Four-Dimensional World

Ghosting is the game of earthly life

Paul J. Dejillas, Ph.D.

September 6, 2023


The term “ghosting” is seldom used in day-to-day communications. The Google dictionary describes ghosting "as the practice of suddenly ending all communication and avoiding contact with another person without any apparent warning or explanation and ignoring any subsequent attempts to communicate.”

Ghosting involves two individuals, namely, the person feeling ghosted and the person doing the ghosting, or let me call it “ghoster.” They are two sides of the same coin. The coin exists only because it has two sides.

We can be on either side of the coin. Unknowingly, it can also happen that we can be both the ghosted and the ghoster. The situation even gets more complicated if ghosting involves so many individuals.

We are living this complicated kind of life because this world is really tailored and meant to be so, to label us as this or that kind of a person.

In the final analysis, this boils down to knowing and identifying who or what we really are.

But can we transcend ghosting in such a way that we no longer identify ourselves as the ghosted or ghoster? I know we all have our answers.

Good luck to all of us.


No-Rice, No-Sugar, and Low-Carb Diet

Paul J. Dejillas, Ph.D.

August 24, 2023


Consult your family physician or do some research on the Internet and you will find that rice, whether white or brown, is rich in carbohydrates. They contain sugar. Some may have lower-level sugar content while others may have higher. Nonetheless, they contain sugar.

What is true for rice is also true for fruits (glucose, nonetheless still sweet and sugar), bread, pasta, noodles, and other flour products, iced tea, corn syrup, soft drinks, fruit juices, carbonated drinks, yogurt, diluted honey, etc. And we all know that sugar, whether raw, unrefined, organic, sweeteners, or Moscato, is one of the primary causes of benign or chronic diseases.

They include weight gain, obesity, diabetes, risk of heart attacks, cancer, depression, bad skin (from what is normally white to dark), sagging skin, wrinkles, skin itch, GERD, formation of cavities, fatty organs (liver, etc.), pneumonia.

Their prolonged use is addictive and can lead to brain atrophy or shrinking brain, sleep deprivation (insomnia), clogged veins, restricted blood flow that can trigger frequent urination, erectile dysfunction, irregular menstrual period, mental difficulties, stress, panic attacks, dementia, Alzheimer’s or Parkinson's disease.

All because of rice, sugar, and starchy foods…too much carb.

Many say that we need sugar. Indeed. But also know that our body has built-in mechanisms to produce sugar. The American Heart Association (AHA) says that “the body does not need any added sugar to function healthily.” The Food and Drug Association (FDA) says some are safe, but this does not mean that taking added sugar is necessarily healthy and nutritious.

Based on the above, here’s what I did to reduce my intake of carbohydrates.

First, by not eating rice at all. There is no substitute for rice. Well, there are but I don’t discuss them here because they are very costly and require a lot of time and effort to prepare, not counting the cooking utensils needed to cook them. Many are not also found in the groceries.

It was quite difficult for me at first not to eat rice because I grew up in a place where rice is the main staple, eaten even with only a pinch of salt or a few drops of soy sauce. When I started to abandon rice, I was not always fully satisfied, even if I consumed at least two cups of rice a day, as per my nutritionist’s prescription.

Second, I shifted to bread and fruits. But in the process, I learned that they also contained even more sugar than rice. To meet the required level of my protein requirement, I continued eating fish, the size of my palm, upon the advice of my nutritionist.

I reduced my intake of pork and red meat upon the advice of my cardiologist until I was able to totally drop them out of my daily menu.

Third, my greatest weakness is vegetarian pizza and pasta. I cannot really do without them at first. But I learned likewise that they are flour-based and starchy, and their prolonged intake has the same effect as that of sugar, rice, and bread.

And what are their effects on my physical, mental, psychological, and spiritual body?

The results of laboratory findings (for many years now) showed a clean bill of health. Sugar content, cholesterol level, PSA, liver function, creatinine, mineral and vitamin studies, BP, ECG, and X-ray, all within normal levels.

Only because of the inevitable aging effect that I am given some medications and supplements to strengthen my immune system and maintain my normal health conditions. My BP shoots up sharply, especially at night, only when I forget to take my maintenance drugs.

But I'm also a party-goer where meat, juices, colas, beer, and alcohol dominate the main menu. What I always do is to eat at home first before going to a party.

In the party, which sometimes involved hopping from one bar to another, I occupy myself by inviting the beautiful bar ladies to customize a drink of my choice.

Bar ladies are usually comforting. After a few sips of alcohol, they always listen to my confessions attentively. And they don't charge for their services or give penance for my confessions. Who needs a priest-confessor when I can easily do it in the bar at no cost?

Well, I hope this unsolicited piece of article is of help and assistance. But I warn you. This is not prescriptive, but mainly preventive measures I adopted for myself.

I can now prove with conviction that rice, sugar, fruit juices, colas, sweeteners, starchy foods can be totally avoided without damaging one’s health. With alcohol, I am not so sure because of the benefits of going to the bar.

You may have to formulate your own health regimen and observe what its effects are on your health.

Good luck and see you soon in my favorite bars.


Changing the World We Live In

Paul J. Dejillas, Ph.D.

August 21, 2023


We are born and raised within a given historical and cultural context. Our beliefs, culture, values, and the time we appear are the ones defining who and what we are, and, without any question, we assume this to be true.

Our identity is so ingrained in our way of seeing the world that we have not even bothered to examine whether the beliefs and culture we hold so dearly are really serving the kind of life we want, both for ourselves and for the society we live in.

These unquestioned beliefs are so entrenched in our ways of thinking, feeling, and behaving that they already become a fundamental part of our DNA and subconscious mind. This accounts for why it is so difficult for us now to uproot these beliefs.

