The Cosmic Perspective

Love and Sex from the Cosmic Perspective

February 18, 2022


First of all, let’s have a common understanding of what sex is. What is sex? How does it differ with gender and sexuality?

However vulgar this presentation may appear to some sensitive people, sorry, I have to do this. For I promised to respond to a request sent to me by a lady friend: “How does Applied Cosmic Anthropology (ACA) view love and sex?” And the definitions below are not mine.

The online dictionaries define sex chiefly with reference to people’s sexual activities, including stroking, touching, kissing, licking, caressing, cuddling and not just penetrative sex or intercourse. But whether this should involve all or some of this only, is open to exploration, negotiation, and consent of each partner.

People often use the terms “sex” and “gender” interchangeably. But they are different, the dictionaries say. Gender involves how an individual person identifies itself, as different from their natal sex. This may include transgender, gender-neutral, binary, non-binary, or LBGT, etc.

Sexuality is defined online as the capacity for sexual feelings. This is considered similar to sensuality, sexiness, seductiveness, desirability, sexual appetite, sexual instincts, sexual urges, passion, desire, lust, eroticism, physicality, sexual orientation, sexual preferences, homosexuality, lesbianism, heterosexuality, gayness, bisexuality, transsexuality, omnisexuality, pansexuality. In general, sexuality refers to who a person is attracted to and can include a plethora of orientations, just cited.

Sex from the perspective of ACA is viewed from a more holistic, universal, and cosmic perspective. Its practices and enjoyment is left to the discretion of the individual. The individual can apply a mixed of combination of any or all of what the various beliefs on sex teach and promote.

For purposes of our discussion here, I only focus on sex and sexuality. I am not concerned of the gender of my readers. Whether you’re a lesbian, gay, etc., is your personal concern.

To cover all grounds, ACA scans the universe to know what people understand, believe, and teach about love and sex. These teachings are normally enshrined in their religious beliefs, indigenous culture. Science have also their say.

But I will only focus here on religion. Readers who would like to know what science says about love and sex may have to do their own research because of the lack of space here.

In the meantime, I can state here that ACA, as I understand and envision it, encourages us to enjoy sex. It’s one way of enjoying life. Maslow’s hierarchy of values states that sex and companionship are as basic as food, drinks, and shelter. House, food, and drinks are just the right conditions conducive to having and enjoying sex.

Without sex, without that urge, desire, and passion for sex, I would not have been born here on Earth and I would not have been what I am today.

Nevertheless, people's philosophy and teachings on love and sex differ from one religion to another. I will touch on the following major beliefs on my subsequent posts:

1. Hinduism and Kamasutra;

2. Buddhism

3. Islamic Beliefs

4. Christianity

See you and enjoy life.