Zero Dimensional Density

Living in a Zero-Dimensional (0-D) World

Paul Dejillas, Ph.D.

July 9, 2023


Our cosmic origin can be traced back to the time when there was still nothing. But this nothingness contained several tiny elements ready to manifest themselves, given the opportune time and appropriate conditions.

In religion, this nothingness is symbolized by living water, made possible because the Spirit of the Lord hovered over it. In science, this nothingness is equivalent to the zero-point field that was bubbling with quantum particles that would later manifest themselves in the Big Bang.

In both cases, we already existed even before the appearance of time, space, and matter. Our genes and DNA can be traced back from nothingness.

Living during this period can be likened to that time when we were still incubated in the womb of our mother, fragile but possessing all the faculties and power to become fully conscious and to choose the kind of life we want to become.

But many today are still in this sorry and horrible state of life and existence even if they have already taken a human form. We have to graduate from being in a state of nothingness to somebody who is already fully conscious beings as well as masters of our own fate and captains of our souls.