Lubang, Jeffrey

My reckoning and reflection during the "dark period" that teaching is truly a passion and a noble undertaking allowed me to bounce back and be on my toes. 

Although face to face lecture suits me best - setting aside the fact that there is this 21st century pedagogical skills to consider - I continued doing the old ways which i have known to work inside the classroom - give a full lecture on historical topics the way a traditional historian would deliver - insightful, intriguing, navigate through the dark side at times, to revisit historical narratives in the tradition of the impressively epical but insightful lectures of the likes of 

  1. the late and highly esteemed mentors Dr. Florentino Hornedo (Philosophical thoughts, UST PhD class), 
  2. Dr. Alice Guillermo (Art Criticism, UPD MA Class), and from my recent academic mentors such as 
  3. Dr. Felipe de Leon (Culture and Society courses, ASI PhD class), 
  4. Dr. Paul Dejillas (Metaphysics, ASI PhD class), 
  5. Dr. Mina Ramirez (Lectures on Phenomenology, ASI PhD class) 

I am so inspired by the way they allowed me to explore other potentials in my academic life. 

I hope I am really back on my feet, using the old but effective ways which I have come to share to my learners in the past and continue to pursue at present. Dated but still worth doing. The note really made my day. #grateful