Multidimensional Living

A Model of a Multidimensional World

Paul J. Dejillas, Ph.D.

May 31, 2021


If we are in a state of Consciousness, we are in another dimension of life that is much higher than our 4-D realm of existence.

And there can be different levels of dimension out there in space and time. Let me express my model of a multidimensional world.

One who is overly concerned with its own survival is in the 1st dimension. Around 99% of the time, one searches for food, protecting territory, and driving away trespassers, while violence and killing are done to prove one's power and superiority.

These basic instinctual and existential concerns can be seen by brain scientists and neurosurgeons like fireflies flashing diverse colors in the reptilian part of our brain.

In the meantime, people who live in the 2nd dimension are engrossed in the mental world. They are concerned with knowledge accumulation, derived from reading books and communicating with the learned and experts.

Unlike those in the 1st dimension, they are primarily concerned with the development of their career. Mind is more powerful than muscles and physical prowess. Educational degrees are seen as indicators for success and growth and serve as the foundation for material wealth, job ranking and promotion, job security, good business, and even success in leadership and governance.

These people are career individuals. Mental activities in the 2nd dimension can be glimpsed in the limbic system of our brain using a powerful microscope.

Meanwhile, individuals who are able to detect the 3rd dimension are those who are considered nowadays as psychics, mediums, sensitive, or spiritualists. They can communicate with the spirits of our ancestors, elders, and even saints, angels, or demons, and can see visions, apparitions, or ghostly images.

While in this world, they are able to see things and events not seen or visible to our five physical senses, through their Third Eye, a faculty which is also innate in all of us.

In science, these psychic-related activities are noticed in the occipital lobe and limbic system, a small section of the brain near the back of the skull. The occipital lobe is considered as the door that opens to the unknown and possible communion with discarnate and disembodied spirits.

People who are able to commune with those in the 5th dimension are able to go beyond our 4-D world of space-time. The 5th dimension is the realm where everything is so subtle that there are no more physical bodies, only luminous, ethereal forms.

In the 5-D realm, there is only pure awareness and pure Consciousness communing with itself, also referred to as the dimension of Self-Consciousness or Self-Realization. Activities in this realm are seen congregating in the frontal lobe known as the neocortex, which is the recent development of our brain.

Beyond the 5-D realm are other subtler hierarchical realms and structures which are generally considered the abode of God, gods, or goddesses, spirits, angels, archangels, seraphim, cherubim, etc.

It goes without saying then that we are multi-dimensional beings. We can be at several dimensions simultaneously because of the built-in multidimensionality of our brain. We are as multidimensional as the Cosmos out there.

The activities in our brain identify who or what we are. We just have to ask: “Which part of my brain is most dominant in me?” Only you can answer this. Are you more of a reptilian, career, or medium-oriented individual? Or, are you the conscious observer of all this?

The challenge is primarily how to balance our imbalanced brain. But, even if you have all the resources, don't be swayed by the alluring offers of neuroscientists and brain surgeons to replace your defective brain with an organic, healthier, more balanced, and spiritual one, even for free.

Balancing our brain is a process that we have to undertake and experience personally through trial-and-error methods so we can monitor our progress daily from moment to moment. Albert Einstein says "Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving."

Living in a Zero-Dimensional (0-D) World

July 9, 2023

Our cosmic origin can be traced back to the time when there was still nothing. But this nothingness contained several tiny elements ready to manifest themselves, given the opportune time and appropriate conditions.

In religion, this nothingness is symbolized by living water, made possible because the Spirit of the Lord hovered over it. In science, this nothingness is equivalent to the zero-point field that was bubbling with quantum particles that would later manifest themselves in the Big Bang.

In both cases, we already existed even before the appearance of time, space, and matter. Our genes and DNA can be traced back from nothingness.

Living during this period can be likened to that time when we were still incubated in the womb of our mother, fragile but possessing all the faculties and power to become fully conscious and to choose the kind of life we want to become.

But many today are still in this sorry and horrible state of life and existence even if they have already taken a human form. We have to graduate from being in a state of nothingness to somebody who is already fully conscious beings as well as masters of our own fate and captains of our souls.

Living in a One-Dimensional (1-D) World

July 9, 2023

Our earthly life can be traced back to the appearance of stones some four billion years ago. Yes, we were stones in our previous lifetimes.

Living a stone-like existence is living a stationary and fixed life, enclosed in a stone-shaped wall that is vulnerable to any predators and easily washed away by the vagaries of nature.

This state of living manifests itself to us today as feelings such as being ignored, disregarded, trampled upon, or thrown away at will by others. This, in turn, makes us feel isolated, lonely, dejected, downtrodden, fearful, abandoned, depressed, or helpless.

Many of us may still be experiencing living as a stone. Yet, like a stone, we can also be sturdy and strong enough because we possess an innate faculty and power, which we inherited from the zero-dimensional world, to rise up and get out of our stone-walled compartment.

But we can do this only if we open ourselves to the outside environment and are willing to learn valuable lessons in the process of interaction. Otherwise, we might reincarnate again as stones in our next life just to learn more lessons.

Yet, it’s much more exciting, fun, and enriching to live in the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th up to the 12th dimensional realm of life and existence. Rising a step up above the ascending cosmic ladder is really learning lessons from our previous lower-dimensional lives. And this is what life is really all about.

Living in a Two-Dimensional (2-D) World

July 17, 2023


This is the world of some plants and animals. They can go forward and backward, turn left or right, or climb up and ho down. They are more territorial. They would not allow trespassing.

