Lee, Dominic

Religion Should Apply Their Teachings (the Bible, Sutra, Koran, Sanskrit, 

Tao Te Ching, and Atheism) Hand-in-Hand with 

Their Own Cultural Historical Classics.

Ancient Chinese people believed that Shang Di (Cosmic God) is supreme and sovereign. No creature can compare with Him, even the emperor’s home. The Imperial Palace is not supreme. The faith of the people in the Cosmic God incarnated and permeated into the Chinese culture. God revealed Himself to the Chinese people through the Chinese culture. Therefore, the Chinese historical classics are actually the Chinese Bible. Similarly, God revealed Himself to the Filipinos through the Filipino culture. Therefore, the Filipino classics are actually the Filipino Bible. In my personal opinion, a parish priest should not only pay great attention to the Bible, but he should also pay more attention to Chinese cultural historical classics. Moreover, when a priest in China is preaching on the right hand, on the left, he should hold the Chinese cultural historical classics.