Sex and Sufism

March 2, 2022


I cannot end my scanning of the various beliefs on love and sex without dealing with Sufism, primarily because I am also personally associated with it.

Sufism is a branch of Islam whose religious practices are focused on spirituality, rituals, asceticism, mysticism, occultism, and esotericism. A Sufi is equivalent to a saint in the Christian tradition.

It is viewed as a complement to the traditional and conventional branch of Islam (the Sunni) to attain nearness to Allah by way of focusing more of one’s attention and time to the direct personal experience of God.

Sunni and Sufi both follow Islam and have the same beliefs but a Sunni is said to be more involved with worldly matters whereas a Sufi is more concerned with the world hereafter by emphasizing self-introspection, communion, and spiritual closeness with God.

While it is sometimes misunderstood as a sect or an occult, Sufism is actually a broader type of Islamic worship that transcends religious beliefs, by directing its disciples’ and followers' attention inward.

In many ways, it is holistic, universal, and cosmic in its perspective and approach to viewing reality, an orientation which is also found in Hinduism, Buddhism, Confucianism, Christianity, and several indigenous beliefs across the globe.

Its main teachings are as follows:

* There is only one God.

* All people are the children of God.

* To love one's fellow men is to love God.

* Different religions are different ways to reach God.

* Devotional music is one way of coming nearer to God.

* Fasts and rituals are not essential to reach God.

I’ve been privileged to be associated with a Sufi for many years now. True to his vocation, he deeply immersed himself in spirituality and cosmic energy healing, which he coincidentally discovered as a result of his extended moments of introspection and meditation.

He based his political involvement on the principles of Sufism. I consider him one of my cosmic kindred here on Earth. Let me just introduce him to you by his initials W.A.