Five-Dimensional Realm

Being Intune with the Fifth Dimension (5-D)

Paul J. Dejillas, Ph.D.

October 21, 2023


Each of us is a depository of energy. We initially reincarnated into this world full of energy. We notice, for example, that when we were still little children, we preferred to play the whole day than be told by our parents to take a nap, eat, or be forbidden to be with our playmates.

But our 3-D world vibrates a low energy level that, as we grow and mature, we feel life to be very constricting and rigid, caused by the bombardments of dogmatic and autocratic beliefs and theories that have been imposed on us externally over time, and whose observance is a must or be penalized.

We must strive to raise the level of our energy back to its original state when we were still in the higher dimension. To be in the 5th dimension, for example, we must align and tune our energy level to its frequency and vibration, just like tuning in to the frequency of the radio or TV station we would like to listen to and be with.

Each of us is a reservoir of energy. But we need to activate it daily so we can harness and tap its use fully from moment to moment.

The idea is to go from the beta to the alpha level and this can be done in so many ways through meditation, reading spiritual (not religious or science) books, proper diet, and physical exercises done daily.

The Fifth Dimension: God’s Celestial Domain

Paul J. Dejillas, Ph.D.

April 30, 2022


Online learning continues. For two nights, the following topics were discussed in a roundtable discussion with lay people, seminarians, nuns, government officials, lawyers, entrepreneurs, and priests after the Holy Rosary.

(A) The 5th Dimension (which is God’s Celestial Domain) Manifests Itself to us in the 4th dimension through Mother Nature.

Mother Nature is a reflection of the image and power of God. It partakes in all the attributes of God. Mother Nature is God. But its Godhead stems from the world beyond in the 5th dimension.

Protecting and nourishing Mother Nature by performing rituals, songs, dances, agape, and other religious services is a way of adoring its Creator. It’s similar to celebrating the Holy Mass, which consists of the Liturgy of the Word and the Liturgy of the Eucharist.

(B) Lectio Divina: A Means for Christians Through Which the 5th Dimension Can Influence our 4-D World. Lectio Divina highlights the five steps below:

(1) (Lectio). “Taking a bite”. Invite the Holy Spirit to guide you in understanding a verse in the Holy Scripture.

(2) Meditatio: “Chewing on it”. Ask yourself: What is this passage saying to me, today, and to my life?

(3) Oratio: “Savoring the taste”. What can I say to the Lord in response to his word? Conversation with God. Begin to dialogue with the Lord and open yourself to His will.

(4) Contemplatio: “Digesting”. In a moment of silence, try to listen to the voice of God. This moment of silence is saying something to you. What conversion of the mind, heart, and life is the Lord asking of me? Listen closely with your heart.

(5) Actio: “Go and do likewise”. This is applying what the Lord has told you with your family, neighbors, office mates, and society.

And the online session continues daily.

Living in a Five-Dimensional World and Beyond

Paul J. Dejillas, Ph.D.

May 31, 2021


The 5th dimension is the realization of the New Humanity, New World, and New Heaven on earth. This is the state where our planet is now rising as more and more of humanity across the globe becomes fully liberated from their 4-D shackles.

Yet, while this brings good tidings to the awakened and enlightened, this is as scary as it is troubling to those who cannot free themselves from their 4-D confinements.

Earth will be split into two and it will take millions and billions of years for those left behind to catch up with those in the 5th dimension. By that time, many are already rising to the 6th dimension and even beyond.

This is the entire cosmic evolutionary process, where humanity and the world are ascending continually, at various paces, until we all rest in Thee, Oh Lord.

Just an abbreviated prognosis of what is to come.

Moving On to the 5th Aquarian Dimension

Paul J. Dejillas, Ph.D.

October 24, 2020


"When the moon is in the Seventh House

And Jupiter aligns with Mars

Then peace will guide the planets

And love will steer the stars

This is the dawning of the age of Aquarius

Age of Aquarius...."


In science, water symbolizes cleansing, purification, healing, nourishment, sustenance, and life-giving elements. It consists of two hydrogens and one oxygen atom which signify abundance.

Daily bath is so refreshing especially if you're in a tub. But spiritual water is equally, if not more, animating. Don't let your supply of holy water at home run dry.

Sprinkle every corner of ​your home regularly with blessed water to welcome our guardian angels and cosmic light-bearers as part of our family.

There's no turning back. We are ascending a notch higher in the cosmic evolutionary process. The transition can be painful for we are detaching ourselves away from all those things that bring us down to the deepest pit of our little dark world.

Yes, the Age of Aquarius truly liberates us from our 4-D realm of space-time to catapult us to the 5-D where there is:


"Harmony and understanding

Sympathy and trust abounding

No more falsehoods or derisions

Golden living dreams of visions

Mystic crystal revelation

And the mind's true liberation..."


Coincidentally or synchronously, the River Jordan flows roughly north to south through the Sea of Galilee and onto the Dead Sea.


Yes, the Sea of Galilee is where the disciples harvested abundance and became fishers of men and women at the behest of Jesus, symbolic of the 5th dimension).

The Dead Sea is so named because it is a salt lake and there is no life or fish (symbol of Christ).

We are going to where abundance is and to heaven, the place we truly call home. We are moving fast towards our future and destiny. We are saying goodbye to our old self which is now on its way to the Dead Sea.

Of course, we have our choice. You can proceed to the Dead Sea if you so want.

Are you sure you know where you want to go? If not, the content of your thoughts, feelings, and actions will decide it for you.

Good riddance to all and may our God send us its Holy Spirit to enlighten us before the year ends.