Abijan, Remedios

  1. Cosmology and anthropology: towards a merger
  2.  A quick selfie: Our Cosmic Origins (Dejillas, 2017)
  3. The many ways of knowing the truth and the fallacy of Rene Descarte 
  4. The Evolving Universe (Redfield, et.al., 2002)
  5. Positioning yourself for inquiry
  6. Phenomenological Inquiry as illustrated in a study: "Education for Compassion- Joining the global conversation on HIV & AIDS" (Abijan, 2008)
  7. Guided Writing (first 3 chapters) - Model: Greening a new Generation (Abijan, 2015)
  8. Building conceptual themes from stories of co-researchers
  9. Model: Kissing the Earth (Abijan, 2014)
  10. Individual consultation on working titles and research questions
  11. Publish or Perish: From Research to Publication
  12. The past, the present, and the destiny of humanity"
  13. Good bye God: the mechanistic universe
  14. The rebirth of nature and the greening of God (Sheldrake, 2004)
  15. Love, sex and the cosmos (Ilia Delio, 2013)
  16. The future of humanity ... QP (Dejillas, 2018).

I am deeply honored with the presence of my esteemed professor at my book launching, Dr Paul Dejillas. From you I drank deeply my cosmic orientation. I sought the brillance of your mind as i sat in the many sessions, where you delivered your masterpiece . . . Only to surrender to take a trek to the formless, boundless, and timeless higher consciousness you so magnificently laid for us to find. Indeed, i am bound to find my personal legend as i collapse the boundaries along the way. With so much gratitude, Dr Paul, i am your student, will still be your student as we transition to defy Rene Descarte theory that has caused western dualism. So problematic in our modern epistemology. (I am remedios nalundasan-abijan, ph.d.)