Yogis and Mystics on Love and Sex

Paul J. Dejillas, Ph.D. - March 1, 2022


Yogis believe that sexual energy can be transformed by not releasing it physically. Instead, one lets that sexual arousal build up some more and, through meditation, take that urge to a higher level and dimension by directing it to our eight energy chakras.

This is done by yogis to transform what is essentially a physical expression of energy into mental, psychological, emotional, social, and creative energy. They call this sexual transmutation.

Just as sex can physically bring about new life, yogis discover that transmuting our sexual energy can bring us "new life" in a spiritual and energetic sense. Holding off sex and chanelling that energy elsewhere is the idea of sexual transmutation.

This exercise maybe done alone or with a partner. Ultimately, sexual transmutation is about keeping the power of that energy that's building up inside and wants to release but without ejaculating or sexual penetration.

This is the art and science of love and sex, so-called because it has an underlying philosophy that requires skill and courage to pursue it. This then requires a lot of practice and patience because we are dealing with several dimensions--physical, mental, emotional, psychosocial, and spiritual.

Yogis also tell us that we need to be aware of the changes that's going on inside us at every level or dimension. Rituals may be done to maintain one's focus and alertness. There are many ways like burning candles and focusing on the light, incense for it's aroma, singing Bahjan songs, reciting mantras, or the process of exhaling and inhaling.

For Yogis and Mystics, sex is related to the energy Chakra. which is located at the sacrum - the pelvic area between pubis and navel. Its name means "abode of the vital force" or "dwelling place of the self". It is associated with the genitals, reproductive organs, and bladder.

Yogis teach that every person has seven chakras or energy centers, each one connected to each other by energy that runs through our entire body, also known as kundalini.

In brief, we can highlight the following summary:

(1) The sex chakra is the foundation of physical creation – the foundation of the physical world.

(2) Sex energy can be transmuted into love and spiritual oneness. Its transmutation is necessary for one's spiritual development. In turn, spirituality influences one’s sexual practices and behavior.

(3) Once transmuted, it provides energy to the upper chakras. Therefore, sex energy is like "food" for the upper chakras. It is necessary for the proper functioning of the brain and nervous system.

(4) Part of the sex energy is transmuted by the body to a higher form of pranic energy that can be utilized for creative, intelligent and spiritual functions. The key is to “transmute sex energy,” not to suppress it.

(5) When sex energy moves from the lower chakras up to the heart, the throat and the crown chakras, sex energy is transmuted into love, kindness, intelligence, illumination and divine oneness.


Personal Notes:

I find sexual transmutation highly commendable for it can lead us to a higher level of experience and spiritual transformation. Eventually, it can transport us into communion with the Ultimate Source of infinite bliss, love, ecstasy, and peace.