Many do not want to look at them for fear that they might be disrespecting their long-adhered religious beliefs. As a result, we are no longer able to examine our way of viewing reality objectively.

We need to slow down a bit and take some moments of silence and solitude to scrutinize the beliefs that shape our understanding of ourselves and examine whether or not these beliefs are really serving us. Look at what our modern culture is today and what we have become as a result of it.

The haves and the have-nots, the masters and the slaves, the rich and the poor, the rulers and the ruled, the elite and the hoi polloi, the capitalist and the proletariat, the landlord and the farmer, the manager and the rank-and-file, propagated under the catchy banner of religion or ideology.

This two-tiered type of social stratification has been responsible for shaping ourselves—our ways of thinking, feeling, and behaving—cemented by the force of manipulation and intimidation. When this prevails, religion and ideology become a disadvantage and a burden, rather than advantageous and beneficial.

But this is the kind of world we are living in today. And our espoused beliefs are the primary ones defining and classifying who and what we are in society.

If we change the beliefs that are ruling us at the moment, we can change the nature of our societal structures and how they ought to function. And what better way to change our world than by allowing the real nature of who and what we really are to manage and direct our lives?

Undoubtedly, it can be seriously challenging, risky, and even scary for some of us to know and change these enslaving beliefs of ours. But until we do so now, we will, for millions and billions of years, remain in this oppressive state and cycle of poverty and oppression, manipulation and deception, competition and corruption.

Act we must! Hopefully, despite the uncertainties we face in life, risk-taking can be rewarding at the end.


Living in a Four-Dimensional (4-D) World

Paul Dejillas, Ph.D.

July 21, 2023


Moving forward-Backward; Left-Right; Up-Down PLUS the TIME we are doing it. Albert Einstein added time as another dimension on equal footing with space. We are all free to decide which direction or path we will take and the time we are going to do it.

Because of the time element, humans begin to invent and use tools to speed up production (fast food, ready-to-build houses, instant coffee), in the process, gaining expertise, knowledge as well as creativity, ingenuity, imagination, and resourcefulness.

We are able to produce bodily organs to replace worn-out ones or invent gadgets that improve our efficiency and productivity. We are able to invent anti-viruses to prevent and counteract foreign bacteria that are damaging to our molecular and cellular systems.

Not only this. We can also create humanoid robots and artificial intelligence to do almost everything for us. We can restructure our genes and DNA for us to become supermen and superwomen.

We have all the talents, expertise, qualities, and structure to do practically what we need and want in life. All these qualities are innate in our body, mind, and spirit.

Exercising freely what we desire for the good of humanity is limitless. We can only be derailed if we use our power and faculties for our own personal advantage to the detriment of others.

Does this mean that free will is bad?

Not so. It is how we exercise our choice and respond to external conditions that make it bad or good. It’s just like a knife that can be used to cut wood and other thick objects. Or, like a fire that can be used to cook our food, warm our bodies, or burn buildings, forests, etc.

How we live in our 4-D world reflects our personality and the kind of world we are creating. Our present and future depends on each of us. What will ultimately reign depends on our collective choice and will.

Let’s rise up from the 0-D, 1-D, 2-D, and 3-D style of living so we can build a new breed of humanity, a new world, and a new heaven on earth.

Possible or not?

Our Four-Dimensional World

Paul Dejillas, Ph.D.

July 8, 2023


Anything we have ascribed to ourselves is an earthly construct, needed in this four-dimensional wall of ours if we are to survive and exist.

We need them, yes, to transact business with governments, schools, churches, and mass media. To them, we don’t exist if we can’t identify ourselves properly, backed up with legal documents. We’re non-entities, not worthy of respect and dignity.

Just try to go to a street where you’re not known, camouflaged as a shaggy, dirty, unkempt, and deranged individual and, with a pitying look, begging for alms for your food.

I just remember the ancient knowledge and wisdom saying there are other worlds and dimensions out there where we have other identities. This has been proven to be so by contemporary science.

In fact, ancient texts and scientific discoveries concur there are 12 universes out there. We have multiple realities, multiple dimensions, and also multiple “I’s”, in fact, we have 12 personal identities all-in-all. And we can access and know our Twin Souls or our Other Selves out there in the other dimensions instantaneously and at the same time.

Only those that are impermanent, infinite, and immortal are real. Other identities simply pass by and go away. They are illusions, a product of all those attributes imposed on us from the external world since our birthing here on earth.

Something to reflect.

Getting Out of this Corrupt State and Deteriorating World

Paul Dejillas, Ph.D.

July 5, 2023


We had been grumbling, complaining, and blaming our leaders, regardless of who was in control and in power. Yet, we're like our ancient prophets crying in the wilderness, with no one hearing our voices. Others near us even ignore our pleas.

Our voices are still in a sense like "a resounding gong or a clanging cymbal" whose sounds are hollow and empty. (1 Corinthians 13:1). The only change we experience is a change of administration and leadership. Our Constitutions and laws sometimes change for their advantage which ultimately redounds only for the benefit of the few rich and powerful.

Many of us who are poor remain minimum-wage earners, jobless, illiterate, badly in need of healthcare services, and have no home to call our own. We are perpetually controlled and manipulated.

Nonetheless, we are not losing our hope. As the song goes: “The world still astounds us each time we look at a star." We will continue to complain, resist, and expose corrupt practices in social media and in the streets.

All this we do, guided by our conscience and consciousness. The words of St John the Baptist still ring intensely and persistently in Church bells across the globe.

This is our saving grace. We fight following the rules of engagement. Call these rules Christian, Hindu, Chinese, Russian, Buddhist, Islam, Jewish, etc. We're not mercenaries, soulless soldiers, or unconscientious robots.