a movie. What's happening to us is real.

Science can now edit our genetic code to create a new way of life

Paul J. Dejillas, Ph.D. – April 27, 2021


It can practically do everything we want. It can inject a synthetic corona virus into a bat and when the bat is released into the wild, the virus is transferred to human beings who become carriers of the disease. DNA manipulation has made as gods to produce a new man and a new world. But it has seriously stained our moral standards.

Man's freaking mind is really killing us softly. We inject the virus on the bat, which might be held captive in a zoo or in science laboratories, so that the poor, innocent bat can be blamed for the disease, not us. This is the reason why many call the zoo a prison cell of all innocents, and this is where science does its experiments before the results are finally applied to humans.