One-Dimensional Density

Living in a One-Dimensional (1-D) World

Paul Dejillas, Ph.D.

July 9, 2023


Our earthly life can be traced back to the appearance of stones some four billion years ago. Yes, we were stones in our previous lifetimes.

Living a stone-like existence is living a stationary and fixed life, enclosed in a stone-shaped wall that is vulnerable to any predators and easily washed away by the vagaries of nature.

This state of living manifests itself to us today as feelings such as being ignored, disregarded, trampled upon, or thrown away at will by others. This, in turn, makes us feel isolated, lonely, dejected, downtrodden, fearful, abandoned, depressed, or helpless.

Many of us may still be experiencing living as a stone. Yet, like a stone, we can also be sturdy and strong enough because we possess an innate faculty and power, which we inherited from the zero-dimensional world, to rise up and get out of our stone-walled compartment.

But we can do this only if we open ourselves to the outside environment and are willing to learn valuable lessons in the process of interaction. Otherwise, we might reincarnate again as stones in our next life just to learn more lessons.

Yet, it’s much more exciting, fun, and enriching to live in the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th up to the 12th dimensional realm of life and existence. Rising a step up above the ascending cosmic ladder is really learning lessons from our previous lower-dimensional lives. And this is what life is really all about.