Economics of Scarcity

Economics: The Study of Scarcity. [Click here]. 

What is Economics? [Click here]. 

Basic Economics: Scarcity and Choices. [Click here]. 

What is Scarcity in Economics? [Click here]. 

Labor Economics by Leopoldo J. Dejillas. [Click here]. Free Download.

Trade Union Behavior in the Philippines by Leopoldo J. Dejillas.[Click here]. Free download, [Click here].

External Influences in the Trade Union Movement in the Philippines: 100 Yearsof Challenges and Responses by Virgel C. Binghay. [Click here]. See pages 19 - 25.

Macroeconomics: Scarcity and Choice. [Click here].

Microeconomics: Economics of Scarcity. [Click here].

Microeconomics: Scarcity and Choice. [Click here].

Economics of Scarcity by Vibha Gupta. [Click here]. 

Thinking Globally by Douglas A. Hicks. [Click here].

Mediated Character of Economic Interactions by Josip Stepanic, Jr. et al.[Click here].

Crises of Capitalism by David Harvey. [Click here].

Competing Theories of Economic Development by Ricardo Contreras. [Click here].

Readings in the Theory of Economic Development by Dilip Mookherjee (Boston University) and Debraj Ray (New York University). [Click here].

Modern Econmic Theory and Develop by Karla Hoff and Joseph E. Stiglitz. [Click here].

Classic Theories on Economic Development by Michael Todaro. [Click here].

Contemporary Models of Development and Underdevelopment by Michael Todaro. [Click here].

Population Growth and Economic Development by Michael Todaro. [Click here].

Poverty, Inequality, and Development by Michael Todaro. [Click here].

emerging economic paradigm

Towards a Strong and Stable Market Economy by Leopoldo J. Dejillas (ed.). [Click here]. 

Economic Policy and the Market Economy by Leopoldo J. Dejillas. [Click here]. Or, [Click here]. Also [click here].

Christian Democracy and Social Market Economy by Leopoldo J. Dejillas [Click here]. 

Spiritual Principles for a New Economics by Corinne McLaughlin and Gordon Davison. [Click here].

Basic Elements of Human Economy by Hilkka Pietila. [Click here].

Solidarity Economy by Laurent Fraisse et al. [Click here].

mediated economy

Origins and Development of Money and Banking by Glyn A. Davies. [Click here].

Monetary Systems and Managed Economies by Ben Best. [Click here].

Polanyi's Concept of Embeddedness by Fred Block. [Click here].

The Anthropology of Money by Bill Maurer. [Click here].


economics of abundance

Abundance and Scarcity by Ben Barker. [Click here].

Abundance Economics by Flemming Funch. [Click here]. 

Abundance and Heretical Economics by Karim Benammar. [Click here].

Balancing Abundance and Need by Ched Meyers. [Click here].

Biblical Perspectives on Abundance. [Click here].

Gandhian Economics: Replacing the Economics of Scarcity with the Economics of Abundance. [Click here].

Global Market Doctrine: A Study of Fundamentalist Theology by John McMurtry. [Click here].

God of Abundance in the Old Testament. [Click here].

God of Abundance in the New Testament. [Click here].

Heaven's Economics - The Laws of Abundance by Kenneth Copeland. [Click here].

Jewish Teachings on the Economics of Scarcity by Rabbi Melanie Aaron. [Click here].

Monetary Theology by Henry C.K. Liu. [Click here].

Scarcity, Abundance, and Sufficiency: Alternative Foundation for Heterodox Economics by Adel Daoud. [Click here].

Tao of Abundance by Laurence G. Boldt. [Click here].

The Science of Abundance by Wallace Delois Wattles. [Click here].

The Law of Prosperity by Ralph Waldo Trine. [Click here].


the honeybees and gold

Facts About Honeybees. [Click here]. 

Why We Need Honeybees? [Click here]. 

Bee Colonies are Mysteriously Collapsing. [Click here].

The Vanishing Honeybees. [Click here].

What the Honeybees are Telling Us. [Click here].

Medicinal Uses of Gold. [Click here].

The Esoteric Meaning of Gold. [Click here].