They will react vehemently and aggressively for they feel that their security and survival are being strengthened. Trespass against them and tears will flow, blood will shed. Competition is very ferocious and fierce.

We also have this inherent instinct to be territorial. We use CCTV cameras, install electric wires, and hire security guards, to protect our properties. No ID, no entry.

Is this good or bad? Goodness and badness depend on several factors. What is good or bad for one might not be good for others. We have our own yardsticks to follow.

Some say that there’s really nothing good or bad. It’s our reaction to the internal or external stimuli that makes it bad. Others say that as long as our thoughts, feelings, and actions do not hurt others and are beneficial to all sentient beings, then, we become more inclusive than exclusive.

For us humans, to live life fully from a cosmic perspective is to live as one and in communion and empathy with the minerals, plants, trees, and animals.

Living in a Three-Dimensional (3-D) World

July 18, 2023

This kind of life is common in the agricultural or rural sector. This can be a

(1) farmland engaged in crop, plant, or tree production,

(2) fishery involved in fish breeding,

(3) coral protection,

(4) or livestock engaged in breeding of chicken, hogs, poultry products, etc.

The farmer’s movement is limited:

(1) from the house to the farm and back,

(2) from the farm to the neighbors as a form of socialization like singing, dancing, cockfighting, and back home.

(3) of course, farmers can also climb up trees to harvest fruits, or coconut trees to produce wine.

This is the farmer’s daily routine. Simple, but happy, blissful, loving, and compassionate.

In addition, farmers can be very much aware of the existence of other invisible inhabitants around them, living in trees, rivers, caves, streams, stones, hills, mountains, skies, etc. They can feel and even see the presence of spirits, ghosts, dwarves, fairies, gnomes, and even centaurs, etc.

Farmers are conscious that the world they live in is both physical and spiritual as well as enchanting, magical, mythical, and mystical.

Farmers live life fully and happily in their 3-D world by communing with the minerals, plants, trees, animals, and invisible spirits, performing rituals like food offerings, dances, songs, memorial celebrations, annual festivals, holy days, etc.

There’s no awareness or concept of time. The only time they know are the periodic seasons of the year. Unlike those in the metropolis, they don't wear watches or hang clocks on their walls. Their life is not dictated by Bundy clocks Yet, they know time simply by looking at the skies, sun, moon, and stars, or by the sounds of their animals, the seasonal appearances of crops and fruit trees, weather fluctuations, climate changes, etc.

They are not pressured to do planning. They don’t keep tight schedules daily. They are not busy at all since everything proceeds according to the vagaries of nature. They simply go with the flow of the seasons.

They know when a storm, flood, or hurricane is approaching. They know when to till, plant, harvest, celebrate, tend, and play with their pets and animals.

Our life in the urban areas is far more different. I wonder who is more happy! My grandparents live on top of the mountains and me who are surrounded by all the amenities and perks as a result of globalization. Our urban life is already a highly 4-D construct.

Living in a Four-Dimensional (4-D) World

July 19, 2023


Moving forward-Backward; Left-Right; Up-Down PLUS the TIME we are doing it. Albert Einstein added time as another dimension on equal footing with space. We are all free to decide which direction or path we will take and the time we are going to do it.

Because of time elements, humans begin to invent and use tools to speed up production (fast food, ready-to-build houses, instant coffee), in the process, gaining expertise, knowledge as well as creativity, ingenuity, imagination, and resourcefulness.

We are able to produce bodily organs to replace worn-out ones or invent gadgets that improve our efficiency and productivity. We are able to invent anti-viruses to prevent and counteract foreign bacteria that are damaging to our molecular and cellular systems.

Not only this. We can also create humanoid robots and artificial intelligence to do almost everything for us. We can restructure our genes and DNA for us to become supermen and superwomen.

We have all the talents, expertise, qualities, and structure to do practically what we need and want in life. All these qualities are innate in our body, mind, and spirit.

Exercising freely what we desire for the good of humanity is limitless. We can only be derailed if we use our power and faculties for our own personal advantage to the detriment of others.

Does this mean that free will is bad?

Not so. It is how we exercise our choice and respond to external conditions that make it bad or good. It’s just like a knife that can be used to cut wood and other thick objects. Or, like a fire that can be used to cook our food, warm our bodies, or burn buildings, forests, etc.

How we live in our 4-D world reflects our personality and the kind of world we are creating. Our present and future depends on each of us. What will ultimately reign depends on our collective choice and will.

Let’s rise up from the 0-D, 1-D, 2-D, and 3-D style of living so we can build a new breed of humanity, a new world, and a new heaven on earth.

Possible or not?

Living in a Five-Dimensional (5-D) World and Beyond

July 24, 2023


The 5th dimension is the realization of the New Humanity, New World, and New Heaven on earth. This is the state to where our planet is now rising as more and more of humanity across the globe become fully liberated from their 4-D shackles.

Yet, while this brings good tidings to the awakened and enlightened, this is as scary as it is troubling to those who cannot free themselves from their 4-D confinements.

Earth will be split into two and it will take millions and billions of years for those left behind to catch up with those in the 5th dimension. By that time, many are already rising to the 6th dimension and even beyond.

This is the entire cosmic evolutionary process, where humanity and the world are ascending continually, at various paces, until we all rest in Thee, Oh Lord.

Just an abbreviated prognosis of what is to come.