Two-Dimensional Density

Living in a Two-Dimensional (2-D) World

Paul Dejillas, Ph.D.

July 17, 2023


This is the world of some plants and animals. They can go forward and backward, turn left or right. They are more territorial. They would not allow trespassing.

They will react vehemently and aggressively for they feel that their security and survival are being strengthened. Trespass against them and tears will flow, blood will shed. Competition is very ferocious and fierce.

We also have this inherent instinct to be territorial. We use CCTV cameras, install electric wires, and hire security guards, to protect our properties. No ID, no entry.

Is this good or bad? Goodness and badness depend on several factors. What is good or bad for one might not be good for others. We have our own yardsticks to follow.

Some say that there’s really nothing good or bad. It’s our reaction to the internal or external stimuli that makes it bad. Others say that as long as our thoughts, feelings, and actions do not hurt others and are beneficial to all sentient beings, then, we become more inclusive than exclusive.

For us humans, to live life fully from a cosmic perspective is to live as one and in communion and empathy with the minerals, plants, trees, and animals.